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To get justice or a reasonable settlement after a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you must hire competent trial lawyers.

At Ehline Law, we help a variety of victims who’ve suffered financial harm and pain after truck accidents in California. We provide quality representation to United States consumers and families injured by large semi-trucks. True, the trucking company and their truck driver may have significant insurance coverage for your injuries.

True, you can battle with commercial insurance companies, adjusters, and their investigators yourself. But insurers generally won’t make a reasonable settlement offer to fully compensate you or a close loved one for total damages or expenses.

Woodland Hills Truck Accident Law Firm Information Index:

Our most qualified Woodland Hills truck accident lawyer takes action for truck accident victims. We settle and litigate crashes with 18 wheelers and smaller tractor-trailers. In addition, we have over 30 combined years of legal experience devoted to compassionately serving clients.

Established in 2005, the legal team and personal injury attorneys at our law offices have been in the business of helping consumers and families recover compensation from the trucking company. Our personal injury law firm has a proven track record for securing significant financial outcomes for clients with personal injury cases. 

Why Select Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC for Your Big Rig Truck Accident? 

  • We have recovered over $100 Million Compensation In Settlements and Court Verdicts.
  • Our law offices have many meeting places throughout California, including Long Beach, Fresno, Rancho Cucamonga, and Sacramento locales. 
  • Our firm is committed to securing justice with the highest compensation possible in all truck accident cases.
  • We won’t be intimidated by large corporations or aggressive actions by legal insurance defense teams.
  • Our personal injury attorneys offer ‘contingency fee basis representation.’ (You will be charged nothing for our legal services. You owe us nothing unless we win your case).
  • We will give you personal attention, meeting your individual needs, and directing your course until the case results positively.

Award Winning United States Personal Injury Law Firm

Are you or anyone else like a family member seeking an attorney-client relationship after suffering a semi-truck collision in the LA area? We can answer any questions. Your first step is to contact Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, to discuss the facts and nature of your loss at (747) 330-1783 . 

  • SINCE 2005 OVER 3000+ CLIENTS

Why Hiring A Woodland Hills Truck Accident Lawyer Remains Important

As noted, after a big rig trucking accident, the trucking company’s primary goal is to avoid liability or risk exposing their assets. But a commercial truck can be 30 times the weight of a typical passenger car. And despite carrying a higher level of insurance coverage (millions of dollars) than a typical passenger car, most trucking companies will never accept fault.

These Fortune 500 corporations will use all manner of their significant legal resources to honor their responsibility to shareholders (money/profits). When the facts show a breach of duty by someone liable, we put our services to work on your behalf.

Our top-notch trial lawyers will take the next step in protecting our client’s interests. Our experienced truck accident attorneys have matching resources victims can put to good use, lessening your financial impact.

Your lawyer can build a strong case against the trucking company or liable truck drivers. We have the skills to help you prove legal liability elements using a combination of aggressive legal strategies and tactics.  

We Don’t Let Trucking Companies Settle For Less.

Not a single one of our Woodland Hills attorneys will let you settle for less than your case during insurance negotiations than your case is worth. Our meticulous Woodland Hills CA lawyers will fight to recover maximum compensation from all at-fault violations. 

The trial lawyers at our local office will take action to pursue all responsible commercial trucking companies and liable individual truckers. We’ll get you the best result for every one of your serious injury claims. It all starts with a free consultation with a member of our team.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In LA? 

Large semi-trucks and heavy truck traffic are a deadly combination. These conditions can lead to an auto accident, serious, catastrophic injuries, or a wrongful death claim. 

Truck drivers are professionals bound by state, local, and federal safety regulations to keep everyone safe. Sadly, data suggests that overregulation has caused many truckers to ignore other traffic laws. Hence, the truck driver may work off the clock without adequate sleep, making them easily distracted or unalert navigating the freeway or state highways.

For example, when a truck driver fails to follow road rules or comply with trucking regulations, this is the type of situation where car accidents happen, harming individuals, creating horrific challenges and costs for society.

Bad Trucking Is Negligence?

Driving a vehicle of such great size and weight poorly can cause an accident. This poor driving is called negligence.

But to file a truck accident lawsuit for this negligence, your team of trial lawyers will spend thousands of dollars out of pocket providing this service.  

Here are some typical negligence factors causing trucking industry accidents or a death claim:

  • Truck driver fatigue (falling asleep behind the wheel after being forced to work beyond legal limits to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines)
  • Failing to load or properly tie or strap down cargo freight material and goods, causing loads to shift or become dislodged during transit 
  • Truck manufacturer negligence for creating a defect, faulty equipment, parts, or failure to warn of vehicle defects may cause a truck to jackknife
  • Trucking companies refusing to comply with weight restrictions 
  • The truck driver failing to notice motorcycles or cars in blind spots resulting in fatalities
  • Truck driver error from lack of experience behind the wheel
  • Stop and go traffic on the highway or freeway, including road conditions on a surface street
  • Unsafe tire shaving/carving and retread practices
  • Drunk driving (alcohol or drug use by the truck driver)
  • Poor truck maintenance 
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Faulty traffic signals
  • Distracted driving
  • Defective brakes
  • Reckless driving
  • Bad weather
  • Sideswipes
  • Blind spots
  • Poor roads
  • Speeding.

The above were a few examples of truck and truck driving accident causation types. Our truck crash lawyers can be vital resources for getting a maximum compensation settlement from negligent drivers, no matter the reason. Fact, some people injured in truck accidents have options to file an accident claim with insurance or sue the trucker and their bosses

Other Issues With Truck Accidents? 

Our best Woodland Hills truck accident attorney provides consultations and assistance for any driver or passenger injured in a car accident with a truck. This truck accident lawyer can assist in the majority of on or off-the-road collisions. We also help with truck accidents on private property, including parking lots, docking/loading bays, or business warehouse collisions. 

Commercial trucking accidents carry steep consequences for passenger vehicle occupants and commercial transportation companies. Los Angeles commercial truck accidents can result in a wrongful death claim, vehicle and cargo damage, and natural environment pollution. 

Ehline Law Woodland Hills understands the importance of holding negligent parties accountable for violating safety regulations with this kind of impact. You came to the right place for assistance after your unfortunate losses.  

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What Are Some Common Truck Accident Injuries We Take 

As we just discussed, various reasons can lead to large truck accidents, devastating those in a smaller vehicle. A passenger vehicle colliding with other passenger vehicles will likely carry a much different outcome than a cargo truck crash.  

If you compare similar minor crashes with passenger vehicles, deaths and severe injuries from a long haul 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer accident are increased. You may have suffered a brain injury or broken bones suffering intense pain or memory loss.

Common long haul truck accident injuries our skilled professionals take include:

Heavy hauler payload spills can cause victims to suffer disfigurement and paralysis-related injuries. A semi-truck accident injury victim might get burned alive, while others may endure minor injuries. (Ex: scrapes, cuts, or bruises).

If you or a loved one got injured in a Woodland Hills, CA crash, consult an experienced commercial truck accident attorney. These professionals can protect the rights of the wounded truck accident victim. 

Woodland Hills Big Rig Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking Companies And Others Liable To Pay Compensation to Truck Accident Victims

Truck companies in Woodland Hills and their truck drivers are typically the at-fault parties responsible for preventing large truck accidents.

Those in the trucking industry should make use of programs to avoid negligence. These parties should establish policies and procedures, like performing regular inspections of trucks, hiring adequately trained employees, and following federal regulations. Sadly, obeying laws and avoiding lawsuit verdicts or losses isn’t always the goal of the transport company.

If not, they will generally be vicariously liable to pay those who file a negligence claim. These parties will be held accountable to pay total and fair compensation. The at-fault party, including an independent contractor and negligent employees, may be liable to pay for any property damage or bodily injuries.

The trucking company itself would be liable for a car accident caused by a truck driver, cargo loader, ground controller, or other trucking company employee. So if you suffered an accident with a big rig, it’s always wise to go after the company rather than just the driver.

At Ehline law firm, we have also handled truck accident claims in Woodland Hills with third-party defendants. Third parties like employers may not be directly involved in the collision but still face liability for accidents caused by their trucks and lack of proper safety protocols.

Defective Parts And Truck Accidents?

One typical example is a manufacturer of heavy trucks that produce defective vehicle parts. A defect in braking systems, for instance, could point to liability for the truck manufacturer.

Other defendants could potentially include the City of Woodland Hills or another motor vehicle driver. An experienced Woodland Hills truck accident attorney from our office can help you determine fault and assign liability for any disputed question placing your safety at risk.

What Is The California State Statute of Limitations For Truck Accidents? 

When it comes to your Woodland Hills, California truck accident claim; time is never a luxury. Under California law, an accident victim typically has a two-year time limit from the date of the big rig truck accident to file a negligence claim with the civil courts unless an exception applies.

The California statute of limitations may expire before you have a chance to file a suit against the truck company. Because of this, California Superior courts might dismiss your claim.

Do not waste any time following a big rig accident. You or your close loved one should contact a truck accident attorney in Woodland Hills today. We also maintain locations in Northern California, and the Central Valley.

What Types Of Compensation Damages Can Truck Accident Victims Recover?

How much your case is worth depends upon many factors, including witness statements identified in the police report and medical bills and stress mentioned by your doctor in hospital records.

Many potential financial compensation types are available to you or a loved one from people who cause a big rig truck accident. 

An award of damages could cover a wide range of losses in your accident case, and it starts when our office staff speaks to potential clients the first time about their vehicle accident. 

When you discuss your case with our top-notch Southern California personal injury lawyers, before we file a damages claim, we will explain your right to recover:

Special Damages 

  • All lost past, present, and future medical expenses, and therapy care and treatment costs
  • All lost past, present, and future wages, including lost contracts and earning capacity
  • Personal property damage (broken laptop computer, etc.)
  • Vehicle property damages, including diminished value
  • Life-altering disability care attention and job retraining costs
  • Out-of-pocket costs, including car rental charges our clients may incur.

General Damages (Non-Economic Damages)

  • You can seek past, present, and future pain and suffering damages.

Punitive Damages?

Courts sometimes award extraordinary damages so that they can punish bad, cringe-worthy conduct. Courts seek to prevent similar extreme recklessness, gross negligence, or intentional behavior using this award. Punitive damages are generally not covered by insurance companies and get paid out of pocket to the plaintiff. 

  • Our clients are encouraged to discover general accident case value amounts during their initial free consultation.  

For the most part, severe and catastrophic truck accident cases will receive greater compensation than minor claims. A judge or jury may award more for wrongful death or life-altering or catastrophic personal injuries

Our attorneys are not afraid to take insurance company claims to court if we believe it will better compensate the client. 

Tips For Dealing With Legal Issues In The Aftermath Of A Trucking Accident in Woodland Hills, CA?

The number one thing you must never do is tell your side of the story until hiring a legal advocate. Before we file a claim, our lead personal injury lawyer from our office will want to have as much supporting information and evidence as possible before starting an investigation.

Some of the most important evidence can be obtained immediately after the crash. You should call 9-1-1 to get a police report. To the best of your ability, you should try to take photographs of the damage and the crash scene.

After the collision, the truck accident victim should document any trucks and the names of any drivers, including their phone numbers or email address. 

You should also try and gather witness contact information. Recover as much information as possible about the truck driver, trucking company, including insurance company information. Any lawyer you hire will need this vital evidence.

How Can I Receive A Free Case Evaluation From Truck Accident Lawyers in Woodland Hills Today?

Our trial lawyers take all tractor-trailer crash cases in the local community on a contingency basis. Our superior Woodland Hills truck accident attorney charges clients no fees unless we have success obtaining compensation for plaintiffs or their family members.

We also help truck drivers injured at work with any truck accident litigation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our big rig trucking accident attorneys today to request a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Northern or Southern California.

Dial our phone number at (213) 596-9642. You can discuss your legal rights after a truck crash with our most experienced truck accident attorney 24/7. We will start our damages recovery investigation process immediately.

Verdicts and Settlements

  • $10,500,000

    Lanham v. Doe Texas Based Oil Company

    Confidential Settlement / Contra Costa County. Illegal U Turn collision with truck cutting off plaintiff motorcycle rider, causing serious spine, brain and other injuries including a coma.

  • $8,700,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Settlement / Motorcycle Accident With Severe Spinal Cord Injuries / Required Surgery

  • $4,886,255.67

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Resolution. Cruise Ship Passenger Assault.

  • $4,200,000

    Widow v. Insurance Company

    Truck Accident Wrongful Death Crash / Insurance Bad Faith Matter

  • $3,265,000

    Altamirano v. Harrison

    Motor Vehicle: Motorcycle.

  • $2,300,000

    Gilbert v. Quinones

    Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury. (Read more here).

  • $2,024,761

    Ducket v. Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

    Wrongful Death During a Routine Appendectomy

  • $2,000,000

    Hier v. State of United States (Caltrans)

    Helped a Family Whose Grandmother Died When Her Car Fell Down a Cliff With Improper Safety Barriers

  • $1,900,000

    Cosham v. City and County of Los Angeles

    Helped a Family Whose Grandmother Died When Her Car Fell Down a Cliff With Improper Safety Barriers

  • $1,400,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Confidential Settlement / Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Case Involving a Minor

  • $1,220,000

    Clare v. Estate of Clare

    Auto Defect / Wrongful Death Case Involving Complex Issues

  • $1,050,000

    Doe v. Automaker

    Seat-belt Failure Death Case

  • $1,037,500

    Rodriguez et al. v. Osterkamp Farms

    Disputed Liability Where a Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine Killed a Trucker

  • $1,000,000

    Distler v. Redondo Beach Unified School District

    Cabinet Maker Earning $15,000 a Year Killed by RBUSD Employee

  • $1,000,000

    Stein v. City of Los Angeles
    • Vehicle Passenger Claim Against City of Los Angeles for Dangerous Intersection
    • Severe Spinal Cord Injuries / Required Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • $950,000

    Nursing Home Abuse
    • Nursing Home Abuse Claim
    • Elder Law

  • $850,000

    Silva v. LAMTA

    Pedestrian Hit by MTA Train

  • $750,000

    Hemsley v. Davis, et al.

    Tour Bus Accident

  • $600,000

    Doe v. Doe

    Serious Passenger Car Accident

  • Domain Saved

    VeggieConnection.com v. Justin Samuel

    Internet Domain Dispute

  • Appeal From Denial of Anti-Slapp Motion

    Stuart v. Torrance Unified School District

    Affirmed in Favor of Respondent Leslie Stuart (Representing)

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