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Tetanus and Dog Attacks

A Preventable Disease, Especially with Vaccination.

Tetanus is one of the earliest attested to diseases in human history. And it is also one of the most painful and deadly. Fortunately, like Rabies, tetanus rates in the Western world have fallen dramatically over the last century. However, tetanus is still not uncommon among hot or developing societies. Furthermore, it is still found in the United States every year. This is especially the case due to puncture wounds, including those caused by animal bites. Tetanus can be avoided and even treated after showing symptoms. However, tetanus often leads to death and should be treated with grave concern.

Sometimes Tetanus is Transmitted via Animal Bites?

Tetanus is relatively rare in dogs, yet the bacteria can be carried by their saliva. While we tend to identify the disease with rusty nails, it can be carried by saliva, rust, or soil. It is most commonly spread due to deep puncture wounds. Doctors recommend receiving a tetanus shot at least once every ten years. Originally called lockjaw, the disease causes severe muscle spasms. As the name suggests, this usually occurs first in the jaw and spreads to other parts of the body.

In some cases, the muscle strain is so severe it can cause a person to not be able to move on their own or even break their bones. In other cases, tetanus can cause severe issues leading to respiratory failure. Furthermore, even with treatment, tetanus can lead to death. After showing symptoms, 10% of patients with the disease die, even with treatment. Dog bites are a vector for the spread of tetanus.

The incubation period of the disease is commonly around 10 days, although in some cases it could be up to several months. The first symptom will often include muscle spasms or stiffness and can also include sweating and fever. If you are not sure, contact a doctor ASAP. Tetanus is nothing to trifle with. Seek medical treatment. There may still be time for vaccination. For more expert discussions by our lawyer,

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