What Are The Basic Issues In Right To Privacy?

5221 views • Jul 25, 2017

The basic issues in right to privacy cases are that if somebody has painted you in a false light may not necessarily be an untrue statement but that's something that makes you look bad or they intrude into your privacy or seclusion of your home, take pictures of you while you're, you know, with your family in a compromising situation for example, that you would have a remedy under the invasion of privacy laws to sue those people that do those things. Paparazzi are prime example of invasion of right to privacy lawsuits. They are often sued for invading the rights of seclusion of a celebrity because although that celebrity while they are in public may not have much of a right to privacy. Once they are in their home and then people start putting bugs in their apartment or their home in order to listen to what they are saying or even cameras to put them on film. Once it's in their own privacy, they have that right to that privacy and they can sue you for it because it is a valuable property right.