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Motorcycle brain injury examples
Cranium graphic illustration of closed head injury. Head injury attorneys at Ehline Law

Sometimes a crash on a motorcycle could result in only a minor problem. Other times, these spills lead to serious head injuries. Traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries from motorcycle accidents are life altering conditions.

In a flash, riders can be thrown from their bikes by another motor car head-on into a fixed object. These smash-ups can quickly bankrupt a victim. So just due to the emergency treatment and continuing future medical bills things might go awry. In fact, this could be a permanent, unfortunate situation. So a victim will need substantial sums of money to pay for everything.

Ensuring your legal rights are protected, is the first step in obtaining a reasonable recovery. A lawyer would seek payment of money from the people or company(ies) that caused or contributed to your malaise. Contacting Ehline Law Firm gains access to expert members of State Bar. In fact, we are highly trained ambassadors of the afflicted. Call our talented legal team toll free at (213) 596-9642.

  • Helmets and Riding.
Most motorcycle riders are well familiar with the emphasis that is placed on the safety of the head, neck, and spinal column. For this reason, rider safety remains centered on helmet use. In fact, they discuss the benefits of properly rated and fitted head protection. In California, helmet use is a required for drivers and passengers of motorcycles.

Indeed, the use of a helmet reduces head, neck, and spine injuries significantly. And in any state that enacts helmet laws that prove true. However, helmets don’t completely prevent contrecoup injury to the very sensitive and vital tissues of the brain. Biker spill injuries can often only involve a mild concussion.

However, a severe blow to the head from falling head first into a curb can lead to loss of memory. In fact, it may also result in schizophrenia, and severe troubles conveying thoughts. Becoming unable to focus, unconsciousness or even an untimely death remain potential outcomes of a motorcycle brain injury claim.

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Get Prompt Medical Care.

Even with special boots, body armor, and a helmet, a traumatic brain injury remains possible. Motorcycle accident head injuries require a prompt and complete medical assessment. But you must also make certain to start treating right away. Also, this goes for people who think that they are ‘ok.’
Understaffed and Overworked Care Providers Respect Lawyers?
While your health is supposed to be the hospital's priority, don’t depend on understaffed medical facilities. Sometimes they employ tired emergency medical workers. So you need to make certain you received all necessary tests.

At any rate, clients must know their condition and how to cope with the symptoms. Doctors fear malpractice lawsuits. If they know you have a lawyer, all of a sudden, treatment seems to improve.

At least we hear that through the grapevine. Above all, a confident and informed client pushes for better treatment. All of this is another reason to have the protection of a qualified motorcycle injury attorney.

Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm, has many years of experience with vehicle accidents. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in compensation. Michael would enjoy helping advise you. He wants to assure you take all of the proper tests. As a matter of fact, he wants to make sure you receive continued medical attention.

In the meantime, riders should arm themselves with head injury information. In particular, riders must understand closed-head injuries, their symptoms, and importance.

Closed-Head Injuries; what are they?

Closed head injuries are a type of brain injury resulting from trauma. These occur withing the skull area within the interior lining. (the dura mater). Injuries include pooling of blood around the brain (hematoma). Also, increased pressure in the brain, and bruising to brain tissue are common after a motorcycle accident.

In fact, permanent damage to the brain remains possible. This is because of the victim's recent lack of control over their Central Nervous System. (brain and spinal cord). Once brain cells are killed, that's all she wrote. Humans so far cannot regenerate dead or damaged cells. So unless brain injury research finds a way to heal a brain, money for your retardation is all that remains.

Closed-head injuries; what are the symptoms?

Mild or serious closed-head injuries can include any or all of the following symptoms:
  • Headache,
  • Dizziness,
  • Nausea,
  • No longer able to Solve Problems,
  • Aggression,
  • Sluggishness,
  • Slurred speech,
  • Vomiting.
The following are symptoms of more obviously serious closed-head injuries. Note that absence of these symptoms suggests no absence of life-threatening brain injury:
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Coma
Any above symptoms indicate an emergency. Get the patient to a hospital. Afterward, victims need to contact the primary physician and a qualified brain injury lawyer. Bikers need this help because they could suffer lifelong injuries.

As a consequence of the carnage, riders need to take individual tests. As a matter of fact, these remain necessary to ensure no permanently compromised health conditions. Because if it is, they will need money for survival post injury.

Closed-head injuries and the impact do they have?

Closed-head injuries can result in lifelong problems. In fact, they may include cognitive, physical, or even mental impairment. Even with thorough treatment permanent damage or even death may result. Sadly, symptoms don't always remain clear. For example, at the time of the accident adrenaline masks injuries. So even to experienced medical personnel, a victim may seem better off than reality.

Follow Ups.

Even if an MRI or other imaging scan is interpreted as negative, continued testing, evaluation, and treatment are vital. A qualified and experienced personal injury attorney moves mountains. A pro like that can be instrumental. Their staff and doctors help detect and treat any possible injuries to the neurological system.

Legal Assistance and Money.

The damages award will be computed among other things, upon lost future earnings, or earning potential. Accordingly, the defendant is on the hook for any entitlements a victim would have received. So future retirement, health insurance benefits, etc., are all part of the overall calculation.
  • Pain and Suffering.
Another damages component is pain and suffering. This is part of your non-financial or general damages. Calculating a number requires a talented master.
  • Special Damages.
Also, special damages like medical payments, punitive damages could also be available to the aggrieved party. The court awards these when an at-fault motorist is reckless, or guilty of a crime. (like a DUI driver). Gross negligent sometimes may be a basis for these damages.
  • Emotions and G-Forces.
To prove physical and emotional damages, the force of impact and causation, photos are shot of the traffic collision scene. Of other significance, is documented witness info. When you are ill or confined, it may prove an impossible task to obtain alone.

So just call the masters of disasters at Ehline Law. Michael Ehline, Esq., has extensive experience assisting the victims of motorcycle accidents. In fact, he helps them understand the process of receiving medical care.

He also shows them the ropes surrounding new financial needs. A great lawyer can help a down and out family survive. When someone's life is in others’ hands from motorcycle related brain injuries, get an excellent attorney right away. Call Ehline Law for a no obligation, free legal consultation at (213) 596-9642.

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