What Is 'Trespass To Chattels' Under Tort Law?

4653 views • Jul 25, 2017

Trespass to chattels unlike trespass to land if you think about it, chattel and cattle kind of sound the same, and that's for a reason. Under the English common law, it usually had to do with someone interfering with someone cattle. So trespass to chattel has now been interpreted to meaning trespass to anything of personal property. Could be someone stealing your Montblac pen. Could be someone stealing your cell phone. Those are some examples of chattel. If some ones unreasonable interference with that property, usually resulting in your inability to use it, in which the law applies a remedy of them giving it back and also damages for the time you were dispossessed. It could be the reasonable value, of you having to rent a new pen. It could be that it was such a great interference that it would have to be the replacement value.
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