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Sharp Turns Cause Rollovers on Top Heavy Vehicles

At the California Los Angeles injury law firm of Ehline Law Firm, we litigate Los Angeles County automobile rollovers. Cases we are experts in, include SUV rollovers. 

In particular, we help brain injury victims with their roof crush products liability claims.

What are Roof Crush Accidents?

Roof crush accidents tend to happen frequently with SUVs. They can also occur when vehicles roll over off embankments with unsafe guardrails. Unfortunately, this results in the car's roof caving in. Usually, it crushes the heads of the vehicle’s occupants.

Common injuries can range from brain damage, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and even death.

  • Heavy and light trucks, SUVs, and even passenger vans are not classified as "passenger vehicles."

Because of this, most do not achieve equivalent safety standards as passenger wagon and autos. In other words, manufacturers build cars and trucks that have an unpredictable rolling motion.

Our reputation for representing victims injured from a roll-over traffic accident is substantial. Vehicle builders are made of money, and they fight tooth and nail to avoid paying up.

Consequently, these are one of the toughest personal injury cases to win. Furthermore, the aftermath of a situation like this can be hellish.

When faced with such a calamity, only the best in vehicle rollover attorneys can assist. But advocates such as those working at Ehline Law Firm are among Los Angeles' most excellent automobile accident attorneys.

As seen in the news, many car manufacturers will spend millions. But they pay it to avoid having to recall a defective vehicle. So this means consumers remain at risk unless they are successful in court.

Vehicles Sold in Commerce Should Not Roll Over Under Normal Driving Conditions

Automobiles and all other types of cars are not supposed to roll over. So under normal, expected driving conditions for the kind and model they should be safe.

But often, auto manufacturers have put profits over people. Of course, we also know that some consumers take their SUV off the road, or drive them in ways the manufacturer says no to. So we, as lawyers, have to look at the totality of the circumstances and not file a junk lawsuit.

But if the evidence, shows the automaker refused to design reliable automobiles, this is a great case to prosecute or try. So this can make them roll over and cause death or severe damages. The victims are mostly individual vehicle occupants. But sometimes they can result in a chain collision.

As discussed, unfortunately, not all vehicles get designed by their manufacturer with safety in mind.

  • In fact, in the not so distant past, SUV's became notorious for getting in significant numbers of roll-over accidents yearly.
  • Remarkably, they accounted for over 10,000 fatalities per year just from rolling over.
  • So new regulations got passed to help force the automakers to make a better designed high riding vehicle.

Consequently, modern federal law now mandates all new passenger vehicles become sold equipped with an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system.

Also, news reports raised public awareness. Luckily, this lowered the sheer numbers of these wrecks. But they still happen by no fault of the vehicle drivers.

Ways a Vehicular Rollover Can Happen?

Rollovers typically occur when a top-heavy vehicle takes a sharp turn on the road.

Things that contribute to rollovers include:

  • Defective Tires
  • Defective vehicle design
  • Many other factors.

Top heavy passengers cars, vans, off-road vehicles like trucks, and SUVs remain at higher risk of a rollover because these conveyances are inherently unstable. So sometimes, drivers can roll their vehicle in situations where an average car would not lose control.

In any event, this is also called a single vehicle collision. So for example, sometimes a weak or failed Electronic Stability Control can cause a wreck. Typically this occurs during emergency driving conditions the technology was designed to counter.

Other times, modern safety technologies don't get used at all. Usually, this is done to cut manufacturing costs. But basically, cars and trucks are supposed to be designed not to roll during expected driving conditions. So this can happen from a defective product, failure to adequately warn, or other manufacturing and design defects.

What is the Connection With Taller Vehicles and Rollover Accidents?

Some newer vehicle models like the Ford Bronco, Ford Ranger, Mazda B series and other trucks as well 15 passenger vans have been in the news over the years. The common factor here is that these are taller vehicles than passenger cars. Thus, they get built with a higher center of gravity than a typical compact, or subcompact car.

In fact, these small truck manufacturers have been the subject of many class action lawsuits for single-vehicle crashes. When a motor vehicle like a sports utility vehicle rolls over and causes an injury, an expert witness is usually needed.

This professional can help determine the mechanism of harm. This proof is how a lawyer shows liability. And proving fault is how you get you paid when these highway vehicles cause catastrophes. Plus, if the roof gets caved in, more likely than not, it can cause a head injury or death.

Sometimes, even with proper insurance coverage, there is not enough money to cover the personal injury claims. So you will need a highly aggressive and experienced personal injury attorney to win a damages award. But this is particularly the case if there is a multi-vehicle crash where you get named as a defendant and cross-complaining as a plaintiff.

How About Unreasonable Vehicle Manufacturers?

Despite advances in safety technology, state, and federal regulations, there was a significant number of rollovers in recent years. So reasonable motor vehicle manufacturers will adopt policies to make conditions in trucks safer. Laws are also stricter help obviate roof crush and vehicle rollovers.

But these laws are a floor and not a ceiling. So carmakers are required to be reasonable. Also, they are not just to comply with a safety regulation that may not make the vehicle safe.

Victims must protect and collect vital evidence. Hence, they need to consult a qualified lawyer. Next, they must begin the arduous process of suing. Going against vehicle manufacturers, and all defendants in the chain of commerce isn't an easy task.

But they placed you in that metal coffin. So as a California consumer, you have rights to recompense. After all, this was an insult with accompanying injuries.

Why Not Let Our Experience Work For You?

The Ehline Law Firm's track record speaks for itself. We can tackle the large car corporations and their defense attorneys. We've fought and won hundreds of similar cases for our clients.

Also, our boutique law firm stands ready to do so again. We have offices throughout California and can fight anywhere in the state for you.

Ehline Law Firm has experience and reputation in these cases. Also, as California rollover accident attorneys, we go up against the stock market giant car makers. Most of all, we do not fear their defense attorneys. Also, we lobby Congress for safer transportation regulations and to promote better public awareness.

Furthermore, we have aggressive staff. Hence, whether it is a passenger car or a utility vehicle accident, we can help. Last, we know what motions to file and parties to sue for maximum compensation.

Clients frequently ask questions about our boutique law firm and whether or not we are convenient to their location. Well, you can rest assured we are statewide to all of California, including all Counties near you.

Also, you are promised serious and fair results as part of our service to you. Hence, we never falter in our representation of your rollover case. No matter what, we are aggressive in handling your accident claims in court and pre-court.

Are We Local California Vehicle Rollover Lawyers to You?

Yes, we are! Our local experience can be essential in cases like yours. Ehline Law offers skilled legal counsel to fight back hard and use our knowledge to your advantage to help make you whole again. We will come to you. Also, we are local to all zip codes.

Furthermore, we will get you the help you need when you need it. Ehline Law Firm offers legal counsel with zest and zeal. Additionally, we carry a velvet hammer. So this is how we get you the maximum compensation under the law for your shocking injuries.

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