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Handling the Effects of Severe Crushing Injuries.

A human crush injury takes place when pressure or force is applied to an exposed body part. Most of the time, the mechanism of injury is two heavy objects clamping or trapping a person or limb, and clamping or pushing together with force. Examples could include a forklift mast or fork pinching a finger or toe, or trampling over a person's foot, and trapping someone against a wall, or pallet stack. Or it could be that someone was trampled by a mob rushing inside a Wal-Mart for the Black Friday Sales, etc.

I am attorney Michael Ehline. Together with my trustworthy staff, I have recovered over 100 million dollars for customers just like you. These are people who lost a loved one at work, or somewhere else, after being severely injured from the negligence of another person or a large corporate conglomerate, for example.

I am an expert in litigating crush injuries and have worked with medical doctors, crush experts, and other professionals in pursuing damages awards for personal injury victims. Below, I will cover crush injury causes, types, safety, and legal ramifications. At the end of this article, you will be prompted to reach out for further help.

Crushing injuries are among the most difficult recoveries and hard for the injured person to overcome. Furthermore, such injuries are often coupled with severe accidents. These traumatic incidents leave severe physical and mental wounds that take months or years from which to recover.

What Are Some Examples of Accidents Causing Body Crush Injuries?

Crush injuries don't just happen in warehouses or farms.

These are very common injuries in many types of accidents, as follows:

Such crushing injuries often include broken arms and legs, or simply pulverizes them, requiring a medical amputation.

Common Types of Trituration Injuries:

  • Bruising Compartment syndrome, which is caused by increased pressure in the arms or legs, leading to severe complications with nerves, muscles, tissue, and blood vessels.
  • A compound, Fragmentation, or other Fracture, discussed above.
  • Infections to the nervous system caused by bacteria.
  • Lacerations, cuts, rashes, and resulting adhesions.
  • Bleeding

What Are Some First Aid Steps Employers and Other Can Take While Waiting for the EMT?:

  1. Try and stop by the application of constant and direct pressure.
  2. Cover up the wound with a sterile, moist bandage, towel, or cloth.
  3. Elevate the damaged body part above the level of the heart when safe and practical.
  4. Patients showing symptoms of a fractured head, broken or damaged neck, or spine should have these areas immobilized before treating the crushed area.
  5. Call 9-1-1 or have another person do it, as you triage the victim. Then get them to the hospital!
  6. Getting to the ER or Urgent Care is crucial to survival and health. Tissue can start to die, leading to complications like Gangrene, and problems to the central nervous system.
  7. Emergency surgery to remove, or sew back together with a mangled body part is often needed. Sometimes titanium rods and hardware are required to repair, rebuild, or heal a limb partially.

The severe damage to the squashed extremities often leaves the injured unable to work or function as normal. In some cases, these injuries are career-ending. The loss of function of feet and hands is traumatic. Furthermore, crushing injuries often include horrific effects on the blood vessels and arterial damage. Being badly mashed in an accident often requires months or even years of major reconstructive surgery. This is often financially crippling for families.

The Long Road to Recovery.

Put all of these together. Severe injuries cause a loss of work. They also lead to long term medical rehab. They even leave severe post-traumatic stress. When you add these together, it's easy to see the acute effects on families. That is where our attorneys come in. Our years of experience in the field of traumatic injury is second to none. The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC works with medical professionals determining the cost of treatment and lost work.

We assist in signing up for government programs such as worker's comp and disability. Furthermore, our team determines the long term cost of medical treatment and rehab. We also calculate the value of lost work and your pain and suffering. We also learn if your employer or another driver was negligent, causing severe injuries or worse. Ehline Law works to make sure that nothing like your traumatic event ever happens again.

Above, we discussed what can cause a crush injury. Next, we covered the many types of crush injuries and how to triage with First Aid. Next, we discussed safety and legal ramifications. We encourage you to reach out for further help. Dealing with the long term effects of crushing injuries is often tricky. However, our team is second to none. Contact me at michael@ehlinelaw.com or call me at (213) 596-9642.