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Does Ehline Law Fight for Pedestrians’ Rights in Long Beach City?

Yes, we do! Were you hurt in the LBC while walking around, just minding your own business, trying to cross the road? Don’t despair. Our experienced staff is here for you right now!

And Ehline Law has won millions of dollars for a wide variety of personal injury victims. Our independent advocates are waiting to help you win your case too. Call us immediately at (888) 400-9721 for a free case analysis.

Combing through the high amount of traffic in the tourist areas of Long Beach is part of our practice. Thus, we are used to dealing with a large number of pedestrians that share the roadways. Also noteworthy here, is the fact that not everyone observes traffic laws. So this can be devastating for the person traveling on foot.

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Injured pedestrian in Long Beach

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When the rules that govern right-of-way at crosswalks, stoplights or stop signs are not observed, collisions occur. Often the tragedy is from a motor vehicle and pedestrian. Below, we discuss various details and information that you will need when faced with a wreck. Hunting down a motivated, and aggressive legal representation is not so easy.

What Are Some Causes of Long Beach Pedestrian Accidents?

Some common factors that lead to pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions include:

  • Dangerous Intersections: The design of some intersections contribute to accidents. And this remains especially true if they are on a curve, in an area where there is no adjoining traffic light or stop sign.
  • Driver Negligence: The driver that is not paying full attention to the roadway is a disaster. Thus, this is because they are talking on a cell phone, texting, drinking, eating, changing the radio station. They may also be involved in other activities that cause a distraction. Anything that takes their eyes off the road is a problem.
  • Confused Drivers: Some drivers become confused when driving in Long Beach if they are not familiar with the area. When distracted while attempting to read a map, watch the GPS navigation system, or watch street signs. Drivers might not see the pedestrian at all. In other words, they may not be able to avoid the collision.
  • Aggressive Driving: And this is the driver who doesn’t obey traffic laws. A person like this violates traffic signals, signs, and the pedestrian’s right-of-way. This can also involve improper turning and unsafe speeds. Coincidentally, these are two of the top causes of pedestrian accidents. Road rage can be another factor in the pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident.
  • Common Driver Maneuvers: There are some typical maneuvers high on the statistical data for pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents.

They include:

Streets of Long Beach are Always Busy?

They sure are. Long Beach is a bustling town with a lot of commerce and kids. It is a daily routine for most adults and children to cross the street daily.

  • Children crossroads when walking to school, to the bus stop, or friend’s houses.
  • Adults cross the street many times in a day when going to work, out for lunch or running errands.

But usually, walking across the road is done without any thought to the danger that is involved.

But this feeling of safety belies the pedestrian accident statistics.

  • Every year in the United States the mere act of walking across the street ends badly for thousands of adults and children.
  • Severe injuries or death are often the outcomes.
  • Long Beach has additional dangers, such as a huge number of port delivery vehicles and public buses.

Anyone who has been to the Aquatic Marina has probably faced municipal public transit. This means dealing with cars and other vehicles like public buses at the roundabout near the water fountain.

Due to the Aquarium, eating establishments, and stacked parking lot, so near to a four-way stop it is a hectic area to street walk. Plus, the design and location of the crosswalks mean many close calls have been narrowly avoided at just this one location.

But despite the glaring risks in this city for people on foot, people will face traffic, weather, and even brave shootings. Some gay victims will even risk attacks against homosexuals, to visit this town.

What Actions Do You Take After a Long Beach Pedestrian Accident?

If you or a family member were injured in a pedestrian incident, there are a few actions you can that can take to help your case:

  • Call the cops. If you can’t get through to 911, call the Long Beach PD. Afterward, order a copy of the police report (Click here.)
  • If the LBC police refuse to give you a copy, call the City Attorney or make a FOIA request
  • Get immediate medical treatment (This goes without saying.)
  • Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses to the incident.
  • Take photos of the scene if possible and document any information about the accident.
  • Have pictures of your injuries made.
  • Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company. (To be done by your lawyer ONLY.)
  • Retain qualified, experienced representation as soon as you are able.

If your counsel is any good, they will:

If you hire a terrible lawyer, then you will in all likelihood be seeking the representation of a legal malpractice attorney later on. In other words, you may have to sue your incompetent attorney who messed up your case!

How Do You Protect Your Rights at Pedestrian Crosswalks?

First thing you need is a good lawyer, as discussed above. Also, the same applies to the family of a pedestrian killed while crossing the street.

No matter what, people need their valuable rights protected.

  • So for example, what if your child was run over by a motor vehicle that left the roadway and ended up on the sidewalk? The child and family need the representation of the of experienced counsel.

But when hurt at an unsafe intersection, you will not know where to go for legal help. Most of all, the accomplished legal advocates at Ehline Law Firm assist people like you in recovering compensation.

Ehline Law Firm helps with recovery of losses like your:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income

IMPORTANT: Noteworthy here is that your rehabilitation costs are not cheap. Plus, you may need the money you get for pain and suffering just to cover your bills. Our firm has an excellent record for obtaining compensation in thousands of cases. And in many of these were cases, the victims were on foot just like you.

How Do You Go About Retaining the Services of a Great Lawyer for a Crosswalk Mishap in the LBC?

Well, this is an easy one. Just call Ehline Law Firm and put our strength at your side. After all, hiring a terrific lawyer is essential. But the sooner the better. But it should be done quickly.

Failure to hire a lawyer quickly means:

  • Potential loss of critical evidence in your case.
  • Witnesses can forget essential details over time as well.
  • Accident scenes can change fast. And that vital evidence can disappear forever.

All in all, delaying hiring a knowledgeable attorney can reduce your damages recovered in your case.

  • Ehline Law Firm focuses on negligence law so we know what to do.
  • This winning firm has the experience and resources necessary for your pedestrian accident in Long Beach.
  • We will thoroughly investigate the incident from A-Z.
  • Also, we will prepare your insurance or court claim as soon as you sign on the dotted line!

Call today and keep your case from getting away!

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