The Vesper Board, Related Technology & Personal Injuries

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We know how fast our technology is improving, what we do with the click of buttons and tap screens used to require days, weeks, and months to complete.

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We often look at technology as something that makes our life more comfortable. And it seems quite impressive. But that’s not always true.

  • One of the main concerns with new technology is safety.

Michael P. Ehline from Ehline Law Firm handles personal injury cases in the Los Angeles area. In this piece, he talks about new technology. Ehline deals with Segway cases too. And this related topic is these new Vesper Boards. Here, we will delve into the potential personal injury dangers associated with them.

So What Are These Electronic Boards All About?

Michael talks about the new electronic boards with wheels that are out in the market with different names.

  • One common name you will find while looking for such boards is the “The Vesper Board.”

This particular board is a small platform resting on two wheels. Controlling the device is done with buttons. Also, installed is a chip that causes it balances itself.

Example of a Similar “Mini Segway” From Youtube


Are Companies Lying When They Say It is Easy to Master a Vesper Board?

Companies claim that learning to master such devices is quite easy. So they say within minutes a person can start riding them. You just get on the board and go wherever you want. And on this battery-powered vehicle, you can do it all while standing on it.

But as seen in the above video, even a talented and athletic person cannot master the device quickly. So you could have a claim for false advertising, in addition to a case for your broken bones.

So Is it True Nothing Is Free In This World?

Everything in this world has a price. By price, it does not mean that you will have to pay concerning money. But there are other ways you pay the price.

For new technology, you may pay regarding safety.

  • This particular platform can quickly take you up to speeds of 10 mph. So you can probably guess it is prone to accidents. And this is true, even if other outside influence caused it.
  • Also, you know computers can start acting up at any time. And a device powered by one can deceive you at any moment.

What About a Claim For Willful Failure to Warn?

Most devices like this will provide a written warning. It will state the very things that can go wrong and the ease of use in mastering.

  • This is done to make sure a rider proceeds with caution.
  • When you are on this moving at slow speeds, you may seem to other drivers as if you are walking. (i.e., a pedestrian). So think What about the effects of vehicle drivers failing to judge right-hand turns.
  • Consider parking lots and the potential for T-boning type incidents.

What About Accidents Where Board Rider Is At Fault?

When you ride an electronic board, you have to remember that its tires are pretty small.

  • The small tire size indicates you can ride this board on straight roads and surfaces.
  • But you will be going on the same roads where there are other vehicles as well.

That means you will experience:

  • Cracks
  • Rocks
  • Gravel

Even if you choose to travel on the sidewalks, you are not entirely safe. If pedestrians have accidents, you can be a part of similar accidents too.

What About The Fact is itVery Hard to Balance?

The first thing about your first ride on an electronic board is its inherent lack of balance. Of course, you can learn to ride it quickly if the company says so.

But you won’t be adept at it right away. It is just like learning to drive a car. When you have just learned to drive, you are not as confident on the roads. But after a few months, you will get better.

Therefore, when you start to ride this electronic board, there will be higher chances of accidents. And this is because of the lack of control on the board.

  • But the small cracks and bumps on the sidewalk are widow makers. As mentioned earlier, the board has small tires. So any bump or crack too little or too big for the tires can cause problems. It can cause you to topple over and fall on someone. Or you can get panicked and cause injuries to someone in your panic stricken state.
  • Moving in crowded places can also be a little troubling. Because  of this, you have to take care of other people’s feet, and you are distracted.

What About Toe Smash Injuries?

You can easily get on someone’s toe with the tires of this device as well. Some of these devices have their tires a little pushed in. But some designs can easily pulverize people’s feet.

  • Examples include those who are barefoot or wearing open toed sandals.

These may be innocent people on foot who get sideswiped or run over. When these boards just came out, they were pretty basic just like any other electronic device.

What About the High Speeds that Vesper Boards Move?

Things improve and advance pretty fast in our modern world. So, while some other types of boards were offering top speeds of only 8mph, some of these boards can take you up to 15mph.

This brings in the danger of hitting someone while going at great speeds. When you hit someone at a rate of 10mph or more, you have to take into account your momentum. Also, the angle of impact is another important factor. So all in all, this can be a greatly dangerous situation.

• What About Other Injuries You Can Cause?

When you hit someone at great speeds, you can cause many injuries.

  • Your head can hit someone right in the face causing them severe injuries in the jaw.
  • You can end up breaking their teeth when they hit the deck.
  • When you hit someone, and they fall on their back, they can hit their head on something.

That means they can get hurt badly.


  • You can hit children, and they can get injured much quickly than adults.
  • Hitting another person with your electronic board in the ankle can also cause severe ankle injuries.

What About Accidents When Board Rider Needs To Be Compensated?

You can get in a car accident on the road with your new, fun, electronic board. As mentioned earlier, these types of boards can go at high speeds. At high speeds, vehicles can hit you from various directions.

Keep in mind the example of bicyclists hit by cars at signals. This is why autos are to keep a safe distance from bicycles according to law. Also, it is advised that vehicles keep a safe distance from board riders. And this is true no matter how fast they are going.

If It's Not Your Fault ,You Deserve Compensation Right?

If you have the right of way and get hit by a bicyclist, compensation for your injuries is often necessary. There is a chance we might see many of these electronic boards in the streets soon.

After all, online bloggers and Youtube celebrities are endorsing them. So this is making them quite famous. What this means is board riders might have accidents with other riders. Soon if electronic boards are accepted as a common means of transport, property owners will be held liable.

  • What About the Duty to Make Safe?

This is because they will have a duty to make their property safe for the small wheels. Bumpy roads can easily cause the board rider to trip and fall.

Plus, gravel, stones, oil and fruit skins can cause riders to slip and fall. In these scenarios, the rider can seek legal help. And the idea is to get compensation.

  • What Are More Common Injuries?

When you fall on the road or sidewalk due to cracks and bumps, you could end up with severe injuries.

  • Falling face down could cause you to lose your teeth or hurt your jaw.
  • You can get injured badly by a car from the front, back or side. It is all painful.

The electronic board is no barrier between you and a vehicle. And because of its low height, a vehicle will hit you just like it would hit and affect a person walking on foot. Even getting hit by a bicycle can cause broken bones, bruises, blue spots, etc.

What About Money for Accidents Due To Faulty Product?

You can become a prey of crude product while riding your board, including The Vesper Board. It is an electronic device, and it can malfunction just like any other electronic device.

  • What About Computer Glitches?

Have you ever experienced a lagging smartphone or a frozen computer? There are always chances of similar things happening as well. In fact, there are a few videos on Youtube that show the dangers. One shows a rider was having trouble with the board after it crashed by mistake.

One of the wheels suddenly stopped working in that case. So, you can expect one of these stuck tires to go free all of a sudden. That can launch you.

What are Some Other Problems With Vespers?

But what if one of the tires becomes loose and then escapes the board? What if the footrests don’t have enough friction to allow your feet to grip the board?

In that case, you slip and fall.

  • The new electronic boards even have remote controls. So now you can control the speed on the go.
  • What if you are at high speed and the remote stops working?

Your board should also be able to hold the amount of weight it claims to tolerate. If somehow its structure breaks or shows signs of cracks when tolerable weight is on it, then it is not your fault. All eyes should be on the makers.

Is Seeking Legal Help Your Right?

Things can go wrong in numerous ways when you are on the road. Of course, these new electronic boards are great gadgets and their affordability is going to make them quite popular. However, accidents can happen to anyone.

When hurt you deserve compensation. Whether an electronic board rider hurt you, or you as a rider have received injuries due to someone else’s negligence, make sure to get in touch with professional law firms.

Ehline Law Firm is always there to help you and your loved ones with their personal injury cases. Get in contact with a professional lawyer for your personal injury case. Get the compensation you deserve.