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Dangerous Breeds of Dogs: Pit Bulls

Yes, many advocacy groups say Pit Bulls are the number one biggest killers of any dog breed, with Rottweilers coming in second place.

Pit Bulls, often called “Pits” are partly a product of their breeding and partly a product of their master and experiences.

Statistics Say Pit Bulls Are Responsible for the Majority of Fatal Attacks?

While most Pit Bull breeds live their entire lives without attacking a person, there are serious safety concerns over them with cities, insurance companies, and dog bite lawyers.

Furthermore, the potential danger of Pit Bulls is so large that some cities have even created schemes to ban ownership of these stout dogs. While many Pit Bulls are not dangerous, without proper training, mistreated or poorly cared for animals could attack. Pit bulls are especially dangerous around children. While each dog is different, statistics show a cause for concern among certain breeds.

Understanding the Risk of Pit Bull Attacks.

Pit Bulls are commonly derided as an especially dangerous breed. Forbes Magazine analyzed data from various dog attacks. They found that in a period between 2005 and 2017, Pit Bulls were responsible for the most deaths to people of any breed. In the stats, Forbes found 284 fatalities during the period. This was triple the number of the next highest death count by breed.

Furthermore, pit bulls are allegedly much more likely to attack humans than adults. Time Magazine researched the topic, and they found that pit bulls make up 6% of all pets, yet are responsible for 68% of all dog attacks and 52% of all dog-related fatalities since 1982.

Furthermore, the scientific journal Annals of Surgery found that in the United States, two people are injured daily by Pit Bull attacks. A fatal attack occurs once every two weeks.

The journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found the same thing. In a five year survey of a children’s hospital in Philadelphia, pit bulls were responsible for 51% of all dog bite injuries. In over half of cases involving infants and pre-schoolers, the dog bit them in the face.

Pit Bulls have been banned in dozens of cities and counties across the country. LiveScience found that pit bull owners are often responsible for higher insurance premiums or even insurance mandates, depending on locality.

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