Left Hand Turn Accidents and Distracted Driving

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Tell us about your case. When, where and how were you injured. Fill in the form and tell us about yoru serious injury case, or call us now at (213) 596-9642. Serious lawyers near you with top ratings are waiting for your important phone call.Multi vehicle intersection left hand turn accident near USC Village in Western Los Angeles County. Our personal injury lawyers are statewide.Crash! A left-hand turn crash is one of the most common that a driver faces on the road. Remarkably, the majority of vehicle collisions involve improper left turns. Statistically, across the US, around 40% of all motor vehicle crashes take place at intersections. In fact, left-hand turn wrecks are the number 2 cause of all car accidents behind rear-enders.  So we can readily see that left-hand turns are statistically more likely to cause automotive-related crashes.

Considering The Many Aspects Of Legality In Left Hand Turn Cases.

Whether you are on one side of the accident or another, it is essential to seek the fault in such a disaster. In many cases, the law is quite clear, but a closer look is required in many others. Often, state driving guidelines are quite understandable.

What Are The Left-Hand Turn Rules Of The Road?

In the state of California, a driver making a left-hand turn must make sure that the way is completely free of traffic.

They may only turn when such a complete turn may be done without impeding traffic. Attorneys determining the cause of the accident weigh such a factor.

The traffic officer and the insurance company, and attorneys will also weigh issues in the law when determining your crash's legal liability.

  • Left-hand drivers must yield to existing traffic.

In fact, in most cases, the vehicle operator negotiating the left-hand turn will be at fault.

Need For The Right Legal Aid.

A skilled attorney is necessary in such a case. A layperson will not be able to determine the full cause of the accident correctly. In some cases, both drivers may be at fault. Only with experience can an expert determine where all of the responsibilities lie.

Injury Attorney EhlineA skilled lawyer will argue such a point in front of a judge or a jury. This is especially important in cases where one party or another is injured. Of course, there are some exceptions to any rule.

Get a free legal consultation over your bodily injury case here image.Furthermore, the circumstances of the crash itself must be considered. For example, the person making the improper left-hand turn may follow the law to Perfection. However, the other driver sped through the intersection or ran a red light.

Perhaps one driver was traveling too fast for the conditions—one of the most critical aspects. After a crash is seeking legal representation, only an expert can help adequately.

This is where the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, is there for you. Our Southern California practice has decades of experience in just such cases. Whether you were on one side of the accident or another, we have the expertise needed for your family.

We assist in signing up for important programs or seeking compensation as required. We cover work expenses and help get your life back to normal.

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