Car Accident Spinal Injuries

A severe spine injury following a car accident has many effects on the victims and their family. Such an injury damages many parts of the body and brings a high risk of mortality.

Sadly, many drivers suffer the death of a thousand cuts. In other words, they fail to bear the full medical and financial burden right away. Many times what seems minor gets worse over time.

So people don't get medical help right away. As the pain suppression chemicals that your body made begin to wear off, the injury becomes revealed.

As the damage ripens, it could place a severe strain on the family for years. Ehline makes sure clients see the right doctor. Preventative medicine means a stronger case.

Car accidents require appressive lawyers like Michael Ehline.
Los Angeles car accident attorney, Michael Ehline

Are Car Accident Spinal Injuries Among the Worst?

Even with all of the best safety gear, there a significant chance of severe injury. Often, the spinal column gets tossed and turned in a high-speed crash. These usually require intense short and long-term treatment to help the patient.

However, even the best therapy sometimes fails to fix the injuries. All of these treatments and therapies become incredibly expensive. And they can quickly bankrupt the average family. Because of this, Ehline retains the experts to explain your life changes and place a monetary value for a jury.

How Do You Get Assistance in Troubled Times?

Most motorists recognize the need for immediate medical care. But often they do not follow up with their legal rights. So the help of an attorney specialized in vehicle injuries and spinal injuries makes a big difference.

They understand the severe cost of such therapy. And they know the mental toll a crash can have on you and your family. A caring lawyer helps in troubled times. After all, there are a variety of potential injuries caused by a collision.

Also, an excellent attorney can help sort all the issues. For example, many back injuries seem relatively minor at first. So this can be things such as bruising and soft tissue injuries. But others onset later. Sometimes we see this when victims get checked out by a specialist. An expert like an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist usually makes these findings. These could include referrals for spinal cord surgery.

Your SCI legal advocates can make sure you get checked out by a specialist. A swift diagnosis could mean the difference between recovery or severe complications.

Some Spine Injuries Blow Up.

In some cases, neck and spinal injuries could quickly spiral out of control. These could include serious issues, including permanent disability.

In other words, untreated, they can blow up in your face. Also, minor bruises might become severe disc injuries down the line. Most of these cases will include injuries to the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar vertebrae.

So we make sure to locate a spine injury doctor right away. So even if you don't have health insurance, we may know a doctor who agrees to get paid later. These are also known as "lien doctors."

Most providers won't treat a patient up front until a lawyer signs their medical lien. The smart move means getting a lawyer for mitigation reasons alone.

These issues can often be discovered due to standard signals, including:

  • Pain that feels like burning heat. A feeling like hot water burning you.
  • Radiating pain to one side of the body. (unilateral). Often it runs down the arm on the same aspect of the body.
  • Both sides of the body with radiating pain. (bilateral). Will run down the arms on both sides of the body.
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities. (hands and feet).
  • Tingling or numbness in the digits. (fingers and toes).

What About Car Accident Paralysis?

Often the worst fear of families come true. Some accidents may result in temporary or long-term paralysis.

Severe blows to the spine are culprits, causing:

  • Paraplegia: This happens when the spinal cord gets injured below the neck. Mostly, it affects both the abdomen and legs, bilaterally. But there are varying levels of a loss of sensation and use.
  • Quadriplegia: The spinal cord gets injured at the neck. Bilateral paralysis of the arms and legs will be the result.

Either type of dullness causes severe changes to a family. For example, the victim could become bedridden and remain out of work. It could also mean no paycheck.

So they may also not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle. And worse, they lose face with their family. Plus they require significant therapy or changes to accommodate specialized equipment.

The liable parties are those that caused the accident. They should be helping the victim and their family get through this challenging time.

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