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Many injured accident victims feel they have nowhere to turn. Victims should not be getting the runaround.

Ehline Law Firm’s Local Santa Monica Accident Law Expertise – Proven Record of Success

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Santa Monica Offices at 201 Wilshire. Santa Monica personal injury office building in Santa Monica, CA 90401.

When your Santa Monica personal injury was wrongful and caused by no fault of yours, where do you turn?

That’s easy. Ehline Law Firm leads from the front in Santa Monica, California, Personal Injury Cases.

While some firms only want to focus on the injury portion of your case, we go the extra mile. Most of all, we fight for the justice clients deserve under the law.

Ehline Law has obtained numerous 6-figure settlements in many accident claims. This talented group of Los Angeles car accident attorneys maintains Wilshire Boulevard Suite offices in Santa Monica. Ehline has led the PI industry for over eleven (11) years. Moreover, this superior, top-rated civil negligence law firm doesn’t conduct accident cases from behind. These personal injury lawyers lead from the front.

Does Ehline Law Firm Maintain a Tested Record For Helping Thousands of Personal Injury Victims?

At Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, we know that no sum of money can restore someone’s pre-accident health. But we possess personal knowledge that money can lessen the blow. Financial assistance can help ease the suffering and pain you bear.

In fact, in the period from 2005 on, our driven and knightly advocates prudently assisted thousands of accident victims. Many of these people were the son’s daughters and family members. Similarly, the common thread is these people were medically diagnosed LA personal injury victims. Some were like you. We have done so since 2005.

Why Does Every Personally Injured Client Remain Unique to Ehline Law Firm, Santa Monica, CA?

Our positive working relations have added to our success. The attorneys here get what you are experiencing and want to help. These are people who want to get to know you. Also, each case is different too. So we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Our staff understands everyone remains unique.

  • Ehline Acts as a Sword and Shield.

When you are down and out, we act as your sword and shield. We take pride in having beaten some of the biggest adversaries in the Golden State. As a result, our associates continue to win substantial financial awards.

Ehline Goes the Extra Mile Near A Santa Monica Street or Zip Code Near You

While some accident law firms only want to focus on your case’s injury portion, we go the extra mile. We get into the nitty-gritty. That means our attentive staff will help you with your rental and car damage issues.

We Cover the Details Of Your Important Serious Injury Matters

And we also explain the process in layman’s terms. Most of all, we fight for the justice clients deserve under the law. We’ve been working at this for years and don’t intend to stop.

 Has Ehline Has Helped Its Happy Local Customer Recover Millions of Dollars For Their Injuries?

Yes, we have! Ehline earned millions of dollars for wounded clients during this period of the last 15 years. Don’t hire a lousy accident attorney. That will only add to your frustration, as seen by our proven outcomes here, the facts to back up what we claim.

In general, Ehline has a staff of personable experts in injury law. Don’t get fooled by our friendly manner. Our injury verdicts and settlements prove our resolve and talent.

Being aggressive in protecting West Side accident victims has branded us as top injury attorneys. We help suffering people get things like deductibles back.

Don’t You Think Ehline Has Support From Return Clients for a Reason?

You’d be right. Many of our injured clients become return customers — referrals from other happy individuals fuel our personal injury law practice. We help “down and out” folks in accidents. Our lively injury attorneys represent your interests alone.

Our forte has been to bring inspiring leadership and advice. But winning advice only comes from a genuinely brilliant counselor. That’s where we come in.

How Can You Speak To a Santa Monica Accident Attorney In Confidence?

You will wish to discuss your options with a staff member in privacy. Issues will always come up in severe accidents. Therefore we offer a free consultation in all personal injury matters.

How Do You Get Help With Paying Medical Bills and Other Expenses?

Also, worries over bills for your trip to the hospital invariably crop up. And dipping into life savings for the post-accident cost of living expenses is no easy pill to swallow. How will you survive if you can’t perform to work your job anymore?

And you likely will deal with worries apropos loss of employment. We want our clients fully informed. Above all, this makes us efficient counselors at law for unfortunate accidents.

How Do You Speak To a Santa Monica Injury Lawyer?

So for the above reasons, reserve a time to speak to a Santa Monica injury attorney at this moment by calling (310) 237-6218.

Most of all, we treat you with dignity and respect. For this reason, we will worry about you. Call directly, and we will explain to you how this process works.

  • Check out our Reviews and Accolades.

Assuming you ultimately hire us to represent your accident case, you join a winning team. Our online reviews on sites like Yelp!, Facebook, and AVVO prove our worthiness. We help you with your accidents. And we bring years of experience to this process.

Do We Have a Proven National Reputation?

We strive hard to bring our A+ game and dynamism. That winning spirit has built us a national reputation. Based on our numerous awards, client/victim testimonials, and accolades in the Santa Monica legal community, we feel our services are second to none.

These law offices are number one ranked by Personal Injury Warriors Int’l. This accident law firm has won many awards. Of particular interest, our president won the cruise ship attorney of the year award from Hollywood Weekly Magazine in 2013.

How Does Michael Ehline, Esq, Stand Ready to Help?

Michael Ehline helps mediate and arbitrate injury cases himself. He takes pride in that he has resolved many accidents for others. Ehline’s commitment and training show his substantial experience.

Ehline has achieved numerous successes in Americans With Disabilities Act cases. A disabled USMC veteran himself, Ehline knows how to put himself in your shoes. He has won various wrongful death awards involving accidents.

His skill in discovery, motions, and other litigation matters enable him to resolve injury disputes quickly. (Main Michael Ehline page here).

Why Does The Edge Remain With Personal Injury Experts Like Ehline?

This accident lawyer feels he has an edge with injury cases. Being admitted to practice in California federal and state courts means he stands at the ready. Also, Michael has argued cases at the Federal Central District Court of CA.

Ehline has also argued cases at the CA Second District Court of Appeal. He always respects client privacy on the website and in real life. Michael only gives legal advice to deserving and preyed upon underdogs. He has pride, knowing he helped injured clients understand both sides of the equation.

Customers can feel confident at the time their accident case moves forward. Ehline enjoys helping clients see how personal injury accidents get litigated. It helps improve the image of the legal profession. Also, it ensures the client knows we won’t rest on our laurels.

Following your accident, we want you to heal up and get better. Our focus places you in the right place mentally. As a consequence, informing and educating you as respecting accidents matters most.

What is the Ehline Law Firm A+ Client Satisfaction Promise?

Most important, outstanding customer service is our stated goal. We strive for excellent client relations in all injury claims.

  • Make the Call, and We’ll Do It All!

Make the Call, and we’ll do it all. Our commitment remains our policy since 2005. Being aggressive and full of compassion reflects the Ehline difference.

Why Not Get a Free Personal Injury Case Consult Over the Phone?

As part of our crack legal services, we offer a free consultation contact. We maintain a local meeting place, making requesting an individual “no cost to you” meeting, in privacy right away easy. We will show you what to do following an accident because knowledge is power.

Of extreme importance concerns clients becoming fully informed. The accident attorneys here will review the relevant facts of your potential new case quickly and cleverly. So if you are ready, book a face-to-face meeting with us.

Once an appointment is reserved, we’ll shake hands in person. Then our injury lawyers will discuss your accident case. And we do this because we want you to understand the process. Our wish is that you feel our closeness and warmth as human beings.

We will bring or vast knowledge and experience to your case file. Let us help you to feel at ease and provide answers to your many questions. Our advocates will look at all aspects of your potential injury case. And they will do so with vim and vigor. You are not just a file with us.

In fact, we are happy to add you to our friend’s list. Put our friendly and competent legal skills to work for you. The good news? Our dedication works towards your best interests.

How Will Ehline Law Firm Will Educate You?

Let us educate you as to the potential strengths and weaknesses of your possible case. Let’s get you trained in privacy. We want you to know the downside of taking a case to trial or settling.

Make that free phone call at this moment. So why not call the 24/7 injury attorney hotline anytime, day or night. Get legal services for your accidents today. Don’t delay or procrastinate; you must speak with a lawyer before your blow a statutory deadline, or mess up your case.

Some cases quickly become more complicated than others. Every day that goes by with no lawyer means your case dwindles in value. So your wife, kids, husband, and other immediate family members may starve. After all, they are denied wages that generally came when you were well.

Also, receivables owed for losses to the household could become due. Most of all, injury lawyers help build the value of your accident case. That way, you can get covered for all these losses.

  • Loose Lips Sink Ships

Only confidential chats allowed
Don’t speak to anyone but a lawyer.

The famous World War II propaganda slogan holds in mild injury cases. “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” No matter what, use care in what you say and who you talk to concerning your accident. Unless you tell your lawyer, it becomes insecure data. And that could get used against you later.

We avail ourselves at odd times of the day and night to communicate with you. Please get the strength of a reputable accident firm by your side. Do so before giving statements to anyone, especially the bodily injury adjusters. And we stand ready with great compassion. Let us give you the best personal injury help on the West Side.

What Does Ehline Law Firm in Santa Monica Do for You At the Moment?

Reasons exist to show our rapid growth and premier attorneys. Our verdicts and settlements get us a lot of word-of-mouth referrals. Clients love the thorough approach we took for their accidents. What do we do right at this time?

Below is a checklist of what we offer you. This list is free of charge to earn your trust and friendship:

  • No Recovery No Fee Promise: Contingency fee cases are also known as “no recovery no fee cases.” Hence, you don’t pay your lawyer unless he or she gets you money for your pain, suffering, and economic losses. People who get hit in accidents can be down and out. Most folks don’t need the risk of out-of-pocket costs to pursue a potential lawsuit. This arrangement means we never take an upfront fee. Our injury firm gets compensated directly from the funds we win for accidents.
  • We Advance Case Costs: So many a time, we help cover upfront investigative costs. Hence, we order police reports and medical records, for example. And we don’t get our advanced monies back until the case concludes. Our reimbursement comes out of the settlement check.
  • Help You Find a Good “Lien” Doctor: Sometimes, victims don’t have coverage for post-accident rehabilitation. And this is true even though they were not liable. If they do, it won’t cover the out-of-pocket services they need. And if that happens, we assist them in locating top-notch, reputable doctors and care providers. These personal injury care providers get paid upon the conclusion of the matter. In other words, the doctor has a lien on the proceeds. So he or she agrees to pay at a later date. These “lien doctors” will want a lawyer to sign that lien first. Imagine suffering a spine injury and having no coverage. Lien physicians solve that problem. So that helps you to mitigate your substantial losses. This means you won’t risk making it worse by doing anything to stabilize yourself medically.
  • We Come to You If Necessary: So we understand you may subsist with no car after a wreck. But you may run into trouble getting here on your own. Because of this, our promise includes coming to your house, office, or hospital room. Whatever it takes, we will jump through hoops to earn your accident case.
  • Handle Your Property Damage Claim for No Cost: No victim should get stuck dealing with the at-fault person’s insurance liability company. Victims lack experience in this. And they don’t need the hassle and frustration. We think they should heal in privacy without distractions. Playing the famous back and forth insurance games requires an experienced player. Ehline Law stands ready to help.
  • Video Tutorials: We offer a wide selection of online video tutorials on Youtube. And this should help you better comprehend your legal rights.

A Full-Service Injury Law Firm on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles County, CA.

People walk from the Santa Monica Pier to our front door. So we are in the heart of the West Side in Los Angeles County. You can see that we offer a flattering full-service detail.

  • Property Damage Claims.

By full service, we mean that we will deal with your property damage too. But we don’t charge for that. We gather evidence to get you the highest amount for your totaled car. Also, we battle to get your vehicle rental expenses reimbursed.

So if you lost a work vehicle, we might even claim money for “loss of use.” Again no fee to us! Also, we fight to get you your deductible back for free. Dealing with the other driver’s insurance carrier becomes a daunting and frustrating task.

We want you to focus on healing your injuries and pain. People in accidents don’t want to become mired in the adjuster run-around. Indeed, we come in handy for this dirty work. Adjusters know we mean business.

  • Also, some law firms try and take a percentage of what they recover for property destruction.
  • That won’t happen with us as your lawyer.

In the wake of signing your case, we boldly fight to get you top-dollars for the car damage. Keep in mind that brutal motorcycle accidents always create actual harm. Usually, you will break bones and deal with road rash from a motorcycle accident, for example. Sometimes a brain injury could befall you.

  • And being laid up in the hospital means you’re at the mercy of the people “helping” you.

There will never be a way to know what gets handled while you are meandering in a care facility unless you have a real and honorable lawyer. But with us, you know a proven fighter stands in your corner. Accordingly, we will walk you through your file and inform you. Clients remain confident we won’t leave them in the lurch behind an accident.

Why Do Updates Matter in a PI Case?

Lawyers have gained notoriety for big egos and big words. But clients tend to live in the real world. And lawyers tend to live in the legal world.

  • First and foremost, clients want help from a regular person. They need to address a person who can live in both worlds. Clients must receive spoon-fed information from sympathetic attorneys. That way, they can digest it.

Why Do Blue Collar Chats Help Clients Understand the Law of the Case?

Well, most commoners don’t speak Latin, right? Let’s face it; people hate lawyers for a reason. Many are egomaniacal jerks with booming voices and no heart.

Because of the firm’s background, we can converse in the jargon of law and street talk. Michael Ehline comes from a regular blue-collar guy past. He was also a Marine. Plus, he has owned several small businesses. Most of all, he grew up working in the construction trades with Mexicans. But Michael also became a lawyer. And he has a Juris Doctorate too. Most of all, Michael has proven himself a warrior in the legal and real world.

Why Does Speaking Savvy to the Adverse Party Speed Up the Claims Process?

Properly talking over your accident case with decision-makers on the other side is critical. If you cannot do this right, you will be out of pocket, high, and dry. A process gets used by Ehline Law Firm to understand the basics covered as you recover from injuries. A super accident lawyer can easily communicate with the adverse insurance company.

Dealing with adjusters requires sophisticated, firm, yet civil manners and smooth talk. And this helps with things like getting your deductible covered. (Many times, your carrier will work against your interests and make you pay it). Reimbursing you for lost income from “loss of use” and rental car costs are just a few tasks on our “to-do list.”

Also, you may have lost loved ones in the mishap. But we are steadfast, and we act as a sword and shield while you go through the mourning process. Bringing our vast experience to bear in your accident case is a grand idea. An excellent personal injury attorney speeds up the process. You cannot do this by yourself in most accidents.

Should I Retain a Santa Monica Accident Lawyer?

The time to retain counsel depends on how badly you were injured. And it matters when you were injured. Being mired in phone battles with evasive agents can place you at wit’s end.

Many victims throw up their hands and feel like giving up. But education has proven a powerful thing. For example, with damages less than $7,500.00, you may be better off filing your lawsuit in small claims court. If you suffered a fatality in your family from negligence, you’d need help fast, like a brain injury.

So you must retain a personal injury lawyer sooner than later! The fact of the matter remains that you should call an accident lawyer right away. Do so on the heels of receiving proper medical care. Helping victims like you undergoing medical treatment is what Ehline Law Firm does best.

So call and let us help today. We can come to your home or hospital bedside to make the process smooth. We always offer a free in-person meeting to achieve these goals.

What Santa Monica Accidents Do We Help With?

The ways negligence in Santa Monica can hurt a victim are varied. You can walk along the Third Street Promenade and slip and fall. Also, a driver can run a traffic light and hit you in the crosswalk. So you must always stay on the alert to avoid an accident. You must observe everything that takes place within sight or hearing. But even then, some accidents cannot be prevented.

These accidents include a variety of situations, as follows:

  • Bicycle Accidents: Riding in the bike lane cannot guarantee you won’t get run over. For example, a parked taxi cab or passenger vehicle can open its door on your oncoming bike. Or a car can veer into the bike lane and hit you. Because of this, bicycle crosswalk injuries on Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier are common. Also included as part of our services;
  • Pedestrian Personal Injuries: Pedestrian accidents are prevalent here. These unfortunate fact patterns include crosswalk incidents such as a hit and run crosswalk accident, etc. As an aside, the city has created new crime risks. For example, unknown risks exist for getting rolled, raped, or pick-pocketed. And this squarely comes from the policy of Santa Monica housing and paying bums to live here. Many of these people are rapists, killers, and mentally unstable. So a case could lie against the city for creating a dangerous condition on public property.
  • Premises Accidents: This includes situations like slips and falls. It also covers cracks or stumbling blocks greater than one inch. Most noteworthy, cases like this are commonplace on the City of Santa Monica maintained sidewalks and asphalt streets.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle accidents can include throwing a person from a bike by an unrepaired pothole. And that can lead to the government becoming liable. (Examples of when the fault lies with the city include cracks in the asphalt. That can cause the rider of a bicycle or motorbike to lose control. So the result leaves a person stricken with a brain injury, friction burns, and numerous other physical ailments).
  • Auto-related accident cases: By far, passenger car accidents remain the most frequent disaster in Santa Monica. Of note, this may hold truer in crowded beach communities like Santa Monica, CA. Most of our specialty surrounds vehicular injury claims. Traffic congestion in Santa Monica is nothing less than absurd. And with rising tempers and novice drivers, at some point, someone is bound to get hurt. A broadside or head-on collision remains a daily threat to people wandering around the city. We know this because our specialty covers auto accidents.
  • Slips and Fall Accidents: Accidents from falling are waiting to happen all over Santa Monica. Common injuries come from slipping on a banana peel at a grocery store. But it could be from stumbling and breaking a leg. But it may be from falling on a broken step or loose handrail in a “common area” at your apartment. Also, it could be a non-trivial defect on public property. Due to new spending priorities, sidewalks are in a state of disrepair. Since then, mislevelings became a real problem throughout Los Angeles County.
    Consequently, the city must remove overgrown tree roots and other causes of damage. Failing this, roots-pop through concrete and make the paths misleveled. So it can also provide the nexus of an ADA claim. Santa Monica could get sued for denying equal access. Because they leave trails unsafe, disabled people could suffer. So an ADA claim may lie for failing to maintain sidewalks. Skaters, bicycles, and wheelchairs can trip and tumble over this new obstacle. The blind are at terrible risk for tripping in these changed traffic areas. Unmarked danger zones in construction areas can become equally threatening.

What Are Some Common Personal Injuries We Help Clients With In Santa Monica?

As discussed above, the most common injuries in LA County tend to come from road accidents. Sometimes you walk away with whiplash or a few bruises and sprains. But other times, these injuries will put you out of action for good. But it all depends on the G-forces and other factors in play during your accident.

Ehline Also Offers Quality Legal Counsel for These Common injuries:

  • Brain Injury.
  • Dog Bite Punctures and Lacerations: The risks of being bitten by an animal in Santa Monica are documented. More magnified are attacks against meandering pedestrians, joggers, and others. And this typically would prove riskier than in a suburban area. The law requires people to walk their dogs on leashes in Santa Monica. Many times, people get mauled due to the close quarters. It’s not out of the question to get bitten by a leashed dog in Santa Monica. It seems like the city sidewalks often become filled with crowds here. So we understand all the local regulations and rules. And we can prove dog bite liability. Let us take on the duty of being your dog bite lawyer.
  • Friction Burns.
  • Broken Ankles.
  • Broken Knees.
  • Missing Digits and Amputations.
  • Wrongful Death.
  • Sex, Employment Discrimination, and Business Law Matters.
Let Our Experience Guide Your Accidents to A Fruitful Outcome.

Ehline Law Firm in Santa Monica has vast legal experience. For that reason, this fully accredited and licensed local firm stands ready. We will fight hard, no matter what the task at hand.

But not all accident cases require litigation or a civil suit. So we can try and settle first. If not, we go to trial. We want to help you with all aspects of your catastrophic injury claims. And we think we can help with the recovery of your financial losses.

Most of all, we want to help you get better. And we want to get you big money for your suffering and pain. Above all, in our years as Los Angeles injury lawyers in the negligence law field, we know how to get cash for accidents.

Why Must You Get Medical Care?

If you get into an unfortunate accident, you have to get to the hospital. Also, get to physical therapy and retain the right counsel ensuring your accident has success. Why not let us contribute to making this journey easier for you?

  • Also, don’t let the statute of limitations toll in your personal injury case. If you hire us, we go to work right away to preserve the claims filing decree. So succeeding in your accident, we will get to work. Let us bring our injury law experience to bear right away to achieve those ends.

So, in conclusion, we have learned there are many dangers associated with travel in Santa Monica. And we discussed the potential types of mishaps that take place and why. Finally, we discussed how a PI lawyer could make or break your negligence law claim. So we hope you enjoyed this free Santa Monica Personal Injury Attorney information.

Learn More About Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC in Santa Monica

Ehline Law Firm has zealously and vigorously represented clients with success and dedication since 2005. Even clients with small cases know we will fight like personal injury warriors. Tactically, we will use our technical and legal know-how to obtain the highest potential financial outcomes. Clients know we leave no money on the table when seeking compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, permanent disabilities, or ongoing pain and suffering.

If you have suffered severe injuries resulting from any type of another’s negligence, Ehline Law Firm remains ready to take over all aspects of your legal case. So now you can focus on physical and emotional healing. Call a top injury lawyer in Santa Monica, California. Potential new clients can reach our local number can be reached by dialing (310) 237-6218. If you have no phone, use our convenient contact form. We quickly answer phone calls and e-mails.

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