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The plaintiff’s lawyers at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, aid the survivors of catastrophic injuries in Long Beach. So these are folks like you and your families.

Also, we have won huge 6-figure sums. And we have done this for a multitude of satisfied personal injury clients just like you.

  • Did the carelessness or recklessness of another cause your injuries?
  • If so, you should pick up the phone. Call us now for a free telephonic consultation.
  • After all, there is no obligation to sign with us.

Feel free to pick our brain, and let us help you. Maybe get educated about your potential case at the very least?

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Why Retaining the Services of a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You?

Were you or a family member harmed at the hands of another in the LBC? First of all, you must consult with an attorney who knows the local scene, such as Ehline Law Firm. We know the courts and accident locations. 

We may have had a similar case against the same insurer already. Plus, we know many of the adjusters assigned to your claims and all their dirty tricks. Are we getting this so far? Good!

Hesitant to Hire a Lawyer?

Are you procrastinating on hiring a lawyer?

  • Maybe you think you can handle it yourself?
  • Perhaps you are stubborn and don’t want to pay a lawyer?
  • Or maybe you are trying to play nice with the shifty insurer?

But the sad truth is, even the best paralegals, law clerks, and even general practice type lawyers will have a hard time with self-representation in a PI claim. (Learn the difference here.)

Let’s look at some Reasons why a trained PI lawyer can get you more, even if you’re a lawyer in another field of law:

  • Objectivity: A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. So even a well-versed injury lawyer should refrain from taking on their case. Often we tend to make our insurance claim into our crusade. So it can become a very emotional experience that keeps you from seeing the forest through the trees.
  • PI Lawyers Are More Experienced than other lawyers in PI law: Yes, you heard right. Imagine the law being Freedom Towers in NY. Each office, from the bottom floor to the top, houses an area of law. So, for example, floor one, office one houses divorce law, and so on. Well, PI law is so specialized that it would take up an entire floor of that building, from slip and falls, cruise ship accidents, and so on. Plus, each case has its unique nuances like needing to abide by a particular provision or statute, etc. A divorce lawyer could blow his or her claim by assuming the timelines are always the same in each case.
  • Time: You likely have a job or are recovering. You don’t have the time or the experience to deal with an insurance adjuster trying to short sell your case to you. Ehline Law Firm dedicates the time required to win your case.

But beyond that, who do you call? Well, it helps to have a local attorney like Ehline Law Firm.

Beyond that:

  • The first step is just talking confidentially. There is no cost for your call to us.
  • Protecting your legal rights is a necessary action to take. But as discussed, it remains essential to search for and hire the right legal professionals in the LBC.

Why Is Long Beach So Different Than Other Cities When It Comes To Injuries?

We understand that Long Beach is a great city to live in and work in. It is equally ideal for visitors and vacationers. Also, it offers many exciting attractions and activities like the Aquarium and even Queen Mary.

So right away, you can see that Long Beach is full of visitors who don’t know their way around. And this applies to lots of people on foot, in rental cars, and engaged in tourism.

In other words, Long Beach is an accident waiting to happen for a weary traveler.

  • Long Beach has claimed many victims of life-changing accidents.

There are many types of accidents unique to Long Beach.

Examples of common Long Beach Accidents include:

  • Slips and falls on the Queen Mary or the docks
  • Big Rig Truck Accidents at the Port of Long Beach
  • Toxic gas fumes from all the transportation and oil wells
  • A Bar Room Brawl due to local gang activities
  • Food Sickness on a bay cruise dinner
  • Slip and Fall on the Scorpion Submarine or other tourist attraction
  • Maybe a drowning off of a whale-watching boat or Catalina boat ride took place?

Of course, you could just be hurt in a motoring regular fender bender. Whatever the case, most of these incidents cause severe personal harm to life. So people will get physically injured, yes.

But there are also emotional and financial damages that go way deeper. So these devastated victims and their families will need help. So it’s probably a good idea to consult with legal professionals at Ehline Law Firm at a bare minimum.

  • Victims will need medical care in many cases.
  • They will also probably need legal help.

Will Ehline Law Firm Help You Anywhere Near Long Beach?

YES! Ehline Law Firm is a statewide firm with multiple locations. Your mishap could occur in a surrounding community, or for example, at a San Pedro car show.

  • But regardless of where you became hurt, you must hire an attorney you can trust.

Only then will you rest better knowing someone is looking out for your best interests. An attorney must be one who has excellent results. That’s us.

How to Steer Clear of Pernicious Insurance Company Strategies?

As much as we don’t want to believe it, a PI claim boils down to dollars and cents.

  • Many accident victims are unable to work.
  • You may also face other hurdles due to your newfound physical limitations.
  • Emotional trauma issues may also rear their head, causing problems for you, the victim.

And this is all on top of dealing with the pernicious insurance company representatives. All of this creates turmoil for you. Typically money is the best substitute to help you afford all of this downtime.

So, not having a lawyer who can get you paid adds to the emotional and stressful situation.

  • Plus, it is not unusual for insurance businesses to play games and wait out the clock right. Isn’t that why you landed on this page?

More than anything, insurers look for ways to waste time, reduce a claim, or deny it altogether. Regardless of whether the victim deserves to get paid, this fact still holds.

  • This unwholesome strategy will not work if excellent legal representation is with you.

Also, a competent and skilled accident attorney makes you appear more credible.

  • Your legal expert will ensure that the insurance company does not steamroll your case.
  • So the adjuster won’t be able to low ball you.
  • Low balling is when the adjuster offers a low settlement.

Probably this is less than you deserve.

Why Mustn’t You Become a Victim Twice?

An excellent attorney will not let you be a victim twice. Adjusters walk all over unrepresented victims like you.

  • Retaining the services of a reputable law firm is critical.

But your representative must have the:

  • Skills
  • Resources
  • Be able to hold the large, wealthy insurance company accountable.

Ehline Law Firm has successfully protected the rights of thousands of clients like you. We have done so against these very types of liable parties discussed above. So we are the natural choice for any Long Beach accidents.

How Do You Recover Damages for Long Beach Negligence Claims?

Ehline Law Firm assists in the recovery of the compensation. So what is the reward, you ask? Simple under California law, this is your entitlement to money after an accident.

  • Compensation is designed to cover you for your mental, physical losses and property damages.
  • So now you can recover damages for medical expenses and loss of income.
  • Compensation also means money due to your reduced future earnings.
  • Also, property damage and other intangibles get factored into the math.

But in some cases, the responsible party acted incredibly reckless or careless.

If so, your injury lawyer will also be able to recover:

  • Punitive damages.
  • A financial award like this is separate from the other compensation.
  • Courts use this form of damages as a punishment for the negligent party’s actions.

Who Covers the Up Front Costs of Investigations?

We will advance all your reasonable upfront costs of investigating the claim. Investigating a personal injury case itself will typically be very expensive. Plus, experts may need to be hired on a case by case basis.

  • Experts will need to be housed, flown, and driven from court to hotel in many cases.
  • Depositions, court reporters, private mediators, medical records are not cheap.
  • This help will cost the plaintiff a truckload of money.
  • A solo practitioner is usually not the best fit for a complicated case.

A case like that is multifaceted and expensive. It will require a huge bankroll and a large staff of specialists to deal with all the red tape and experts. Ehline has the financial resources to ensure every claim gets investigated.

We take risks with our money; you don’t risk yours. That way, you can rest assured we are not going to jump ship prematurely. Because we work on a contingency, we are in this together.

How Is Ehline On Your Case Management?

Ehline Law Firm is proficient in handling every case with the newest technologies and tools. Our lawyers and personnel have access to specialized software, legal databases, and internet resources. In negotiations or court, we have the advantage of the best equipment.

We put on an excellent, outstanding case presentation. These benefits permit our staff of legal beagles to perform expert investigations.

Our research helps us present a professional, winning case in court. Knowing the in-depth facts also helps us settle for max dollars during negotiation or arbitration.

What About Ehline Law Firm’s Reputation and Results on Behalf of Our Long Beach Clients?

Ehline Law Firm has a most remarkable reputation in the Long Beach community. Our fighting abilities are famous to other law firms, judges, and insurance companies.

Most of all, our professionals commit to obtaining excellent results for our clients. Most of all, we will be adamant in our pursuit of just compensation for you!

  • The firm has a 98.8% record of real recovery on behalf of our customers.

Does Ehline Law Firm Offer Availability and Free Consultations?

Yes, we offer a no-cost case evaluation. Accidents can happen at any time. The victims will need a personal injury lawyer to protect their rights. When an accident occurs, it is in your best interest to consult this legal professional at once!

Does Ehline Make Visits Outside of the Office?

Yes! We will come to you when you have been injured and cannot meet in our offices. Consequently, our shield of confidentiality will go with us.

  • We can discuss your case in your hospital room, rehabilitation facility, or home.
  • Any location you need us we will go there. Almost everyone we meet loves it that we talk about the circumstances of the incident in this manner.

Is Ehline Available Night and Weekends? Yes, we are! When it is not possible due to physical or transportation limitations, we can arrange to meet with you at night or on the weekend.

Will I Have to Pay Ehline Law Firm Any Up Front Legal Fees?

No way!

  • Particularly pertinent is our no fees unless we win promise!

As discussed, our law firm works on a contingency basis. What this means to you is that there are no upfront costs to hire us. Hence, unless we recover compensation, we do not get our legal fees.

  • We advance the costs necessary to win also.

We work to ensure anyone injured has a reputable law firm at their side. Advancing costs means we act like a bank and loan you money to hire all the experts and other things needed to win your case.

Victims deserve someone zealous representing their interests. So they should have the best Long Beach attorneys protecting them. Agreed?

Contact Ehline Law Firm Now!

You deserve payment for your severe injuries. So pick up the phone. Dial (562) 731-0668 now. Begin protecting your rights.

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