Motorcycle Lane Splitting Incidents

Hurt from motorcycle lane sharing?
Lane Splitting Discussed

Ehline Law Firm refers to lane sharing as: lane splitting by motorcycle riders. Many car drivers think this is one of the notorious actions by motorcyclists in California. As a matter of fact, this is the only state where it remains legal. The bad reputation comes from a few irresponsible bikers. But this has created lots of bias against law-abiding riders.

The Law and Lane Splitting Collisions.

The state of California has no laws that prohibit motorcycle riders from lane splitting and has been the only state nationwide to issue a statement on their views of lane sharing. The official statement says it is permitted for motorcycle rider’s if done in a safe manner.

When following the flow of traffic that might be traveling at speeds higher than the speed limit, it can be dangerous to lane split. There is no law about this. Also, the 10 miles per hour over the speed limit for lane sharing was removed from the California Motor Vehicle Handbook.

Dangers of Lane Splitting or Lane Sharing.

In some heavy traffic, lane splitting might be safe when done properly. Also, it remains a way for motorcycle riders to be visible to drivers. On its face, this might sound completely safe. But when a car makes an unsafe lane change into the path of the motorcyclist, no room remains in bike's lane to move out of the path of the car.


Car and motorcycle collisions eject the rider from the bike. Once aloft, their body can hit a car or pavement upon landing. The result will typically be serious injuries. Also, some drivers remain distracted, even when traffic is congested.

Fools like this will play with cell phones, text or fidget with the radio. But other reasons exist for distractions. Sadly, some drivers do not like motorcyclists. And it is not unusual for them to tap a bike and knock the driver off.

Angry/Jealous Drivers

These drivers pose a real danger to the motorcycle rider, and splitting lanes can be especially dangerous when this driver accidentally swerves into the lane because they are distracted or the driver that does not like motorcycles and will purposely swerve toward them.

At the end of the day, only an experienced motorcycle lawyer can maximize the money allowed for the dead or hurt bike rider. Accordingly, proving the case remains the biggest hurdle.

We just talked about motorcycle rider ejection from a bike. It can happen by accident or on purpose. Sometimes a distracted driver hits the bike. Other times, a mad driver runs the biker over. Contact a lawyer to learn about getting paid. The Los Angeles number can be called at (213) 596-9642.

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