Common Motorcyclist Passenger Injuries

Motorcycle riding

Motorcycles may be the most fun on the road. But bike riding carries a significant risk of injury. Unfortunately, the risks of such an accident increase if passengers ride on the back. Bikers can inadvertently lose control. If such an event happens, the riding passenger may have the right to seek compensation.

The risk can become revealed by recent events. In May, a Wisconsin woman passed away after being thrown off of a motorcycle. She was riding on as a passenger, according to Madison media. Unfortunately, inexperienced drivers, other drivers, and faulty equipment or maintenance can dramatically increase the risk of accidents. It happens all the time.

Shifts in the Center of Gravity.

Motorcycle riders not used to riding with passengers ignore shifts in the center of gravity or distractions. The operator must make sure and have the passenger lean into the corners along with the operator. Failure to have a system of instruction quickly leads to speed wobbles and results in the vehicle throwing or tossing the occupants into the air.

If so, then bodies may land in oncoming traffic. You and I both know this means curtains. For you, Millennials, this means certain death.

Essential Duties Passengers Owe.

However, motorcycle passengers can take steps to avoid accidents too. Both parties have a duty and obligation to all fellow citizens to behave reasonably. For example, both parties must take precautions to protect others. So they must understand the basic physics and mechanics of two persons on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Most of all, when traveling and cornering at high speeds, both occupants and operators must lean together. Passengers, of course, should make sure not to distract the driver or try to reach in front of them either.

The passenger should have a system worked out to tell the driver they need to pull over to rest. Also, passengers should sit as still as possible. And all involved should avoid sudden movement. Passengers must lean with the driver into turns to assist their movement.

The Bottom Line.

The bottom line is the passenger is the left at the mercy and experience of the biker steering the horse. In California, even if the rider blames the passenger, the rider regularly holds a measure of liability. Because California is a pure comparative negligence state, someone gets paid something. Keeping track of the road means preparing for obstructions and bracing for sudden stops.

Make sure not to lean on drivers. More than once, that has caused them to lose control of their vehicles. Wearing riding protection could also be a major factor in avoiding injuries on the road. Ehline Law Firm Law lobbies Congress to make roads and transport safer for passengers. So we put our money where our mouth is.

What Next?

A skilled motorcycle injury attorney, such as Michael Ehline will be able to guide you through the steps. No doubt, you will need motorcycle crash compensation. Also, holding a reckless driver responsible helps prevent future road injuries. Because assets are at risk, even jerks figure it's cheaper to behave like adults. Even better, it can bring attention to preventing more motorcycle accidents.

Our skilled Los Angeles motorcycle attorneys have handled hundreds of similar cases in the past. As a matter of fact, we make sure our clients rebuild their lives after injuries. Also, our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is a motorcycle enthusiast himself.

So he understands the thrill and responsibility of hitting the open road on a bike. For more information or to set up a free consultation, call Ehline Law 24/7 at (213) 596-9642.