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Los Angeles 15 Passenger Van Accident Attorneys

For many travelers, especially elderly folks, large passenger vans are a cost-effective way to tour the State, or get back and forth from outpatient care.

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Old People More at Risk for Passenger Van Injuries?

Yes, and here’s why

A passenger van is ideal for touring extended portions of the Golden State. Their ease of use for older passengers makes passenger vans attractive, but also makes them common van accident victims, often suffering serious injuries leading fatalities.

A passenger van remains at risk for catastrophic failure, and are in danger of tipping over when cornering, or making turn. And when auto accidents happen, the van accident victims are going to need help handling their insurance claims to cover medical bills, pain and suffering and possibly even to handle a wrongful death case on behalf of surviving family members.

Tools We Use To Win Van Collisions

A passenger van accident lawyer will use California personal injury law in furtherance of your attorney-client relationship.

Our Goal is Getting You The Most Money

The goal or our legal team is recovering the surviving victims an award of financial compensation to pay medical expenses, lost wages and emotional suffering damages for their passenger van accident-injuries. In a wrongful death case, the liable party will also cover loss of consortium damages caused by similar bus accidents.

    Finding the Deep Pockets

    We may be able to hold auto manufacturers accountable to families who seek compensation in Southern California and throughout the State. It all starts with a free case evaluation, so call us at (213) 596-9642 today.




    Legal Help From Experts in 15 Passenger Van Accidents

    We already know these types of bus accident cases can cause severe injury or death. The increased use of 15 passenger vans has shown the risk that passengers face from using this mode of transport can be a major cause of personal injury cases in Los Angeles traffic collision cases.

    Strike While the Iron is Hot!

    To win your case and get the most money, you must take swift, bold and decisive action. Your lawyer must have a Marine Corps, do or die ethos if you really want to get paid the most. Most importantly, make sure to contact Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC if you got hurt in a van.

    History of Dogged Determination

    Since 2005, we have helped 15 passenger van accident victims in Los Angeles, California. Also, we have won millions for these people living, working and loving in Los Angeles who are seeking maximum compensation from a top Los Angeles lawyer.

    Trial Lawyers Helping Van Accident Victims

    And our trial lawyers can help you against auto manufacturers and other Los Angeles victims in van accidents, 24/7. Call us for a free consultation today if you suffered a serious injury in a car accident!

    Passenger Vans – Popularity and Use

    Many types of passenger vans roll across the United States. You can see them all over. We all see them driving back and forth from airports like LAX, or John Wayne. But businesses and senior groups hire them, and sometimes they hire negligent drivers to save costs.

    Churches and Other Non Profits

    Church groups have used short buses and vans for years, with some leading to devastating injuries. The same goes for child care centers and sports stadiums. But as we learned above, these vans have an increased risk of rollover when in a car accident. Federal agencies have made these findings, yet their regulations don’t do enough, and auto manufacturers have a duty to make them safer than the federal bare minimums for a car accident.

    NHTSA Findings

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, published a warning. Because of this, many potential passengers knew the risk. But this differs on a case-by-case basis. For example, let’s say a big rig truck slams into a van filled with people at 20 miles per hour. Now compare that to a bicycle hitting the passenger van or a lighter vehicle. The truck would likely cause more fatalities. Making sense so far?

    What Are Some Causes of Passenger Van Accidents?

    The NHTSA data above shows the main reason for the higher accident risk.

    The report reads in part:

    “NHTSA research shows there is a greater risk of rollover because many drivers lack experience driving the larger vehicles.”

    So is it the driving experience and not the vehicle itself? Is this the main reason people can die in these vans? Yes, it is true. Beyond drivers with no experience, it could become overloaded. The van can lose control if too many passengers or cargo go on board. Our accident reconstruction experts have made these findings repeatedly as factors leading to a rollover accident.

    Other Risks to 15 Passenger Van Accident Victims?

    And it can get worse by storing luggage on the roof. That can tip the vehicle. First of all, it is a top-heavy vehicle. So tires are low on air, and a driver with no experience could spell doom. The risk of a crash gets multiplied if it is windy outside, taking a victim’s life in a bad car accident rollover, maybe off a cliff.

    Compensation is the Remedy

    The survivors will need and deserve adequate compensation to get back on their feet in these complex cases. We can help sue government entities and other liable parties to help you receive proper compensation and financial support for household services and lost wages.

    We Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

    Everyone will be held liable for their role in causing van accidents, including other drivers, dealerships, mechanics, and other parties. Don’t fret over your medical expenses; we are expert Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, and we never give up.

    Commonplace Injuries

    The size of the van alone is larger than a small car. If they hit, they hit hard and are extremely difficult to keep upright in certain types of vehicle impacts, such as a T-bone. And personal injury risks increase by using a large van over a small car. So if a wreck takes place, it is likely to be catastrophic. Victims may need lifelong care that can be expensive, costing even millions. They will also need money to cover property damage like damaged laptop computers, cars, phones, etc.

    Also, a smash-up could cause a life-threatening personal injury. And injuries related to a van accident composed many. Here are some product liability-related injuries litigated by our 15 passenger van accident lawyers in Los Angeles.


    So the above can be the potential outcomes of massive passenger van wrecks, leading to intense emotional grieving and financial losses.

    Who Owes a Duty of Care Besides Manufacturers?

    Companies operating these vehicles cannot cut corners as they owe a higher duty of care to avoid a personal injury to their customers and intended end users. These van operators are common carriers under California and federal law. People who transport others in vehicle for hire, or their luggage become common carriers in the eyes of the law.

    And in that status, van drivers owe a significant duty of care. Like a commercial driver of a large truck, drivers especially had better not run red lights or drive recklessly. Beware, many Los Angeles personal injury lawyers want a fast settlement, remaining ignorant of this higher duty.

    Higher Duty

    This duty is much more than owed by a regular driver. For example, car drivers owe a duty of “reasonable care.” The “special duty” forces van drivers into a special position of care. So these drivers are also caretakers and they may even have to provide basic medical care if they blow it. They cannot drop someone off in the middle of nowhere. And they have to protect property on board the transport.

    Breach the Higher Duty, Pay a High Price

    When they don’t do their job, we take legal action to balance the scales of justice. Consider too that children or seniors may be aboard. So it makes sense to hold these van operators to this higher standard by retaining the services of our passenger van accident lawyers.

    Get a Free Consultation to Learn More

    We want our dependent family members safe from injuries while commuting. So you should contact a legal expert in the aftermath of a crash. That way, you can get advice and counseling from the top 15 passenger van accident attorneys for help with insurance claims over these large vans.

    We Win Van Accident Claims

    Besides, the experts at the Ehline Law Firm have handled similar cases for hundreds of passengers with accident-related injuries. Because of this, they have recovered millions for their clients. Find out why the firm has a sterling reputation. Our accident law firm even offers a free evaluation so you can test our honesty, knowledge, compassion, and resolve about winning your accident.

    Schedule a Free Consultation With a Fifteen Passenger Van Accident Lawyer in California

    Did you or someone you love get injured in a passenger van collision? Did you lose a family due to a rollover or high-speed ejection onto the roadway? Getting a free, no-pressure legal consultation from the 15 passenger van accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm is smart. Pertinent here, you get a chance to determine your rights and options.

    Call for an appointment right away at (213) 596-9642. You can also use our convenient online website contact form for verification purposes only and a prompt return call. Just leave a valid phone number, and we will respond anywhere in the world, 24/7, to help with your van accident claims.

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