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People rely on car rentals for many reasons. Whether their vehicle needs repairs, a totaled vehicle in a crash or to travel. Whatever, the reason for the use of a rental car it has drawbacks.

Hence, this includes things like being unfamiliar with the model. So naturally, this can raise the risk of involvement in a severe crash causing injury or death.

Most people know about car rental agencies. But others are unaware of the advances in transportation accommodations. A new service is creating competition. This company is Turo, which is a service of people renting their personally owned vehicles online. This alternative service allows anyone to rent out their car for daily use.

And it can also be of limited use to other individuals. The concept allows the car owner to make money from a car that isn't in use. Also, this kind of rental is often cheaper than using a regular car rental agency.

Insurance Coverage.

Insurance is a must when renting a car from an organization. Turo offers their coverage. This coverage is to protect the driver if they get in a crash. The policies for Turo differ. So rather than having the same plan for all drivers, it has dissimilarities.

The coverage depends on the amount the person renting the car decides to pay. And this affects the level of personal financial liability if a crash happens.

Insurance Responsibility.

The driver's accountability ranges from $500, all the way up to a few thousand dollars. The driver might see a refund or get no refund when the fault gets found for the crash.

Furthermore, this covers property damage or the vehicles of others involved in the accident. Also, if the renter is at fault for the collision, they're responsible for the loss. So anything done to the rental car is on them.

California Turo.

California requires anyone driving a vehicle to have primary liability insurance. However, that does not stop some people from driving without insurance at all. Uninsured drivers break the law. Other drivers carry the lowest priced insurance under the law.

This kind of coverage may not cover all of the damages in a crash. Therefore, a collision with either driver can make it hard to get a full settlement.

Getting Legal Help.

Many drivers may feel using a service like Turo to be an advantage. But the insurance offered has complicated terms. It can be a benefit to explain the policy. And this is best when by a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

If you were in a crash and the other driver used a Turo rental, call us. Contact our law office for a free consultation. We will fight for the compensation you're entitled. Furthermore, we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Our skilled lawyers can negotiate with insurers. So we will work hard to get the largest settlement for our clients so if you or a loved one got hurt in a Turo crash call Ehline law firm for a free consultation at (213) 596-9642.