What Is 'Injunctive Relief' Under Tort Law?

5518 views • Jul 25, 2017

Injunctive relief is a situation where a person has been harmed by a wrong doer; such as someone continually trespassing on their land, it may have crops on it and these people trespassing on their land maybe stealing the corn, maybe trampling crops, maybe stealing cows etcetera, etcetera, it could be anything. And in those types of fact situations the law is going to allow you to go into court and ask the judge to force those people to stay off your land. Sometimes just getting money from them isn't enough. Sometimes you need to get an affirmative order from a judge demanding that people stay off your land. And then once that injunction is on your land, your property or it could even be an injunction against someone attacking you that you could get, called a temporary restraining order. It could be any of those fact situations. If that is now breached and the person violates the judge's order it allows the person to then go back to court who was being wronged and have the court issue an order to show cause or a contempt. Hold the person in contempt and then have that person criminally prosecuted in addition to having the injunction in place.

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