What Are 'Intentional Torts To Property'?

5547 views • Jul 25, 2017

Intentional torts to property include torts such as trespass, negligence, nuisance, and conversion. Intentional torts involve torts which the law implies the damages remedy if someone has unreasonably interfered with your rights to use or have access to your own property. For example, in a trespass, merely stepping on someone's property is a trespass. The fact that you did it. But there may not be any damages because you may have not damaged their property. So in that situation, you can still sue for damages because it was a trespass to your property, but it may be nominal damages, such as a dollar. And in those situations, the person harmed can also seek injunctive relief to force the person who came on their property to not come on their property again. Other intentional torts such as nuisance allow a person harmed to simply sue for a foul odour that shouldn't be occuring in their neighborhood due to having a manure factory in their backyard when they shouldn't. So these are the many different types of torts that are available to someone harmed, and the law implies some sort of a remedy to stop those wrongs from occurring.
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