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Injuries and accidents don’t abide by a calendar. There are car and workplace accidents that can occur during the middle of the night or on the weekend.

Unfortunately, even if there is no rain, sleet, or snow to stop them, many injury victims believe they need to wait until the next business day to contact an attorney. Sometimes even this is too long to begin the legal process.

Instead, these well-intentioned victims can wait for several days. Additionally, they may fail to go to a doctor as they lament their situation. Hence, these victims are allowing the signs of injury to fade. Worse of all, none of the injuries ever will become documented properly.

Don't You Want a 24-7 Injury Lawyer?

We have found that people want action right now! But finding an injury attorney that specializes in tending to the injured is hard.

  • Clients want a lawyer available at any time of day, seven days a week.
  • Consumers in injury cases also want their agent to help them find a qualified physician.
  • Most great accident lawyers can set their clients up with a caregiver who gets paid when the case is over.
  • So this attorney-client relationship is vital for the health of your case.
  • All the compassion and understanding of an excellent attorney flows from the attorney to the client and the case.
  • Making the client know we have this under control is key to an injury victim's mental wellness as he or she heals.

Of particular interest, Ehline Law has established itself as a superior firm in Southern California. Because it goes the extra mile every time, Ehline has received numerous industry and client awards. Headed by a retired Marine, none of our attorneys know how to quit.

We will come out to the suburbs at 3 am on a Wednesday. Or we will visit you in the hospital at noon on a Sunday. Do or die; we make it happen.

Any time of day, anywhere in Southern California, we will be there. We know that waiting to document injuries and damages could be severely detrimental. Don't risk waiting any longer. Waiting could hurt legal action or talks with your insurance company.

Creating a record is the first step in winning a personal injury claim. Often, the negligent party, worker’s comp office, or insurance corporation will try anything.

These malevolent individuals will stop at nothing to deny or diminish your claims. And this is just unacceptable. Also, it underscores the need for swift legal advice.

We can assist you in many ways that other law firms won’t:

  • 24-hour service, seven days a week
  • Able to visit you anywhere in Southern California, often within several hours
  • We will find you appropriate medical care, and a means to pay for it
  • Offering assistance for every part of your case

Allow Ehline Law Firm to assess your condition and legal recourse. We work on contingency and do not ask for a dollar unless we recover for your losses. We can assist in finding quick, professional medical care. And we can also front many costs if needed.

So this means we do this out of our own pockets and get paid back later. Hence, we'll determine your level of medical bills and care and the amount of lost income you may be facing. We will negotiate, and if necessary, play hardball with, any agency that tries to keep you from a full recovery.

Our compassionate advocates have done it before, successfully aiding our clients into millions of dollars in settlements. Most of all, there is no step that we won't take to ensure your recovery. And we fight tooth and nail to assure you have the means to pay for it. So call one of our legal experts today for more information.

Learn more about how we can help you get your life back together again. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Accidents don’t take a break– and neither do we. Call the attorney hotline now at (213) 596-9642.