Factors in a Winning Motorcycle Insurance Claim

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When one is traversing down a peaceful highway, the last thing a rider needs is a bad smash-up. Bikes don’t offer sufficient protection to avoid serious malaise. But with bias and everything else against the rider, there is a way to build a winning claim even while unrepresented.

If you’re a victim of a spill on your ride, it is better to hire a lawyer with a solid reputation, however. Don’t discount the fact that slipping up and getting a crummy lawyer who makes poor decisions, means an adverse outcome for you.

This means you need to do some research. Ask friends, watch videos, surf the net and look at peer and past client reputation points. Even perhaps engage on social media. Find a lawyer you like and trust with a proven record. Look for advocates who fight vigorously for deserving plaintiffs. If you make a poor decision picking a lawyer, you may not get what you are entitled to receive.


Get a Superstar Lawyer.

The devastation of a motorcycle accident is all encompassing. You want a superstar lawyer. When you choose Ehline Law Firm, you hire a top tier motorcycle accident lawyer. We stand by your side every step of the way. And just because we are superstars doesn’t mean that our service is costly.

Au contraire Michael Ehline vehemently thinks that the working man and the middle class from all backgrounds and walks of life deserve the best. No matter what your budget, or state of finance, we offer top-tier legal advocacy with no up-front fee to you.

High-Quality Contingency Fee Motorcycle Lawyers.

In fact, we provide high-quality legal representation on a contingency basis. This means we cover no attorney’s fees unless we win your case. You do not pay us a single penny unless we recover money on your behalf. But let’s assume you're in a fender bender and just a little scraped up?

Even then, in no time, you could experience significant pain. Later on, you could find you're immobilized. Or you could still be out for a few weeks recovering from road rash. So first, get medical care from a physician expert.

Even if you don't think it's serious, a less severe injury can evolve into a very dangerous condition without early treatment. We recommend you call your doctor after your done at the emergency room and then call a lawyer who will act as your faithful ally following your accident. Don’t aggravate your injuries.

Just get stabilized right away. Afterward, call a motorcycle lawyer who will help underwrite your lawsuit on a no win no fee basis.

Don't Deal With the Malevolent Insurance Carrier. We DO That!
And you have to know that most insurance companies have a reputation for being unfair when it comes to paying out on a liability claim. Many of us lawyers have seen cases where liability is clear. But the insurance company buries their head in the sand. Most of all, they try and offer little regarding a payout.

A crafty adjuster will often try and reduce their risk by coming up with a specious, bogus argument that the rider is partially at fault. They'll do anything to offset their liability. In pursuit of this, the insurance company may even follow you around and video tape you. Carriers are experts at collecting evidence and presenting it so as to frame you. In fact, the idea is to make it look like you were not hurt, or are faking it.

Sometimes when you don’t have an attorney, adjusters may connive you into giving up valuable discovery rights. So they may manipulate you to sign over rights to your private medical records. They may jive you into giving them a recorded confession, or statement too. Don't give them anything! So darn it, get a fantastic lawyer like those found at Ehline Law Firm.

Steps To Take Before Getting on a Bike.

Mitigating potential loss or avoiding hazards means following these basic tips:

  • Don’t drink, or do drugs like weed, and drive.
  • Wear your DOT approved helmet.
  • Friends Don’t let Friends Who are Buzzed Get on their Bikes.
  • Wear gloves, riding jacket, reflective pads and vests, and do everything possible to make your presence known when you’re out on the road.
  • Do Not Be Guilty of Following Too Closely
  • Always Ride at a Safe Speed for the Riding Conditions

Some Steps To Take Right After Your Crash.

Never sign anything or give a recorded statement. Always call a lawyer. You can easily poison your case when you are whacked out of it after being slammed on your bike. Don’t be foolish. Name, rank and serial number. Next? Post-Crash Checklist:

  • Get defendant’s insurance info and contact number or badge numbers of any responding law enforcement personnel.
  • At the scene, if possible, gather the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses, drivers, bystanders, and anyone else who can help shed light on the calamity and how it arose.
  • Write down plate numbers, vehicle models, and types, and attempt to get phone and addresses of potential defendants as well.
Coma victims and victims could be swept off to the hospital. So they have no chance to get all of the above items. But you can hire our firm to gather all pertinent info on your behalf.

Ehline’s Commitment.

First, we go through the arduous task of finding liability and potential defendants to pay their fair share. This is a difficult task and extremely time-consuming. A real pro is what this job calls for due to all the factors in play.

Our injury attorney deals with complex litigation day in and day out, as well as on insurance resolutions post and pre-lit cases. An added benefit to retaining a consumer lawyer remains. Because we bankroll cases, we wait to get paid. So that way injury victims can live off their money. Because of this, they do not throw it away on up-front legal fees.

Our injury attorneys use our resources, not yours. At any rate, we are the movers and shakers of the personal injury world. We act fast to identify responsible parties, and to give them actual and constructive notice. So they know of their folly and duty to pay up or else. As a result, they must account for their percentage of fault.

And we will make sure they pay their maximum fair share if we have anything to say about it.

Motorcycle Riders Are Physically Vulnerable. Riders With No Lawyer are Legally Vulnerable.

Vulnerable riders risk more than physical harm. Without a lawyer, they unfairly exposed to bills and cross complaints. Our experienced motorcycle lawyers ensure clients a shout at their full measure of accident compensation. A hard-charging lawyer passion and enthusiasm remains a key to victory.

This is a fighter who can get money for lost wages, pain, suffering, loss of life, etc. In fact, Ehline Law's reputation is that of an ambassador for the afflicted. We'll go to bat for you and your family. Besides, we take measures to get you short term and long term payments for all your complaints.

That is our promise to the victims of motorcycle mishaps. In fact, many riders switch firms all the time and ride with us. Unhappy or displeased with your current attorney?

Let us know. Call for some side advice. Our staff of seasoned pros can act on a moment's notice. Most of all, we want to chat. We are honored to help in any way we can with courage and empathy. Call us at (213) 596-9642.

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