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Los Angeles Dog Attack Nerve Damage to Hands and Limb Attorneys

Dog Attack Nerve Damage to Hands and Limb Attorneys

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Date Modified: June 11, 2023

If we don’t win, you don’t pay. Some dogs attack while on or off their leash, so bystanders are always at risk with these animals.
Dog bites down on hand hard

What You Should Know

A dog attack can cause damage to the connective tissue of your hands or limbs, which can be the reason behind some long-lasting emotional distress. The damage can sometimes be even worse than car accidents, especially if you lose nerve function. You should hire an attorney immediately after sustaining animal bites; this article will teach you why.

Understanding Dog Attack Nerve Damage to Hands and Limbs?

When someone in a family experiences the consequences of a dog attack, they might be surprised to find out that they sustained nerve damage.

The truth is that you can suffer nerve damage because it’s natural to try and defend yourself with your hands if a dog comes at you. Furthermore, the force of their jaw is enough to pierce through your skin and sometimes even your bone, and this can have grave consequences.

Generally speaking, there are two ways in which a bite can cause nerve damage as follows:

  • Puncture wounds: these pierce the skin of the dog bite victim.
  • Non-puncture pressure bites: some doctors have said that the bite does not need to tear your skin to provoke nerve damage and sensory function loss. The dog’s jaw strength is enough to cause this or break bones with massive bleeding circumstances.

If you’re a victim of a dog bite attack, you need personal injury lawyers to defend you in your case and make sure that you get the justice you deserve. Getting any form of nerve injury can completely change your life, and you don’t deserve to go through this if the accident was due to a negligent pet owner.

Did You Suffer Permanent Nerve Damage or Temporary?

Your nerves carry messages all over your body to a finger, your legs, and even your bladder and eyes. Therefore, the consequences might be devastating if you suffer temporary or permanent nerve damage complications from deep canine lacerations.

Treating dog bites requires specialized assistance since only a physician can tell you how grave the situation is. You might even need specialists, surgery, and powerful antibiotics for rehabilitation to resolve severe nerve damage or compound fractures inflicted upon you.

Evidently, the concern of any person who sustains dog bite injuries is to have such awful consequences that they lose movement or sensation in their tendons, muscles, and hands.

Thus, hiring an experienced dog bite attorney to help you with the case is essential, particularly if you want to file a claim against the negligent party.

Types of Dog Bite Injury Damage

Nerve impulses are conducted through axons from the cell body and into neighboring cells. Imagine how electrical wires carry currents to power output or a wall plug into a lamp or other power appliances. Now imagine the rubber coating penetrated by a tooth into the copper wire (axons). That can cause a short and even an electrical fire. A dog bite victim suffering nerve damage will find their condition similar and classified in one of three ways according to how axons are damaged or impinged.

The types are as follows:

  • Neurapraxia: crushed nerves that are not severed. It might take days or weeks to heal; of course, you can still develop emotional trauma.
  • Axonotmesis: if this is the case, you might also take days or weeks to heal, but you might lose sensation or movement.
  • Neurotmesis: this is the most severe type of damage. You need to surgically repair the wound or immobilize the limb and take oral drugs and injections to prevent infection.

When you sustain these wounds, you might need surgical intervention, and physical therapy, especially if you’re experiencing the most severe form of injuries. Medical bills and living expenses pile up quickly while you are out of work, trying to heal the affected area, or possibly facing total paralysis for life!

Recovering Compensation For Dog Bite Nerve Damage

When nerve damage occurs from being bitten, the person might lose their ability to work and perform all their daily activities unless they take legal action.

Compensation includes damages for:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills from a doctor, ambulance, or hospital emergency room (surgery to reattach missing fingers or repair torn muscles of patients, etc.)
  • Pain and suffering.

Therefore, contacting a personal injury law firm and hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial if you want the justice and success you deserve for yourself or a loved one.

Dog bite laws protect victims, so hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best choice to put together a case and get a settlement from the owner’s insurance company. Call us today to discuss your legal options while you recover your health and wellness after such weakness.

Dog Bite Victims Should Hire a Specialized Lawyer

If a dog bites you, you must file a claim and get compensation for your wounds. Filing a personal injury case allows you to work with a specialized legal expert who will guide you through the process and do everything they can to ensure you get favorable outcomes.

Many dog owners don’t understand that a bite from their pet might mean that the victim sustains a grave injury, which in many cases involves anatomic disruption. Victims require medical attention and might have to deal with chronic pain, even if they do all they can to feel better during recovery from a puncture or compression wound.

Thus, filing dog bite claims is the best way to handle the crushing force situation. Families can get a free legal consultation before hiring their to-be lawyer, get to know them, and decide if they’re the best option to get you through a full recovery.

Schedule a Free Consultation With A Dog Attack Nerve Damage to Hands and Limb Lawyer in Los Angeles County, CA

If you’re filing a dog bite case, you must hire a dog bite attorney today. Our experts at Ehline Law Firm understand the pain you’re going through during recovery. We know the larger dogs can have as much as 200 pounds of pressure per square inch when biting down. We know that you might be terrified of losing motor function or dealing with permanent damage due to dog attacks.

Being in a car accident can make you sustain wounds, but a dog’s jaw can leave crushing injuries in your hand and require you to undergo nerve regeneration medical treatment to get your life back to normal. If a dog bit you, you have the right to sue the dog owner responsible for the animal attack to recover damages.

Thus, call us or fill out the online contact form to contact our law office. Our number is (213) 596-9642, and we can take calls 24/7 to discuss your dog bite nerve damage and other injury cases with other animals today. Obtain the representation you need from a world-class, winning legal team.


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