What is a Car Accident Lien Doctor?

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The general statement is this: if involved in an accident, seek medical attention. Also, a car crash or slip and fall may seem in the first several hours to be minor. But it can then get followed by tremendous pain.

Furthermore, realizing you slipped a disc or fractured bone can reveal itself. Waiting for hours or days can severely diminish the signs of your injury. Thus, you can be precluded some forms of effective treatment. Consequently, you may become worried that you will see a doctor and have no means to pay for it. But don’t allow such fear to cause you to forgo medical attention.

Furthermore, having compassionate legal experts assists in finding visits to doctor or specialists. Most of all, you will now have a method of paying for it.

Helping You Locate a Lien Injury Doctor

ELPI's experience in handling medical treatment from an evidence gathering perspective is second to none. So we work with doctors on medical liens so you can pay them at the conclusion of your case.

Furthermore, our Southern California-based firm has worked on and won hundreds of similar cases. Thus, as we compile evidence of injury, we find adequate medical treatment for victims.

We can manage every part of your case, including:

  • Finding the appropriate doctor or specialist for your injury
  • Documenting every part of your injury and pain
  • Finding a means to pay for your damage, including fronting the cost in some cases
  • Negotiating with your insurance company
  • Consulting with government agencies, including for Worker’s Compensation or Disability

First, it is essential to seek out medical attention. Also, you may get covered by health insurance– or you might not be. But if you do not have health insurance, EhlineLaw.com can help you in several ways.

Most of all, we use our network of legal professionals. These professionals determine the correct course of therapy or medication.

Thus, we are often able to find compassionate doctors and therapists who believe in you. These are lien physicians who will front their services until you resolve the case.

Often, we will front money out of our own pockets to expedite medical reports and records. Because of this, it helps facilitate your treatment as may be necessary in some cases. We can contribute to document every scrape, bruise, and cut on your body.

So we can help bolster your next negotiations with the insurance company. Last, it helps in dealings with government bureaucrats, or negligent party as well.

Don't Forget the Importance of Medical Treatment

If you were to ignore medical treatment, it hurts your injury recovery purse. This treatment is needed because it would reduce evidence that will later help you. For example, the adjuster or defense lawyer will argue that you were hurt sometime then, or by something else, since there is nothing to tie you to anything.

These steps should get followed in every case. Every ache and pain that follows an accident are vital to document. So the anguish that you feel could follow you for months and years and needs to be revealed to our attorneys.

We will be able to use this information to determine how much in medical bills you currently have. It also helps see what you may owe in the future, the loss of income, and non-economic damage. Thus, we can determine your pain and suffering.

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC has the experience and ability to help. We work on contingency, not asking for any payment unless we recover for you.

We can negotiate or build a case against any party that caused the accident. Also, we will not stop fighting for you until you reach a positive outcome. Call today at (213) 596-9642 for more information. See how we can help you find medical attention or to meet with one of our experts.