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Date Modified: April 19, 2023

California is one of the most populated states in the USA, with over 27 million vehicles and 2 million licensed drivers. Driving inside the city requires caution as many incidents are waiting to happen if you’re not careful, but driving in an expressway has its own challenges.

Call Ehline Law for Assistance With Freeway Accidents and Expressway Crashes

There are more chances of an auto accident on an expressway as many residents travel to different counties for work and leisure, resulting in more vehicles on the road. Car accidents are always around the clock if you’re not careful, and if you’ve gotten into a car accident that was not your fault, contact our California personal injury attorney for legal representation on your case.

Freeway Accidents: What is the Difference Between a Freeway and an Expressway?

Freeways are “highways” accessed by ramps and do not have any traffic signals allowing drivers to drive really quickly from one city to the other. Expressways are just roads that are part of the highway connecting the highway to the city and these types of roads have interchanges, stop signs, and signals.

Drivers can find many different facilities on an expressway, but there are no facilities on a freeway. This is why Caltrans employees block off lanes with signs and trucks during freeway repairs and freeway construction.

Surprisingly, California has four highways that rank in the top 15 most dangerous highways in the United States.

  • State Route 99: Known for the highest number of accidents per 100 miles on a roadway in the United States, State Route 99 goes through Bakersfield, Yuba City, Fresno, and more. Drunk driving is a leading cause of freeway crashes on State Route 99.
  • Interstate 10: Connecting the Los Angeles ports to the entire country, interstate 10 is predominantly a truck route that sees a lot of truck-related accidents resulting in serious injuries from this freeway crash. More than 1,342 fatal accidents got reported in the last five years alone.
  • Interstate 5: Interstate 5 is dangerous at the points where it connects with Los Angeles County. Drivers who are not careful end up in a serious car accidents requiring an experienced auto accident attorney to represent them.
  • Interstate 15: Connecting Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Interstate 15 sees a lot of fast drivers without wearing seat belts resulting in a freeway crash. More than 50% of the accidents on this road are due to drivers not wearing safety belts.

Many freeways in California connect with expressways giving drivers access to various cities in the state. Negligent drivers often find themselves in a car accident on an expressway while getting off the freeway.

Rights of Car Accident Victims

According to state law, personal injury victims, including those hurt in car accidents, have the right to economic and non-economic compensation.

Some of the economic damages victims can claim are medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more. In contrast, non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of companionship, punitive damages, and more.

However, the law also restricts victims from getting non-economic damages if they have a DUI conviction or do not have car insurance.

Ehline Law – Personal Injury Lawyers for your Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents happen anytime, anywhere, but you shouldn’t be the one to shoulder the financial loss that comes with a serious injury from a car crash.

Our auto accident attorneys have the right expertise to file car accident claims and negotiate with the insurance companies getting you the compensation you deserve. We understand that living with serious injuries from a freeway accident or any other accident is tough, and our lawyers are here to stand with you and give you the best possible legal representation. Contact us at (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation with our car accident lawyers today on your car accident case.

Other California Freeway and Interstate Accidents

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