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Ultimate Guide to Compensation for FEDEX Accidents

Were you in a Los Angeles FedEx truck accident with nowhere to turn for legal assistance you can trust?

Below, our FedEx truck accident lawyers will teach you everything you need to know about FedEx truck accident claims. So let’s talk about FedEx delivery trucks!

Fedex, being the number two largest courier delivery service company in the United States, with millions of miles driven, has seen its fair share of delivery truck accidents. FedEx Ground runs a giant fleet of commercial trucks, vans, small cars and aircraft to transport parcels throughout the country and world.

When a FedEx delivery truck accident occurs, serious injuries and wrongful death And when they do, the resulting injuries sustained can be devastating for the delivery truck driver as well as you or an injured family member.

Untrustworthy FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Safety Record?

Like DHL, FedEx purports to have an impeccable safety record. And like DHL, FedEx has been accused of parrying liability, claiming that independent contractors are not its employees.

Hence, their safety record doesn’t take major accidents caused by people they hire into account for its shareholders and the U.S. government.

How FedEx Avoids Paying for Commercial Truck Accidents

They also hire the same insurance companies, insurance defense experts and defense attorneys to evade responsibility to accident victims when they deliver packages and cause an accident. Their goal is maximizing profits, while lowering or evading payments to cover your serious injury or wrongful death compensation payments.

They also fight hard to treat many FedEx delivery truck drivers as non employees, to avoid tendering worker’s compensation claims, or pay a worker’s compensation insurance company premiums for this coverage.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a FedEx accident, you must consult with an experienced FedEx truck accident lawyer. Even if you are a FedEx truck driver, these are complex cases. And like all major commercial entities, FedEx will take steps to hamper your claims and avoid paying the financial compensation you deserve.

Only a highly trained legal professional, such as the FedEx truck accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm can provide the competent, caring assistance you need to win full and fair compensation. We will fight to recover compensation for your economic damages, like lost wages, lost income, medical expenses and property damages. We will also fight hard to get FedEx driver and those hit by FedEx drivers pain and suffering damages in man truck accident cases.

Common Causes of FedEx-Car Accidents

  • Violating traffic laws (Truck drivers speeding, blowing a red light, etc.)

  • A negligent vehicle manufacturer (bad brakes, tires, etc.)

  • A distracted driver (delivery drivers are often looking at a GPS, or texting their boss, online shopping, etc.)

  • Driver error (Driving in a negligent manner or recklessly.)

  • Drowsiness from too many hours driving without a break

  • Driving tractor trailers under the influence of alcohol or marijuana

Your individual case will be different with different types of injuries, of course. There are many factors to determine after an accident with a FedEx truck in Los Angeles, CA. If you want FedEx held accountable, you have to prove negligence first. In crashes like this, it’s absolutely insane to not hire a personal injury lawyer to get your claim on the right track.

We represent victims like you against any delivery company in the U.S., not just Fedex vehicles. We will handle the entire legal process against FedEx, its partner companies and other drivers from start to finish.

Ways FedEx Evades Responsibility for Its Delivery Truck Accidents

Normally, when you are rear-ended, or get in a passenger car fender bender, the insurance adjuster already knows who is at fault from reading the police report. Liability is often admitted at the crash scene by the at fault party who caused the auto accident as well. So they will almost always pay the claim without having to litigate the liability issues of who caused what.

No true with FedEx. Their insurance policies are in the millions of dollars and FedEx delivery truck accidents often result in severe injuries and deaths. After all, these are huge, lumbering vehicles, so any collision with a smaller vehicle almost always means major property damages and bodily injuries to passengers. FedEx is a huge, Fortune 500 Company. Since the jury knows this, they may assume FedEx can pay more.

This is why these multinational corporations like FedEx almost always try and classify their drivers and mom and pop contractors. Their goal is to convince the jury there is little to know money to pay, unless you bankrupt the independent contractor. Get it?

How Else Does FedEx Try and Avoid Liability for a Truck Accident?

When FedEx disputes liability, they can be sneaky, and expert at confusing judges and juries in a truck accident case. As a plaintiff’s attorney, you need to be prepared for whatever they try and throw at you to conceal the true nature of the truck driver’s status and driving record. Our legal team begins as soon as you hire, typical right after your free consultation.

Basic Evidence Gathering?

We will take steps to retrieve black box data, service records, tailgate safety meetings, driver training, inspection, and maintenance records. We will go the extra mile to uncover the evidence needed to hold FedEx legally liable for causing the wreck.

Experience Makes the Difference in Winning

A general practitioner will not be able to navigate the labyrinth of defenses and legal issues that will pop up. However, of FedEx truck accident lawyers have handled serious injuries like this for years.

We have the motivation, expertise, years of experience and wherewithal to win any FedEx accident case, hands down. Our top truck accident attorney team has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for satisfied clients.

We can win your FedEx truck accident case too.

What Happens When You Sue FedEx?

After your medical evaluation and treatment are over, and the liable company refuses to pay up your next step is to litigate. FedEx accident victims in smaller vehicles often find themselves devastated when they discover FedEx won’t assume responsibility for causing a truck accident. But they simply behave the way the entire commercial trucking industrial complex behaves. Their goal is to purchase a seven-figure policy to cover up to that amount on their delivery vehicles.

Then, they claim it’s the driver’s fault if you want more money. Obviously a wrongful death case is worth more than a party seven figures in most accident. This is why it’s so important for you to speak to a FedEx truck accident lawyer before accepting a lowball settlement offer from their insurance company.

An expert attorney knows how to burrow underneath their defenses and come up winning. We will handle insurance settlement negotiations, including legal documents and submitting paperwork on your behalf. We will make sure the government claims deadline is met if there are government defendants, and make sure the statute of limitations to file and commence litigation is met of we can’t settle swiftly for your losses. We will hold the company liable.

Common Catastrophic Injury Cases We Handle:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Permanent scarring
  • Brain injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Fatalities

Don’t forget we can also help the FedEx driver accident victim if a third party accident happened while they were on duty that was not their fault. We also handle cases against other delivery companies too. Sometimes liability insurance isn’t enough to cover everything. This is why our legal services include investigating claims against a negligent manufacturer on behalf of accident victims left holding the bag after a tractor trailer crash.

Discover the Ehline Law Difference Today

Tired of all this talk about delivery trucks and how to get paid? Good. Contact the phenomenal legal team at Ehline Law Firm. We have assisted thousands families and their loved ones in multiple types of delivery truck accidents. If you were hit by a FedEx truck, you can put our proven track record of winning big to work for you too. Our superior, dedicated legal team will hold FedEx accountable to pay your damages, medical bills and other inconveniences.

Hi Tech Lawyers for FedEx Truck Accident Victims

Our team of case intake specialists, paralegals, private investigators, and medical experts will be at your disposal. The professionals at our law offices will use the latest technology, as well as cutting edge communications and case management software to keep you apprised of your case. Everything we do is to meet one goal. WIN BIG!

To speak with a motivated, attentive FedEx truck accident lawyer 24/7, pick up your phone right now! We will travel to your home, hospital or place of work to discuss your delicate legal matter.

Other Practice Areas We Handle

Ehline Law has auspiciously settled or litigated many different personal injury practice areas, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Uber Accident
  • Dog Bites
  • Employment Claims


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After speaking with numerous attorneys, I am confident that I found the one who will get me the best results for my case. Thank you.” – JULIE K.

“After meeting with a few other law firms to review my case and not getting positive results, I was blessed to find Ehline Law Firm they got the job done! Mr Ehline and his team are honest and super efficient.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the results. If you’re ever injured in a traffic accident and need legal help or a simple advice trust me Mr Ehline is the man.” – OSCAR L.

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Mike was a Marine and he is very motivated and dedicated to his clients and friends alike. If my friends of family suffer a death or bad injury in a motorcycle wreck or truck crash, I will have them call Ehline for sure.” – MARY J.

“The Ehline Law Firm is the best PI firm I know in Los Angels. Attorney Ehline is a well rounded, extremely knowledgeable attorney, with a specialty in handling PI cases and their challenges. He is a “hands-on” attorney and knows each client very well. I have worked in the legal industry for the last 30 years and know what is to be expected from the legal professionals. Mike exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him and his team. You can rest assured that your PI case will be handle with care and professionalism.

You will have a your disposal, a legal team committed to get you the best treatment and settlement for your case. They are willing and capable to fight for you!  Thank you Michael and the legal team at The Ehline Law Firm.” – ROXANA G.

“I was referred to Ehline Law Firm through a mutual friend after being in a devastating car accident and he took care of everything. He handled the hospital, the DA, the insurance companies and of course the opposing council – all I had to do was show up. I’ve been in a couple car accident in the past and have to deal with insurance companies and attorneys – hands down Ehline Law is the most knowledgeable, caring and creative. If you want a cute pretty poodle in your corner call any and all of those huge law firms with their own commercials on TV. If you want a pit bull that will put up a real fight, call Ehline Law Firm.” – EDWIN M.

“Ehline Law Firm, PC is a very resourceful and informative law firm that has consistently provided me with legal consumer rights advice online which has helped me considerably regarding personal injury, such as automobile and motorcycle accidents and constitutional law. I have used Attorney Ehline’s online legal expertise advise to direct me to the correct legal channels to assist in helping a relative with a motorcycle accident claim and I am very appreciative, as well ad my relative. Attorney Michael Ehline provides volumes of free legal consumer rights advice online  which I have been privy to over a year. He is a U. S. Marine veteran and consumer rights attorney who is an advocate of constitutional law and as a veteran myself with over twenty years legal assistant experience, I highly recommend Ehline Law Firm.  Attorney Ehline loves helping those who cannot defend themselves in our judicial system and speaks volumes of this online.” – SHIRLEY T.


We Assist Clients in All Types of Injury Cases.

We have won tens of millions of dollars after forming an attorney client relationship. Let us ease your pain and suffering.

  • $10.5 Million – Motorcycle Accident
  • $8.7 Million – Brain Injury Motorcycle Collision
  • $4,886,255.67 – Cruise Ship Sexual Assault
  • $4.2 Million – Premise Liability
  • $4.25 Million – Truck Accident / Wrongful Death Claim / Insurance Bad Faith
  • $3,265,000 Vehicle Accident


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Our Southern California based FedEx delivery truck accident lawyers charge $0 upfront fees. We will come to you anywhere and we also handle cases against other truck companies.

We can handle your Amazon delivery truck accident, UPS truck accident and cases involving UPS delivery trucks on local roads and highways. If an accident happened, we can even help you seek medical attention, locate witnesses and help your recover lost wages.

Don’t forget we receive zero fees unless our personal injury law firm scores victory on your behalf. If you sustained injuries from a large truck operated by FedEx, call us today at (213) 596-9642, or use our convenient online website contact form to pursue the investigation started as soon as possible.

Michael Ehline

Top rated injury lawyer, Michael Ehline in Tuxedo Suit

Michael is a managing partner at the nationwide Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. He’s an inactive Marine and became a lawyer in the California State Bar Law Office Study Program, later receiving his J.D. from UWLA School of Law. Michael has won some of the world’s largest motorcycle accident settlements.

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