Children and Motorcycle Accidents – Risk of Severe Injury and Death Sharply Increasing

No one wants to talk about the risk of severe injury or death riding motorcycles. We all know that it’s there, but it is one of the most uncomfortable conversations you can have. Each rider knows someone severely hurt, or a family affected by riding death.

Motorcycling is an extraordinary privilege and one that comes with a lot of responsibility. Understanding the different risks and how to react to them is an essential first step in becoming a skilled biker.

Boy on a motorcycle
A child riding a motorcycle

This is especially the case for children. Many riders will not allow their kids to travel with them due to the increased risk. Inexperienced riders may not be familiar with the changing weight distribution with another, smaller person on the back.

What are Some Different Injury Risks to Children on Motor Bikes?

Children are at different types of injury risk on the back of a motorcycle. Their smaller bodies and less developed bones may suffer different types of injury than an adult. Also, children are far more likely to die as a result of a motorcycle crash.

Many of the risk factors remain the same– concussion, Traumatic Brain Injuries (or TBIs), broken bones, organ damage, road rash, and others.

  • Amplification of such injury risk due to age is impossible to ignore.

Riders on unfamiliar terrain or riding on new roads are especially at risk. Additionally, children are less likely to know some of the ways to avoid injury on the back of a bike.

Take as many steps as possible to prevent such injury. Also, keep in mind the different risks inherent when riding with kids. There is sometimes no avoiding an accident, but with experience and knowledge, there may be avoiding a serious injury or death. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to all those that come in contact with your motorcycle.

Michael Ehline, Motorcycle Lawyer

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