Understanding Elder Isolation and Worse

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Federal and state guidelines govern care for nursing home residents. The duty of attention includes protecting the human rights of the elderly. And this right gets violated by caretakers in and out of nursing homes.

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These human rights violations go along with isolation. And many go under or unreported.

  • If caretakers isolate elders, it is a civil and criminal act.
  • And victims by law may hold the facility and others responsible.
  • So these plaintiffs can sue in civil court.
  • And they will sue to recover financial damages.

Beyond that, the DA can file a criminal complaint. And restitution may be part of any plea bargain. An award of money damages can become granted in the civil case.

Elder Isolation Knowledge.

What does it mean?

  • Has your elder kin suffered at the hands of caretakers?
  • Did they suffer isolation or severe emotional trauma?
  • Is long term PTSD, or depression on the horizon?

If so, contacting our elder abuse law firm would be smart. Nursing homes and caretakers are not immune from the law. And many laws exist to prevent harm to loved ones here.  

Isolation is a form of abuse. Federal and state laws govern elder isolation. California Penal Code Section 15610.43 defines elder isolation as elder abuse. There is physical, emotional, and financial elder abuse.

But isolation is a terrible form of elder abuse. And it can happen in the home or a nursing care facility. And this cannot get overlooked as a terrible crime.

And this includes:

  • Acts that prevent elders from receiving or making telephone calls. Also, denying them contact with those outside the facility.
  • This includes preventing seniors from contact with family members. It also applies to relatives, and other loved ones. It can include many affirmative actions. So telling a caller that grandpa is "not available" is enough.
  • The nursing home cannot prevent a resident from speaking with friends. Medical doctors and clergy members all have a right to contact. Most of all, seniors have the right to speak to attorneys and police.
  • They also have the right to be free without restraint.
  • If confined for extended amounts of time, that is false imprisonment.

How Do You Take Action if You Suspect: Elder Abuse, Isolation, or Confinement?

What can you do?

Confinement includes: "... defilement, debasement, or isolation."

If you suspect abuse, steps to take are below. That way, you can protect the unwary senior citizen. Hopefully, this can help you devise a strategy to prove the abuse.

Some of the things you can do are:

Whether at home, in a nursing home or care facility, elders have rights. And when they suffer, a legal expert can provide help.

Elder Abuse: Filing Lawsuits and the Victim's Right to Compensation. What is That?

Staff members of nursing homes have been known to confine elderly residents. This is a barbaric way to dominate the elder. Treatment of an older adult like this is atrocious.

And it can have devastating results for the senior such as:

  • This loss of socializing with family and friends is terrible.
  • And it can result in fear, depression, and anxiety.
  • In bad cases, it may lead to post-traumatic stress, suicides, and death.

Filing a lawsuit against the negligent parties hold them to account. Also, it helps alleviate anxiety and stress. That way, the older adult knows their abusers won't get off. And this takes away the fear of abuse.

Also, it gives the old resident quality of life with future caretakers. That way, care providers can give the attention expected by law. Getting a PI lawyer is a step toward protecting your loved one.

And the call is free and confidential. And no duty exists to pay us a dime. So all you have to do is learn about elderly rights. After that, you can hire us or shop around. But if you hire us, we will hold the negligent party responsible.

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