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What is the Legal Procedure after a Fatal Helicopter Crash?

A Tragic Period for Families

In the aftermath of a terrible air crash, there is often too much for a family to comprehend. There are burial costs, potential injuries, and the loss of a beloved member of the family. All of these factors combined make this the worst period of a person’s life. As a result, such a tragedy requires significant legal aid.

We don’t have all of the answers on a case like the tragedy in California today. The NTSB and Kobe Bryant’s family will need time to grieve and learn more about what happened. For most of us, we are all in shock. As the grieving turns into understanding, we should all recognize some of the common factors in helicopter crash aftermaths.

Understanding Common Factors

  • Often the federal government gets involved. Already, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the fatal crash. Due to the serious nature of such crashes, the NTSB often investigates the causes of such accidents. In the coming months, the NTSB reports to the public their findings.
  • The cause is not always simple. In some cases, pilot error or weather conditions explain the cause of the crash easily. In other cases, extensive research is necessary. Furthermore, there could be a combination of factors. In some cases, manufacturing errors may have caused the crash. This often opens up the helicopter maker up for legal action– sometimes civil and sometimes criminal.
  • Liability is often split. It’s rare that just one person or company holds all of the legal fault. In many cases, a variety of factors combined to create the issue. Poor maintenance combined with the weather may be one such case. Regardless, our firm researches the cause of the crash and will update our readers.
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