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When Does a Dog Get Quarantined Following an Attack in California?

Under California Law, Quarantine of Dogs Is Decided Based Upon on a Case By Case Basis.

Quarantine of a dog that attacked or bit someone is often the first step in determining to euthanize the animal or let it free. Quarantine is a method of isolating an animal or a person from others to rule out some type of contagious disease or keep a dangerous person or animal from the general public. As we covered in a related article, there are many cases in which a dog is euthanized following a severe attack.

But dogs usually are only put down in cases when a dog attacks people twice because this dog is legally too dangerous. In other cases, the execution of the animal happened because of the violent attack training that taught the dog to attack humans or other animals specifically.

Each case can also result in criminal charges against the dog’s owner. However, a judge or animal control may make a different decision. Quarantine is yet another option for out of control dogs. It is often not as publicized as putting the dog down. However, the choice depends on the circumstances.

Does The Attacking Dog Carry a Communicable Disease?

A dog owner can take specific responsibilities for a dog after an attack. And this can include accepting responsibility for the dog after the attack. So in a strict sense, there always should be a quarantine after a dog bites a person. But the dog is held for multiple purposes, including the risk to the general public.

But the most crucial reason for the isolation of a dog is determining whether the dog carries rabies. The dog must remain quarantined for at least ten days, often at the owner’s home or the pound. There are further considerations following an attack. Also, the dog’s owner can sometimes choose not to have their dog put down.

And this is often the case if the assault is not severe. Noteworthy here, in other cases, the dog is not automatically put down if this was the first such attack. Furthermore, the dog’s training is a significant factor in whether it lives or dies at the hands of Animal Control agents. If the dog was not trained to attack, the chance of euthanasia severely declines.

However, the owner may still decide to put the dog down if it is a danger to others based on sound judgment. Local animal control or a judge may furthermore recommend the dog’s destruction. But it is usually a tough decision and one not taken lightly. Last, there is an administrative appeals, and hearing process that allows judicial intervention when the parties, including victims, cannot agree on the fate of the isolated dog.

Above we looked at quarantines of dogs, and when they are proper. We also discussed putting individual dogs down and ruling out diseases. To learn more about California dog bite law, check out our dog bite attorney page here

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