Dog Nips and Chomps to Kid's Faces

Shepherd attacks man
Shepherd attacks man on a dog show

Children remain at greater risk to a dog bite or nip in the face than adults. Here we will explain the rights, duties, and obligations of the parties when a child gets hurt by a dog.

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What Do the Numbers Prove?

When looking at the statistics for dog bite attacks, they show that children are bitten by dogs more often than adults, and of course, there are reasons for this.

Important: First on the list is children have no fear of dogs. So this means every dog is cute, every dog is approachable, and every dog is friendly. At least, this is the way most children think. There are friendly dogs, of course.

So now imagine a Golden Retriever that loves to play with kids. But then again, some only seem sweet and well behaved. No doubt this may not even be true. Even friendly dogs should not be around fearful children. If so, there is a good chance the child could get bitten.

Important: The statistics show that as many as 60% of these skirmishes per year involve children. So statistics show children get bitten more often than adults. And most are treated by medical professionals. Another thing this information shows is children are bitten in the face more often.

Also, they can be more subject to head trauma, puncture wounds, and broken bones. No matter how small a dog is, it can pierce the skin and cause pain. The dog bite attack victim often has thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Plus, kids will likely have more medical bills in the future. In fact, they often have a lot of pain from this dog bite attack. Last, they need to be represented by a dog strike attorney.

The Power of Knowing the Law.

The experienced counselor knows the dog bite laws. Also, they understand there can be ongoing medical bills. But most of all, get a lawyer seasoned in combative canine pugnacity. He or she will know statistics show children get bitten more often than adults.

This lawyer understands that parents need the protection of a person supporting causes like “keep your dog on a leash,” as Ehline does.

How To Learn More About Dog Attacks on Kids.

ELFPI lawyers will explain how pain and suffering from a dog mauling deserves a financial recovery. Of course, the owner or controller of the animal should pay for the injuries and the medical bills.

Important: Dog attacks happen most on the pet owners' property. So usually, the owner remains responsible under the law unless an exception applies. When your child has suffered an onslaught, there are experienced members of their prospective state bars.

They can discuss these issues to help you understand. Your exponents at ELFPI will explain the laws clearly and in a concise fashion. Most courts, juries and PI lawyers typically agree the pet owner must pay for the actions of their pets. Speak to your future lawyer now at (213) 596-9642.

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