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Can I Sue My Employer Over Coronavirus?

Can I sue my employer over the Coronavirus?

While the United States and the world battles the Coronavirus outbreak, some employees may become exposed to the virus during their work activities. It could be a nurse, home health aide, nurse practitioner, or any other position. Remember that your employer has to provide provide protection for you at all times including during this pandemic.
During this Coronavirus outbreak, remember that employers need to comply with the National Labor Relations Act, including the concerted activity protections that apply to non-unionized and unionized employers. Please note, any concerted activity designed to increase workplace safety would be protected. Please remember that non-unionized workers that join together cannot be disciplined or discriminated against based on protected concerted activity, which can include refusing to work for safety reasons or declining to work without a mask.
Any changes to the terms and conditions of employment of union-represented workers because of the outbreak could result in disputes with a union, unless employers contact unions in advance.
U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams has said that the general public to stop buying masks. He said saying masks are not needed to protect healthy people from the virus. Workers, though, might still want to be allowed to wear masks on the job.
If the employer nonetheless makes it clear he or she does not employees to wear masks and disciplines workers who do anyway, they may have a claim under the NLRA, officials said. Disagreements over whether enough personal protective equipment is being provided have been documented. Nurses in Washington state and California say they have had to beg for N95 masks which are thicker than surgical masks and can block out much smaller particles.
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Information on California’s “Stay at Home” Rule

“Stay at Home” rule in California

California Governor Gavin Newsom Thursday announced a statewide order mandating that California residents stay at home except for essential work and errands due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
California, which is home to approximately 40 million people, will be the first state in the nation under such an order. The policy, aimed at curbing the rate of infection, went into effect Thursday evening.Under the stay at home, or “shelter-in-place,” policy, Californians are permitted to leave their residences for errands such as going to the grocery store or picking up a prescription at a pharmacy. Employees of businesses deemed essential are also permitted to work outside the home. And residents are still permitted to go for walks outside, so long as they practice safe social distancing.
There is no set end date for the policy.

Governor Newsom said he does not plan to use law enforcement to regulate the policy but urged Californians to use their “common sense” and self-regulate.
As of Thursday, California has more than 1,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, and at least 19 people had died.

Governor Newsom said the stay-at-home policy comes as the current rate of infection is threatening to overwhelm the state’s hospital resources. He noted the current trajectory shows the state will soon be short 10,000 hospital beds.
Several counties in the state, Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay, adopted similar policies earlier this week.

In a Thursday letter to President Donald Trump, Newsom requested further federal assistance as the state deals with the growing pandemic. The Governor wrote that the state projected 56% of Californians (or 25.5 million people) could become infected in a worst-case scenario, not accounting for the mitigation strategies already underway.

He has also requested $1 billion in federal funds from congressional leaders to increase hospital capacity across the state, purchase additional medical equipment and provide more aid to vulnerable people.
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