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If you are dealing with the aftermath of a big rig crash, or simply want to learn more about the statistics, a real wake up call awaits. Ehline Law Firm deals with accidents involving big trucks every year. The outcome never favors cyclists, people afoot, or small passenger vehicles.

Stats on bad truck wrecks in CA
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The odds will always be against them, making it out alive, let alone unscathed. Discover why by reading the available truck wreck statistics and facts here. Our attorneys stand at the ready to promptly answer more of your queries about truck accidents.

An estimated 15.5 million commercial autos travel on the nation’s highways daily. And nearly all products sold in the United States get transported by semis throughout the country.

Motor Transportation Abounds Everywhere?

In the United States, a driver may be a frequent traveler or just head to the store once in a while. But both drivers see the roadways often overcrowded. From small passenger Ehline law LAcars, motorcycles construction vehicles to sizeable commercial transportation, traffic abounds.   An estimated 15.5 million commercial autos travel on the nation’s highways daily. And nearly all products sold in the United States get transported by semis throughout the country. In 2009 the gross domestic product costs associated with trucking was $113 billion. And two million of these big rigs deliver numerous products and visit multiple locations in a single trip.

How Much Damage Is Errant Trucking Accountable For?

During 2008 drivers and sales personnel accounted for over three million. And 56% of these were drivers of industrial motors and trailers. The transportation industry has many trucking companies. And they haul freight for other companies.   These companies employ around 27% of drivers in the United States. Other transporters get used by companies involved in the retail or wholesale trade. These persons deliver goods. Statistically significant, machinery will be three times less likely to get in a wreck.   So this compares to other types of motors on the roads. There are still about a half-million tragic events in the United States annually that involve commercial transport. So out of the 15.5 million large semis on the road, this seems light.   In any event, these 18-wheeled carriers make up less than 3% of fatal wrecks. But the accident that does involve a large machine auto can be catastrophic.

What Happens Approximately Every 16 minutes?

Approximately every 16 minutes, a crash occurs, causing injury or death. In less than one-fifth of collisions, the truck driver has been the cause of the incident.   But out of a half-million annually, this accounts for a substantial amount of mishaps. In accidents, about 5,000 people die every year. And this usually will be the driver of another car. When looking at figures for crashes, you can see the importance of a lawyer.

What is the Trucking Damages Magnitude?

When a passenger car collides with a large semi, it cannot match the size and weight of a truck. The big right truck weighs many times the amount of the car. And the statistical data does not favor the survival of small car occupants in an impact with an 18-wheeler.   Sadly truck versus auto wrecks resulted in a magnitude 74% death rate for occupants of the smaller vehicles. There was a 71% rate for people injured in these misadventures. These mishaps involved 380,000 4-wheeled cars with a gross weight that exceeded 10,000 pounds. And this resulted in 4,229 deaths and 90,000 people injured in collisions.

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This will be a small percentage of the total number of vehicle accidents; however, they result in the most fatalities. And they can all ruin lives. When you or a loved crashed with a big rig truck, we can help.   Ehline has experienced legal counsel to ensure you get fairly compensated. We help people get paid for injuries and damages or the loss of a loved one. It's never an easy task to handle so much paperwork on your own. So, please call us at (213) 596-9642. Or visit our webpage.