What are Some Great Tips for After a Bad Accident?

The aftermath of an accident can be the most difficult time in your life. The amount of decisions necessary, coupled with the suffering of the event can become a major hurdle. When you go through such an incident, making sure that you know where to turn is a major step toward recovery.

Below are some guidelines for starting the process of getting your life back on track after a mishap. Also, we included more specific info for other types of accidents. And these include motorcycles, passenger vehicles and cruise ship vacation types of claims.

Step One: Seek Medical Treatment.

Medical Insigina
Symbol of medicine.

First and foremost you must make sure you are treated by medical care providers. So even if you think you are ok get care. Visiting the hospital is an essential first step. Here the doctor can make records of your injuries. And these include x-rays, blood pressure, MRI’s, and other vitals.

Even if you don’t feel like seeing a doctor, a lingering injury could be masked by shock, or adrenaline responses to a calamity. And that will fully manifest later.

Step Two: Seek Legal Counsel.

Accident attorney
Assisting fatality victims.

Having legal representation is key early on and through this whole process. Not being covered legally could lead to an insurance company or the other party seeking to manipulate data. They will do so in order to reduce or eliminate the amount of money they are liable for.

Not only that, a personal injury attorney with your best interests at heart can organize and prepare vital information. And this is what is needed for the case ahead.

Step Three: Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Only confidential conversations allowed
Don’t speak to anyone but a lawyer.

As partially mentioned above, there are many tactics used reduce the amount of money you may be entitled to. Don’t share any statements– in writing or otherwise– other than your attorney and their staff.

If your attorney recommends making a statement to another agency or organization, feel free. However, a slip of the tongue could sink your chances of payment. And if you did so by mistake before speaking to the attorney, please reveal this right away.

Step Four: Keeping Track of Every Detail.

Personal Injury Logbook
Keep a checklist of items.

Making sure you have every part of your life organized after an accident is not easy. But this is what is needed. With the help of your attorney, do your best to keep all appointments. So be on time to treat with your doctor. And promptly deal with anyone else that needs to speak to you.

Making sure you keep your appointments in a timely manner will assist your case. Signing and responding to any forms and letters will also expedite the process– but make sure that you only sign those approved by your legal counsel.

Step Five: Keep All of the Records.

Save those reports, bills and stuff
Keep all your records.

Make sure that you keep all correspondence, no matter how mundane. You should keep all records of bills and receipts related to your accident, direct and indirect. This could include doctor’s bills. Likely it will contain pharmacy statements, repair bills, and others. Share these with your attorney as soon as possible.

Step Six: Keep Your Attorney in the Loop.

Call or Text Your Lawyer
Cell Phone Call.

You made the decision of hiring an attorney. Make sure they are involved in every step of your recovery. Having them know how you feel is smart. Also, they must know if you’ve moved. And what if you’ve lost or changed your job? Your lawyer must be kept abreast. So if you are unable to work or go to doctor’s visits tell the legal team. All this, and other data is all essential for an effective case.

 Step Seven: Time is ALWAYS of the Essence.

Time is of the essence.
Don’t Blow The Statute.

There’s no time to waste. The records of your injuries can disappear. Get then now. And deadlines in court or with the insurance company are approaching fast. Make sure you quickly respond to all letters from your attorneys.  And send in any documents you need to the doctors, court, insurance. Make sure anyone recommended by your attorney gets their papers. Don’t waste time– or it will leave you behind!