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Date Modified: March 22, 2024

Lithium-ion battery fires are nothing new. We already know cell phones, laptops, or other devices built directly with this technology catch fire. But what about a defective Tesla battery? What if Tesla vehicles catch fire? What do injury victims and Tesla drivers do?

Four types of Tesla models exist with this technology. All four types of Tesla vehicles have had car battery fires, some causing severe burns and even death. When Tesla batteries catch fire, a “thermal runaway” can occur, closing traffic lanes and causing injuries and fatalities. Sometimes, car accidents can trigger flammable hydrocarbon gas explosions and intense fires. 

If you suffered injuries caused by a Tesla electric vehicle in the city of Angels, read this article! Our top Tesla fire lawyer, Michael Ehline, understands the negative implications it can bring to a Tesla driver’s health and pocketbook. Navigating EV battery law can overwhelm car crash victims harmed by dangerous, explosive electric car batteries. 

Also, handling a Tesla vehicle manufacturer’s claim can be costly and confusing, even for the best attorneys. Thankfully, our experienced team of Tesla car accident attorneys in Los Angeles has the experience, knowledge, and skill you need. We have handled many cases involving Tesla car battery fires and related injuries. We have also handled electric bicycle fire burn claims and charging station (anode to a cathode-related) fires. 

If you suffered injuries or a wrongful death claim due to these defective vehicles, you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

“Having a knowledgeable attorney simplify the intricacies of the legal process is not just a necessity, but a life-saver in these cases.” – Michael Ehline, Esq.

If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury or financial loss after a Tesla car fire, seek counsel from a Tesla fire lawyer at Ehline Law Firm. It would help you act quickly to preserve your right to sue. You may also be eligible for compensation from an ongoing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation. Tesla’s car batteries can cause fires and explosions. And firefighters remain unable to douse them. 

Experience and Expertise With Product Defect Cases

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers handle lawsuits against Tesla. We focus on battery fire hazards. We seek liability and compensation for injuries or deaths to our clients. We can develop a winning legal strategy to get you MAXIMUM financial compensation.

  1. Training that keeps you protected: We have extensive training and practical courtroom experience to formulate winning strategies.
  2. Research: We conduct in-depth research. Next, we present a robust defense and seek fair compensation for you.
  3. Leadership: We hold big corporations like Tesla accountable for their products. We are not afraid to challenge big businesses on behalf of our clients.
  4. Leadership Ethics: We hold a high standard of ethics and transparency, maintaining an open dialogue with our clients throughout the legal process. We keep clients informed every step of the way to achieve a decisive victory.
  5. Professional Development: We invest in the professional development of our lawyers to help ensure they stay on top of the legal landscape. We handle cases with precision. Competence is our forte.
  6. Community Relations: Our attorneys engage with local communities and connect with victims of similar incidents and the wider public to bring about collective action. This fosters a safer automobile industry.
  7. Volunteer: We have a strong culture of volunteering. In some cases, we offer pro bono services for some deserving cases.
  8. Human Resources: We have a dedicated Human Resources team to address any personal issues or concerns our team members may have. This helps ensure the best representation for our wounded clients.

We have represented thousands of car accident victims since 2005. We have racked up over 0 million in verdicts and settlements in almost two decades. We also offer a free case evaluation 24/7 at (213) 596-9642 for any Tesla car battery fire.

How Much Do Our Tesla Injury Attorneys Cost? 

Our Tesla injury attorneys work defects cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not have to pay for any upfront costs unless we can get a settlement amount or judgment on your behalf.

Latest 2024 Tesla Car Fire Statistics?

Multiple Tesla battery fires have raised public concerns. This is especially true when a parked vehicle is not in use. Images and videos all over Twitter/X show the integrity of lithium-ion batteries aflame. Below are the known figures from

Total Known Tesla Electric Car Battery Fires since 3/21/2024: 

  • Fires: 232 
  • Fatalities: 83

Lithium Ion Batteries and Tesla? 

Damaged energy cells are suspected of causing Tesla battery fires. A battery manufacturing defect or a car collision may compromise these energy cells. 

The problem arises after a crash. The trapped energy won’t drain, leading to overheating and extreme pressure buildup. As discussed, the only solution is to deploy enormous volumes of water to cool the overheating battery. 

Lithium battery fire problems include:

  • Lithium self-oxidizes: No oxygen in the air is needed to burn. For example, when a battery is overcharged, electrodes release oxygen. It is the same thing in a car crash, where an electrode short circuit causes overheating. This can result in an oxygen explosion fire with a destructive blast. This type of fire is called a thermal runaway. Smothering a lithium-ion battery fire using water or foam remains near impossible. And this is what most firetrucks carry for other types of fires.
  • Lithium fires burn white hot, reaching temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius or 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. Approaching the heat is nearly impossible in standard firefighter gear. Even if firefighters can get close, water can cause worse chemical reactions. In short, they can be killed.
  • Lithium battery fires often re-ignite: Once extinguished, Lithium Ion can re-ignite a semi-warm battery since they continue to put off heat, though not alight. (Source, Quora.)

Also, toxic fumes can harm emergency services, as well as bystanders.

But Regular Cars Catch Fire More! 

True, “the risk for petrol and diesel vehicles is at least 20 times higher.” (Conversation.) But once there is a Lithium Ion battery fire battery, it’s rarely extinguishable. This means firefighters must typically allow the Lithium fuel in Tesla car batteries to burn out. Also, tackling an electric car fire differs from a gasoline car fire.

For example:

  • A gas car fire may be extinguished with about 300 gallons of water.
  • An electric car could demand upwards of 25,000 gallons.

Fire departments often lack sufficient water—even the largest fire-fighting aircraft in the world falls short of that capacity. Such resource deficits leave many fire companies in the lurch when dealing with these fires effectively. 

NTSB Says Tesla Fires Pose Risks to 1st Responders

The fire department has no answer to these fires. The National Fire Protection Association has revealed that just 20% of firefighters have received training in electric car battery fires. More than one doused Tesla fire sparked back to life. Hence, rigorous monitoring is imperative to halt reignition after extinguishing an electric vehicle fire. 

Electric Car Battery Fires When Vehicles Are Parked?

In May 2019, Tesla updated battery-management software for thousands of Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X vehicles. This was in response to multiple reports of fires in parked and unplugged vehicles. Reports show one Model S caught on fire in a parking garage in China, and another Tesla Model S went up in a Hong Kong parking lot after its batteries ignited.

Some drivers claim the new software update throttled their batteries. According to a settlement, around 1700 cars had this defect. So far, Tesla has paid 1.5 million dollars to extinguish and settle claims over cutting battery capacity. This resulted from a class action lawsuit filed by fire lawyers on behalf of Model S and Model X drivers whose batteries had been affected by the new update.

Other Lithium Ion Battery-Related Problems?

In 2019, a driver died in a car accident. The driver’s family blamed the vehicle’s door handles. In that case, survivors claimed the driver could not escape the car because of the retracting door handles. They claimed that the victim was trapped inside the vehicle, and firefighters could not get the driver out. You can see why this is likely just the start of these types of personal injury cases, as electric vehicles gain more market share. Either way, Tesla claims the cars are safe.

Other Methods – Dunking EV Fires?

In other countries, firefighters are cooling batteries by submerging them using a crane to raise up the EV and submerge it into a “pool”dunk tank.”

See the video here:

Recoverable Damages in a Tesla Car Battery Fire?

Once you prove negligence with the evidence, you may qualify for compensation for any past and future medical expenses. You can get paid for your battery fire (economic damages). You can also seek general, non-economic damages, as will be discussed.

Here are some money damages you can seek from a defective car/battery manufacturer:

  • Lost wages: Car fires involving Tesla car batteries that explode can cause consumers to miss time from work. They may be too injured to work or have to take time off for medical treatment.
  • Medical bills: When Tesla batteries catch fire, severe injuries may result from the danger. You may be facing colossal burn unit bills, for example. You may also require ongoing treatment for your injuries. You may qualify for compensation for any past and future medical expenses connected with your battery.
  • Pain and suffering: Fires in electric vehicles may cause physical pain and mental suffering, and we may be able to help you get compensated for these.
  • Disfigurement: Unfortunately, many people involved in vehicle wrecks are permanently disfigured. They now have to deal with the terrible effect on their quality of life and deal with an investigation to obtain justice. A compassionate lawyer at our firm stands ready to enter the fray on your behalf.

Get a Free Consultation Today

It appears electric cars are becoming more trouble than they’re worth. As many Tesla owners know, Tesla rechargeable car battery fires are a fire and toxic smoke menace. Defective lithium batteries with damaged energy cells are the reason for this. Did you or someone you love suffer in a Tesla car fire or explosion? Perhaps price point and quality control led to an explosion, fire, injury, or death in your family. You and your family are entitled to the support of a dynamic Tesla fire lawyer who safeguards your best interests and pursues the compensation you deserve.

Don’t let a Tesla car fire ruin your life. Contact us at (213) 596-9642 or drop us a line today to speak directly with one of our Tesla fire attorneys in Greater Los Angeles. For more information, you can also feel free to contact us our email, Our personal injury lawyers, with their extensive experience in defective product litigation, relentlessly advocate for the injured. We will fight tooth and nail to prove your defective battery case and win the compensation individuals like you deserve.

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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