Food Poisoning

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We don’t always think about food-borne illnesses whenever we go to the supermarket or out to eat at a restaurant. We expect and demand that our food and drink is clean and secure no matter where from.

Did You Know there are State and Local Laws Mandating Food Safety?

National and state laws are to make sure what we eat is safe. Also, they can help cut down on levels of illness caused by inadequate preparation or storage.

But when regulations or regulators fail, the result could be illness or death. Every year there are thousands of cases of food poisoning across California.

Why Did You Get Sick from Eating Food?

Food sickness occurs for different reasons. But the fact remains. The party that allowed unsafe food to slip through should get held accountable. Go after this unsavory character(s) even if it is just to avoid future issues to another innocent person like you.

What Happens When You Get Poisoned?

So if a consumer has such food and gets ill, there could be matters that cause them to miss work. Also, they could miss important life events.

  • Death is Always a Possibility?

In rare cases, victims like you could even die– especially the very young or old. Ehline Law Firm has handled cases like this before, challenging reckless parties and defending victims.

We have studied California and federal regulations to see how to prevent future illnesses. Meanwhile, we need to be holding the offending party responsible. We see similar causes of common food poisonings.

Common bacteria causing these infections are:

  • Salmonella
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A
  • e-Coli
  • Cyclospora, and cryptosporidia.

Of special interest: Cruise ships seem to get hit often with listeria, califcivirus, Clostridium botulinum, and others.

What Does Ehline Law Firm Do To Find those Responsible?

We investigate the causes of the germs infecting the food. Also, this could include issues at the farm, in distribution, or preparation. In any event, we can help narrow down the exact cause and the culprit.

By finding the contaminant and point of error, we can determine if others became exposed.

Also, we research if the individual:

  • Farms
  • Markets
  • Restaurants sold this food in the same time-frame.

Then it makes stopping the errors or challenging them much easier. For more information, call us today to speak to expert attorneys here.