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Can I sue for wrongful death arising from a bad truck crash with the elements required presented?

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Big Rigs, 18-wheelers, semi’s, tractor-trailers, and other types of commercial trucks are massive. They have many blind spots. Also, they are much larger in size, and they weigh much more than passenger vehicles.

Especially motorcycles traveling the same roadways are no match. Hence, truck drivers must receive proper training to avoid hitting smaller vehicles. And the operator of a commercial vehicle needs to drive attentively.

Truckers Require Special Driving Skills

Drivers sharing the roads expect experienced, skilled, and responsible drivers. After all, someone untrained behind the wheel of a large and cumbersome vehicle is a recipe for disaster.

Why are Road Conditions and Other Factors at Play?

But whether one can sue depends upon many factors. So factors could include the road condition. Also considered is whether a party exists with control or direction over the vehicle. If so, they are on the hook for causation.

Are there are Many Potential Defendants in a Trucking Accidental Death Claim?

Yes. Who one can sue does not stop with the professional truck driver. So there could also be truck company negligence. Caltrans can be wholly or partially at fault. And this could be for negligent maintenance or repair of the roads. Also, their supply manufacturers and shippers may have some liability.

Furthermore, even repairers and maintainers could be wholly or partially to blame. The truth is there are usually many who can be responsible for wrongful death collisions. And this is even truer when a big semi-truck is in the mix.

If a loved one was fatally injured in a large truck accident, call Ehline Law Firm. They need a consultation, or you could be throwing money away. Our fatal truck accident lawyers realize nothing will bring back a family member.

But holding the negligent party responsible can help relieve a small amount of the pain. And it can also lift the financial stress. Our clients get the utmost respect and compassion. Also, we use our resources to obtain the justice and compensation the family deserves.

The law firm has a successful record of representation on behalf of our clients.

What are Some Complexities of Trucking Accident Fatalities?

Fatal truck accidents can be complex. But our accomplished attorneys will work aggressively both inside and out of the courtroom as your legal advocate.

For example:

  • Trucking companies may say the driver is an independent contractor.
  • The defense lawyer may argue the wreck was not in the course and scope of employment. So that means the truck company would not be liable.

Many issues like this come up. These are merely some reasons you need seasoned counsel.

What is Ehline Law Firm’s Success Record In Trucking Wrongful Death Law?

The law firm has a successful record of representation. So our clients have won multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. Also, we have the skills and resources to be effective in being successful.

When a wrongful death case involves:

  • Company negligence
  • Driver negligence
  • Truck driver inexperience
  • Impaired driving
  • Mechanical defect or negligence
  • Road defects and maintenance
  • Defective trucking equipment

The law firm must be dependable. The attorney may need to explain the family’s legal options and rights day or night. And they must work to hold the truck driver and trucking company accountable.

Ehline has a respected reputation with our peers and past clients. And insurance enterprises and the court know we take no prisoners. So this permits us to achieve the results your family deserves.

In some claims, we may be able to settle the case through negotiations. But when it is not possible to pay a claim for what the family deserves, we will take the lawsuit to trial. So we work hard to obtain a verdict for the household. And our lawyers never settle for less. Most of all, this is a matter of justice.

Why Choose Accomplished Loss of Life Advocates?

Some people want to find a reasonable attorney who has a lower fee. This comes with significant risks. A large share of a smaller amount often turns out to be microscopic.

It is essential attorneys representing the family in a wrongful death claim have experience. But the lawyer also needs the resources to build a strong case. Families and loved ones in fatal truck accidents deserve respect. Also, they must hire great legal advocates.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Fatal Trucking Accident Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Survivors need agents committed to obtaining justice. Because of this, we offer a free consultation to apprise the family of their legal rights.

Consumers may call our Ehline Law Firm Northern and Southern California law offices toll-free (213) 596-9642. So call now to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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