Why Do We Need Tort Law?

5475 views • Jul 25, 2017

To anyone who's been sued, tort is a four-letter word. But the tort system protects workers, consumers, and victims of negligence. Attorney Michael Ehline explains the different types of tort law, and how those laws affect you. Tort law is designed to prevent self help, such as existed in the days of the Hatfield and McCoy feuds. Instead of a pound of flesh, we seek money in the tort litigation system. Thanks for watching our video Tort Law Terms For more how to videos, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Tort Law. *Disclaimer, This is a free, educational video created by Michael Ehline and VideoJug. It is not intended as legal advice. Each state and jurisdiction may have its own laws. This video series is intended to provide general information as would be taught in a law school. To learn more about making your own video, contact us and to learn more about personal injury law generally, or to update or make corrections, contact attorney Michael Ehline at https://losangelesaccidentpersonalinjury.attorney/video-library/ at (213) 596-9642.