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US DOT and Michael Ehline

Many young people are more likely to drive distracted. Sometimes this means driving with too many friends. For others, it means putting on makeup while driving. In far too many, it means using the phone.

Teenagers Especially at Risk?

Yes, they are. Phone usage behind the wheel is dangerous for everyone. But for teens, driving even is worse when you're using apps teens use in the regular course of the day. One of the most popular apps for kids is Snapchat, which may have caused a fatal crash last year. reported on the deadly crash. The fiery explosion took the lives of three young people. Any life lost due to such accidents is unacceptable. Additionally, such a risk is on our nation's roads every day.

What Do You Need to Do After a Crash Caused by Snapchat?

Families hurt by car crashes have several options. It is vital that the family does not settle with an insurance company first. Before making any decisions other than immediate medical care, an attorney should be sought out for a consultation right away. A skilled attorney is vital. A lawyer trained in car accident cases is most likely to help.

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