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For many, large passenger vans are a cost-effective way to tour the State. And they are ideal for extended portions of the Golden State. Their ease of use for older passengers makes them attractive. However, these vehicles are also at risk for catastrophic failure. And they are in danger of tipping over.

Limo bus passenger van
15 Passenger Van. White with black tinted windows. Attorney Michael Ehline took the photo.

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Legal Help From Experts in 15 Passenger Van Accidents.

Furthermore, these types of accidents can cause severe injury or death. The increased use of 15 passenger vans has shown the risk that passengers face. In any event, many dangers come from this mode of transport.

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Passenger Van Popularity and Use.

These types of passenger vans roll across the United States. You can see them all over. We all see them driving back and forth from airports. But businesses and senior groups hire them.

Also, church groups have used short buses and vans for years. The same goes for child care centers and sports stadiums. But these vans have an increased risk of rollover.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, published a warning. Because of this, many potential passengers knew the risk. But this differs on a case by case basis.

What Are Some Causes of Passenger Van Accidents?

The NHTSA data above shows the main reason for the higher accident risk.

The report reads in part:

“NHTSA research shows there is a greater risk of rollover because many drivers lack experience driving the larger vehicles.”

So driving experience, and not the vehicle itself? Is this the main reason people can die in these vans? Yes, it is true. Beyond drivers with no experience, it could become overloaded. If too many passengers or cargo go on board, the van can lose control.

And it can get worse by storing luggage on the roof. That can tip the vehicle. First of all, it is a top-heavy vehicle. So tires low on air, and a driver with no experience could spell doom. The risk of a crash gets multiplied if it is windy outside.

Commonplace Injuries.

The size of the van alone is larger than a small car. If they hit, they hit hard. And injury risks increase by using a large van over a small car. So if a wreck takes place, it is likely to be catastrophic.

Also, a smash-up could be life-threatening. And injuries related to a van accident compose of many.


  • Brain Injury.
  • Spinal injury.
  • Broken Bones.
  • Death.

So the above can be the potential outcomes of massive passenger van wrecks. And companies operating these vehicles cannot cut corners. Most of all, people who transport others, or their luggage become common carriers. And in that status, van drivers owe a significant duty of care.

This duty is much more than owed by a regular driver. For example, car drivers owe a duty of "reasonable care." The "special duty" forces van drivers into a special position of care.

So these drivers are also caretakers. They cannot drop someone off in the middle of nowhere. And they have to protect property on board the transport. Consider too that children or seniors may be aboard. So it makes sense to hold these van operators to this higher standard.

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