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Intersection accidents involving passenger cars are among the most frequent accidents on the roads. Today these types of collisions make up about 40% of all vehicle accidents on the road each year. So these generally involve the front bumper of one of the vehicles.

Typically, it collides with the front or rear quarter panel or the front or rear doors of the other vehicle. When faced with such an occurrence, contact the award-winning attorneys at Ehline Law. Then you have an expert with the know-how to deal with these situations and other personal injury claims.

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Common Los Angeles Intersection Accidents Include:

In these types of accidents, the most vulnerable type is the impact on the front or rear doors, because there is no bumper to take the force of the result. So this means that the car’s occupants have little protection unless the vehicle has side airbags. These provide security when the front quarter panel gets hit unless they have been designed not to deploy when the front bumper is hit. Even at low impact speed, there are many cases of severe injury caused by these types of accidents.

Motorists are required to come to a full stop at a stop sign. Most of all, this rule is in place for several reasons– including allowing drivers to assess traffic at or near the intersection and to enable drivers to see whether it's safe to continue through. However, coming to a stop is only a part of the law. Common sense is everything when it comes to being safe on the roads while driving.

Determining Liability and Fault at an Intersection Crash.

Drivers that stop and pull out into oncoming traffic are negligent. So this means they would typically be at fault in the event of an accident. And this is also true in cases when drivers do not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Drivers entering the intersection at the main thoroughfare have the right of way first. And those coming from secondary roads must wait till it is safe to proceed. That is the law!

Many intersection collisions are due to faulty traffic signals, including signs and lights. Sometimes it is not clear who has a green light or who should have the right of way. But who did what can be hard to determine without video footage or a dashcam. Because each person could claim it was the other guy's fault, or who gave who the go-ahead, it's usually a wobbler in court.

Witnesses can change things. But absent that, good luck proving fault. And it is even more complicated if the location does not have a record of the traffic light phasing or triggering. But this is where a skilled accident attorney can help compile the evidence to show who is at fault.

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