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Did You Suffer Broken Bones During A Motorcycle Collision?

The motorcycle rider in an accident may suffer a wide range of injuries. But common orthopedic injuries include bone fractures to the skull, feet, ankles, legs, and toes. These cases will require crutches and plenty of rest/therapy. Most of all, these ailments can mean being bedridden for weeks or months.

Typically these injuries arise when riders get ejected from the bike and tossed into an inanimate object. These objects include passenger cars, curbs, pavement, or a concrete barrier. In fact, in many cases, the rider will be unable to work for weeks or months. Many times they stay permanently disabled.

It can also mean quadriplegia or paraplegia. The exorbitant costs entailed with this ongoing vital treatment might become astronomical. The veteran and supremely experienced Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys has multiple years of experience. Let us deal with these high dollar negligence claims. We can be reached at (213) 596-9642.

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Injured Motorcycle Riders And Fracture Injury Treatment.

Once a victim has taken steps to secure legal treatment, he or she needs to take stock. The first thing is first, who is treating the injuries? One may want a second opinion from a surgeon or other medical specialist. A General Practitioner may not be well suited to caring for a catastrophically shattered bone.

The treatment for fracture injuries, by some medical providers, due to financial incentives, provides cheaper medical care for bone fracture injuries. One of the examples of this is the break that requires corrective surgery. After all, this remains a more precise and effective healing method. As it stands, these types of motorcycle accident related injuries usually require a prolonged convalescent period. Sadly, an unfortunate medical program can make it take even longer.

Surgery Or Cast?

Due to the cost, instead of surgery, victims may request the doctor use cast on the fracture injury. As discussed, many labs push this method for financial gain. But if provided with less costly medical treatment, it can cause more harm to the injured victim over time.

The correct surgical method is, of course, more expensive. Also, the incorrect method has the makings of a medical malpractice claim. This is because it may make the injury claim less valuable to the already vulnerable patient. So choose your surgeon wisely.

First and foremost, broken bones not properly set can result in permanent disabilities. And these remain more vulnerable to re-injury in the future. Ehline Law is helpful at finding doctors and surgeons who agree to do the surgery now. The great thing here is that these experts agree to later payment.

They do so because they trust us to secure their payment out of the settlement, In other words, we sign lien papers for the doctor and you. Also, our firm has a no-recovery, no-fee policy. And we cover all the costs to win compensation for the injured biker.

Most Common Fractures From Biker Accidents.

There are several types of rider spill fractures as follows:

  • Non-Displaced breaks: This is what most people are aware of when thinking of bone breaks. At any rate, this is where the bone is not displaced from its biological or anatomically correct spot.
  • Open breaks: This is a more serious condition where the bones become broken in two. Here, the bone spears through the muscle and flesh. These are among the most gruesome and painful types of medical conditions a rider can face.
  • Closed bone injuries: These remain common with crushed feet and ankles. But the comminuted skull injury remains a common head-related condition. No bone pops the skin membrane. But, rather, the damage gets sealed up. Also, it could involve multiple shattered or broken bones. In the case of the comminuted skull break, bone chips can get knocked inward. So these may get stuck in the brain tissue. Almost always, this requires a brain or neurosurgeon. And even after the removal of the objects, brain damage cannot be ruled out.
  • Displaced: So this one is similar to an open break. Except here, the snapped bone gets broken into two or more pieces. Typically, the correct anatomical position of bone becomes perverted into a non-natural position. And this is due to the jarring and jolting event of slamming against a still object. Arachnoiditis may also develop from these injuries.

You Shouldn't Endure A Motorcycle Insurance Claim Or Lawsuit Alone.

Enduring this type of tragedy can make you feel like you're up against the creek without a paddle and completely isolated. It's bad enough to be immobile. Sadly, these shocking events are life-altering and extremely hard to cope with for an unrepresented individual.

Knowing how your bills will get paid remains a constant concern. Also, knowing how a person will be able to keep their job and afford hospital care, compounds the burden. How can a person relax and heal with all of this upheaval? So what is the answer?

Easy, our legal pros at Ehline Law Firm Law are motorcycle injury lawyers who can help remove the Sword of Damocles. Let us take it from over your head. Motorcycle accidents remain the nexus of many life long hip, pelvis, and shoulder injuries. Surgical options could include titanium hardware screwed into your bones. And this is to set the bones properly.

Bone Fragments And Wire Mesh!

All things considered, sometimes crushed bone fragments may need wire mesh to hold them together like a spider web. Plus this web must calcify and heal strong. Any of us who took Judo, wrestling, or jujitsu knows the common methods of breaking a fall. The idea is to use your arms and forearms and to tuck up like a baby in the fetal position.

As a matter of fact, this is the best way to mitigate an injury. But rattled and knocked senseless riders typically brace falls with their elbows as they fly off their steel horse. Because most riders have no training in how to fall, they regularly break their hands and arms while bracing.

Sadly, major injuries to the hands, fingers, arms, and wrists are common. As discussed, medical care plus bone resets may be unbearable. Unfortunately, most injuries to the joints cause victims to become candidates for future arthritis and bursitis. For instance, permanent injuries can include patella-femoral pain syndrome. Of course, this includes reflex sympathetic dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome.

  • Pain Killer Addiction.

Another less discussed development is the unwanted addiction to pain killers. Some of these pain meds cause dry mouth, constipation, sleeping too much, or not getting enough sleep. For instance, conditions may include insomnia and even sleepwalk and hallucinations. In fact, these medicines can lead to wrongful suicide cases.

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