Jun 8, 2020

Dangerous Breeds of Dogs: Rottweilers

Rotties - Second Only to Pit Bulls in the Number of Attacks?

All About California Dog Attacks.

Yep. Rotties are rated number two behind Pits. Like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers have been specifically bred as guard dogs, yet over thousands, rather than hundreds of years. Unfortunately, some owners train their Rottweilers as attack dogs, often leading to terrible effects on society, and children in particular. Furthermore, in other cases, owners do not properly train their drover dogs at all. Because of this, these Mastiff-like canines might rely on instinct in certain situations.

So yes, absent a proper master, these incredibly intelligent dogs may be more likely to attack than other breeds. While second only to German Shepherds in intelligence, no two dogs of any breed are the same. However, statistically, the breed has a lot to do with dog bite rates and even the chances of a fatal attack. So below, we will review the effects of Rottweiler attacks and some of the recent cases on record, in the news.

A Dog Capable of Inflicting Serious Damage.

In addition to the dog's long line of breeding, the Rottweiler has especially strong jaws and claws that can be especially dangerous to frail adults and smaller kids. And this case remains even more so during attacks on children. According to a Forbes article, Rottweilers are the second deadliest dog breed in the country. After compiling data from the CDC between 2005-2017, the breed was responsible for 29 deaths nationwide. Furthermore, Rottweilers are culprits in hundreds of non-fatal incidents during this period and beyond.

Training Remains a Major Factor In Keeping Rotties Less Hyped?

Definitely, good training is vital. Properly cared for dogs often take on the good, calm characteristics of their owners. However, one commonality sticks out among serious injury cases with these large dogs. Rottweilers trained to attack or used as guard dogs assisting criminals, are keyed up, and much more likely to attack or to kill. Drug dealers especially use the Rottweiler as part of their entourage, making them much more likely to exhibit dangerous behavior.

And in other cases, these dogs, as noted, fall back on instinct when there is insufficient training. And they can easily become a Landshark using a combination of hunger and abuse. Most of all, these tactics can cause severe issues or even an attack on an infant, jogger, or postal service worker, as an example. Hungry, beaten dogs are much more likely to take part in such attacks, especially when socialized as such with other dogs in packs.

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