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Children are new to the new, brave world of dogs and "Landsharks." Many elders have seen little cruisers playing with dogs as they take water or food from a bowl. And, of course, we have all seen the dog growl or bark in response. So our dog bite lawyers created this page to help solve dog bites and kids' problems. We will also address the issue of dangerous breeds, or "Landsharks." Last, we wanted to guide parents needing money for bites, scratches, and killings by dogs.

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When looking at the statistics for dog bite attacks, they show that children are bitten by dogs more often than adults, and of course, there are reasons for this.

Important: First on the list is. Generally, children have little to no fear of dogs. So this means every dog is cute, every dog is approachable, and every dog is friendly. At least, this is the way most children think. There are friendly dogs, of course.

So now imagine a docile Golden Retriever that loves to play with kids. But then again, this particular dog could be sick with rabies, have been mistreated by its owners, or chased by kids in the neighborhood. So yes,  maybe Fido seems like a sweet and well-behaved animal. But this may not even be true.

CAVEAT: Even friendly dogs should not be around fearful children. If so, there is a good chance for the child or the parent could get bitten.

Important: The statistics show that as many as 60% of these skirmishes per year involve children. So statistics show children get bitten more often than adults. And most are treated by medical professionals. Another thing this information shows is children are bitten in the face more often.

Also, they can be more subject to head trauma, puncture wounds, and broken bones. No matter how small a dog is, it can pierce the skin and cause immense pain to a small child. Of particular concern, the dog bite attack victims' parents often have thousands of dollars in medical bills and missed time from work rushing to the hospital. So it's a significant pull from familial financial resources, not just emotionally.

Beware - A Child or Parent's Fear Triggers Dogs to Fight?

Typically a chomped or assaulted child has no idea why the dog went rabid. Of course, dogs can sense fear chemicals because it tells a dog it is about to be attacked.

Because of this, the fear of dogs may remain with these child victims for the rest of their lives. So this newfound fear makes younglings more susceptible to a dog attack as a grown-up. Also, your doctor may suggest psychological care for your child's new phobia. So the key remains preventing these attacks against children by teaching kids and their caretakers how to stay calm near our furry friends.

Ehline Law Firm's Southern California lawyers offer advice and information on animal attacks happening to children. Our research shows that each year, millions of people are bitten or assailed by dogs. The Humane Society estimates about 4.7 million individuals in the United States became canine bite victims.

  • Child Dog Bite Statistics are Shocking. When Compared to Older People.

There have been 26 fatalities attributed to dog attacks against adults and minors in the past ten years. As we told you before, most bites involve a dog the victim knows; often, the dog owner or a neighbor gets bitten. The majority of bite incidents happen in or near the home of the victim. Half occur on the dog owner’s property.

  • Triple the Dog Attacks on Kids Under 13?

Yes, that's right, statistics show that dogs attack far more kids than, say, an adult. And this may be due to the curious nature of children. Young children may think all dogs are all “cute.” As parents, caregivers, guardians, grandparents, or foster parents, we need to know that attacks on children are typically triple those of adults. Because children are lower to the ground, they are closer to the dog’s head and tend to hover close to dogs, often at eye level. Kids like to do dumb stuff too. For example, children may try and play with a dog's food as it eats, pull its tail and ears, or poke its eyes, and giggle.

  • Beware the Growling and Other Signs of Pending Attack?

Yes, there are certain things we must look out for in a dog's behavior that can help avoid an altercation altogether. Of course, it's a big no-no to look a dog in the eye, or play with its food bowl, especially when it is a strange dog in its domicile. Hopefully, the dog will only growl, and that will be enough for your child to disengage. But as a parent, you need to be on the alert and determine the best course of action, considering that the majority of children's dog injuries are to the face and upper body.

Infants and small kids don't deserve to face lifelong disfiguring injuries and painful plastique reconstructive surgery. And it's up to their adult guardians to protect them in the end. Also, most child victims are under the age of 13. And as a parent myself, I want to know why you, as your child's guardian allowed your child to get so close.

And you better have a good reason. A smart cop or Child Protective Services may think you are an unfit parent, criminally negligent, and perhaps even a murderer.

Unfortunately, there are deaths attributed to dog attacks on unsuspecting kids. Kids can easily suffer a wrongful death, have their voicebox crushed, bleed out, or be suffocated and survive with permanent brain damage. And these are just some possibilities after having a dog's jaws lockdown on a child's throat and jugular veins.

About 2/3 of Dog Attack Deaths Have Been Children.

In over two-thirds of dog attack deaths, the victims have been under ten-years-old. The other third comprises children under one year of age and sleeping babies.

What is a "Landshark" and Why it Matters to Children?

First, it remains easy to point to “dangerous” breeds as a problem. At least one Los Angeles Times reporter coined the term "Landshark" to describe so-called "dangerous dog breeds," bred to fight.

Bureaucrats love to assume Pit-bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Akitas are the problem. Politicians compare these dogs to "assault weapons," for example. But many small breeds like Pomeranians have harmed children well. So do we ban all dangerous dogs?

Presently, California cities cannot enforce an outright ban on specific breeds of dogs. But many towns have devised creative legislative schemes to make it hard to own certain kinds, like forcing a dog owner to get their animals spayed or neutered. The rational basis for these laws would be making so-called "dangerous dogs" less aggressive.

But no matter the law or precautions, dog bites occur with the same frequency. Remember, there are no dangerous dogs or breeds, just wrong or irresponsible owners.

A Dog Attack Against a Child Can Happen Anywhere, Any Time

Any dog can bite or attack under the right circumstances. Ehline Law Firm knows how to keep your child safe from dog attacks. In our opinion, these guidelines can help make your home accident free. To start, dogs will act more aggressively when in a “pack.” This threat means owners must avoid allowing several dogs (as little as two or more) around children. Also, poorly socialized dogs remain far more likely to attack kids.

Typically, males dogs will bite to show their dominance. But a pregnant dog or one with pups could also attack. Dogs, not spayed or neutered are more likely to attack. In warmer months, dog bite risks increase as more people and dogs go walking. This increased foot traffic means more opportunities for children approaching unfamiliar dogs.

Dog Bite Attorneys At Your Service

The owner should always keep the dog on a leash and adequately supervise and warn any children who approach. Dogs should never get chained in a yard or remain left unsupervised with the kids. These tips should be an excellent start to making your kids safer around dogs.

Remember, nothing can protect you from an irresponsible owner, such as abusive foster care parents. It would be best if you did what you can to keep your children safe. Getting attacked by a dog requires help from the experienced dog bite lawyers at Ehline Law, so contact (213) 596-9642 today.