Top 20 Car Accident Tips for Crash Victims

Tips Spelled Out in Black and White
A person drawing and pointing at a Tips and Tricks Chalk Illustration

Did you know that 0ne in three automotive accidents results in a personal injury to vehicle occupants or bystanders? Sadder still, two out of ten accidents result in fatalities. So if you get in an automobile accident it makes sense that you follow some basic guidelines to protect your legal rights.

It is impossible for travelers to avoid every car accident. But car accident victims can lower risks of injuries or death.

Here are our top 20 tips to protect your rights:

  1. Do not drink and drive
  2. Alcohol factored in over 10,000 motor vehicle deaths in 2012
  3. Observe posted speed limits
  4. Buckle your seat belts
    • Studies have shown that wearing seatbelts lowers the risk of sustaining driving injuries. At least 45% fewer deaths happen to front-seat passengers wearing a seatbelt. Back-seat passengers have a 50% lower chance of injury and/or death while wearing a seatbelt. National Occupant Protection Use Surveys says the seatbelt use for all U.S. compact vehicles is near 86%.
  5. Kids must use booster seats and safety belts
    • The NHTSA says booster seats and safety belts can mean life or death. In fact, it lessens the risk for infant injury/death by 71% and by 54% for toddlers.
  6. Follow vehicle recalls
    • 2014 was the “Year of Auto Recalls.” A total of 550 vehicle recalls were issued from Volkswagen, Ford, and many others. This amount of recalls affected over 52 million vehicles.
  7. Do not use cell phones while operating motor vehicles
  8. Make sure your airbags remain functional
  9. Make sure to rest before driving
  10. Stay calm while driving. So don't road rage or lose your temper.
  11. Never leave the accident scene
  12. CALL 911 and report the accident
  13. Give police an accurate accounting of the wreck without admitting or confessing any fault
  14. Take photographs 
  15. Exchange proof of insurance and driver's license identification
  16. Get to the Urgent Care Center 
    • Preferably take an ambulance to the hospital so you don't exacerbate your injuries
  17. Attend physical therapy and follow medical advice
  18. Keep a Diary of day to day problems related to your wreck
  19. Don't give any recorded statements to any insurance representatives unless an attorney says it is ok!
  20. Protect your legal rights by contacting a personal injury attorney