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    Dangerous Dog Breeds: Rottweilers

Rottweilers at Dog Beach, Huntington Beach and Goldenwest Street

Rotties – Second Only to Pit Bulls in the Number of Attacks?

Yep. Rotties are rated number two behind Pits. Like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers have been specifically bred as guard dogs over thousands rather than hundreds of years. Rottweilers, like Pit Bulls, have been explicitly bred as guard dogs and working dogs for thousands of years. Similarly, the Akita had been bred to fight against bears.

Were you or a loved one attacked by an out-of-control Rottweiler? Unfortunately, some dog owners teach their Rottweilers to be attack dogs, which often has severe consequences for society, kids, and strangers.

Additionally, owners need to train their drover dogs properly in certain instances. As a result, these Mastiff-like dogs may rely on instinct in some situations, and it can result in a dog bite. Females will protect male owners more, and males will guard females owner more, to death. Furthermore, most Pit Bulls are lean animals and great for bull baiting, bear hunting, and Akitas. These canines are very adorable and can show affection.

However, many Pit Bull owners alter their pups to give them a vicious look and abuse them, starting as puppies. Therefore, these highly clever dogs may be more likely to attack than other breeds if they lack a responsible master, especially while they eat. No two dogs of any breed are of the exact nature, despite being the second-smartest breed after German Shepherds.

However, statistically, the breed significantly impacts the number of dog bites by humans. And even the likelihood of a fatal attack is more common than the capable, more affectionate German Shepherd. The truth is that this fact remains a constant even with proper care over an extensive period. This is why a rescue dog is only sometimes the best choice to try and socialize.

True, properly cared-for dogs tend to take on calm characteristics shared by their owners. But like wolf hybrids, protecting and being dominant appear hard-wired in these animals. So a screaming toddler can be killed if the dog is mistreated or even during playful circumstances. Some dogs think victim fear means a fight is prone to begin, especially when in packs or a female dog is in heat.

Pit Bull Is Just One Dangerous Dog Breed That Can Cause Serious Damage

The stocky Pit Bull, wiry Doberman, and muscle-bound Rottweiler breeds, among other dogs, are often included on lists of “dangerous dog breeds.” Hence, many people prefer not to adopt them as a family dog and opt for other animals as they pose a threat. The Rottweiler is particularly harmful to frail adults and young children because of its long line of breeding and its powerful jaws and claws. A Forbes article claims that Rottweilers are the second-deadliest breed of dogs involved in attacks in America, including to their dog owner.

Rotts Take Two in Life Lost?

Between 2005 and 2017, according to statistics compiled by the CDC, the breed was accountable for 29 fatal dog attacks across the country, classifying it among the most dangerous breeds of aggressive dogs. Additionally, throughout this time and beyond, Rottweilers, even the family pet, have been involved in hundreds of non-fatal incidents, especially from a very young age, mainly male Rottie dogs.

The Rottweiler, usually known as a “Rottie,” is a large to medium-sized dog with great strength and great to protect livestock. The shiny black coat of this dangerous breed, which has rusk patterns, adds to the impression of power. Like a Wolf Hybrid, Rotties are loyal dogs and faithful to their owners, yet these strong dogs tend to be a little distant from others without proper socialization, exercise, and training.

Does Training Still Play a Major Role in Keeping Rotties Calm?

Undoubtedly, proper training is important. Well-maintained dog breeds often adopt the positive, composed traits of their owners. There is, however, one thing that these large fighting dogs in serious injury cases have in common.

Rottweilers tend to be aggressive herding animals. And Pit Bulls that have been bred initially to attack or serve as security dogs for criminals are highly excitable and far more likely to attack or kill a person or other dog over their lives. The Rottweiler breed is a typical companion dog among drug dealers, who are more inclined to act in a dangerous manner commanding large dogs.

Territorial behavior is precisely what drug dealers want in a dog breed to attack intruders like cops, giving them an unpredictable, bad rap. This helps explain why many neglected dogs often end up in dog shelters, becoming a nightmare to their newly adopted families and the police. Because of this, they often get shot by police due to their aggressiveness.

Pit Bulls, Rotties, and Other Guard Dogs Are Used as Fighting Dogs

Even while law enforcement works very hard to stop dogfighting, it still occurs and is impossible to stop. Size and power are two characteristics that dog fighters want, which is why there is a long history of using Rottweilers alongside Pit Bulls, with many deaths. Anyone would feel threatened by this combination, let alone two Rottweilers or more. The hospital statistics have taught us that genetics and breed play a role.

It’s worth noting that, like the Presa Canario, these dangerous dogs are often raised in appalling conditions and are trained in terrible ways. This makes them bite more, extremely aggressive (precisely what the dogfighters want), and not ideal family pets. It doesn’t help this breed’s reputation that many individuals have witnessed or at least heard about violent Rotties being used in dogfighting rings and to pull carts during Roman times.

Are Rotties as Dangerous as Other Dogs? | Bottom line

Consider how often this fighting dog breed has been misunderstood through the ages and in movies the next time you see one. It makes sense that some individuals think Rotties are dangerous, given their impressive size, intelligence, and body type. However, the reality is that male Rottweilers are calm, brave, and independent dogs with a self-assured aloofness inherited from their Bullmastiff origin. Are Rottweilers dangerous, then? The simple answer is that it depends on the owner and the dog’s bond. But yes, generally, exceptions do apply, and the prevention of attacks is never proven to be guaranteed.


If you encounter a Rottweiler, stay calm and remember that this dog breed and its ancestors are often misunderstood if not properly socialized. It’s natural to consider all strange dogs, including Rotties, human threats, especially to kids. Although Rottweilers can be calm and protective, you must ensure you are not a threat. Even if you love dogs, you need to find out if some Rotties are properly trained or if they are even appropriately treated to have the proper, intelligent temperament.

Be mindful of its muscular body and its fame for instigating fatal attacks, including many scenarios where a baby died at an early age as the animal/puppy was subject to constant physical punishment, making it a stubborn, deadly threat.

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