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Date Modified: August 17, 2023
Los Angeles Tractor Trailer carrying goods
Los Angeles Tractor Trailer carrying goods

Ehline Law Are Ready to Help You in Securing Justice

Congrats. You just found the Ultimate Guide to Compensation for Tractor Trailer Crash Claims! Did you end up being run over in a tractor-trailer truck accident? Was one of your loved ones taken away in a truck crash in Los Angeles, CA? Was your truck accident the result of jackknifing? Though you may feel alone, that’s not the case.

Drywall tractor-trailer
Drywall tractor-trailer

Not all diesel trucks involve a head-on collision. Sometimes the trailer becomes a deadly weapon, crushing multiple passenger cars or motorcycles. Ehline Law is here to help anyone in Los Angeles who was a truck accident victim recover compensation for their damages.

Components of Commercial Trucks

A trucking company tends to use 18-wheeler truck trailers, which are meant to haul heavy and large volumes of cargo throughout California. (So-called due to the “trailer” giving a total of “18 wheels”). These are long, sometimes high, or just feet off the ground. (“lowboy”).

Unfortunately, their use is why commercial truck accidents are so common in Los Angeles. Sadly, passenger vehicle and pedestrian parties are often on the other side when a truck accident happens. Mostly they are commercial vehicle tractor-trailers. And they are one of the leading causes of wrecks. Many of these crashes involve pedestrians and passenger vehicles.

A huge land vehicle with a jackknifed tractor-trailer is far more dangerous than most threats. It can quickly destroy people and small cars. And it can barrel through and destroy structures like homes. It can cause far more devastation on the roads than a minor passenger car accident.

Who Is Responsible?

You typically find that truck drivers are just one potentially liable party. Sometimes, the trucking companies are responsible, while in other cases, the fault may be shared. So it could be their boss, for example. In fact and law, you may be able to sue the owner.

Even manufacturers are sometimes sued in Los Angeles commercial truck accident claims. When this happens, the trucking accident was probably because of a defective component, such as badly designed brakes or a blown tire. Truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles may even find that the actions of a cargo buyer or seller may have led to the mishap, in which case they could be held accountable for the jackknife event.

Also, you may even be able to sue the buyer, purchaser, or seller. In fact, defendants may be anyone distributing the load. Consider that it could have been negligently loaded. If so, that could cause load shifting. And that may make the trailer jackknife. People will die if it does so at high speed on the freeway.

Why do Clients Choose Us?

We are just as normal as you are. Lead attorney Michael Ehline has lived the blue and white collar lives. Additionally, he happens to be a former small business owner, building contractor, and US Marine. Our spirit and discipline are winning ingredients to guide your truck accident claim.

Additionally, we’ve handled tractor-trailer truck accident claims so often you can be confident we’re your strong shoulder to cry on. When you need our legal team for a tractor-trailer truck accident lawsuit, we will win fair and just compensation for you.

Whether we have to take on trucking companies, a truck driver, or whoever else may be the responsible parties, we’re ready to do so. After all, a trucking company puts people below profit, so we’re more than willing to strike back.

Our experienced truck accident attorney complement has recovered millions in damages from truck accidents in California for clients. We did it for others and are willing to do it for you!

More About Commercial Trucks

Of all the large truck accident concerns, the possibility of a land vehicle that jackknifes is one of the biggest threats. Our personal injury law firm has seen many unbelievable catastrophic injuries from these Los Angeles truck accidents.

People and vehicles are bad enough where these truck accident cases are concerned.

Retain a Truck Accident Lawyer

Whether the cause of the accident was something obvious such as truck driver fatigue or not, truck companies often send their attorneys to the accident scene. Besides collecting information on truck accidents, they also intend to trick unsuspecting victims into giving incorrect information. Even obvious and common truck accident injuries may be difficult to get a settlement for if this tactic works against your truck accident injury claim.

Your best bet after a big rig accident is to seek the counsel of your Los Angeles truck accident lawyer quickly. Of course, this needs to be an expert in trucking accidents for the best result.

What We Do for Truck Accident Victims

We litigate large truck accidents in California. We employ a team of paralegals, counsel lawyers, and legal secretaries to do so. They have a masterful understanding of delivery and commercial trailer regulations, which makes them the perfect people to evaluate your case.

It’s our pleasure to play the role of advanced legal specialists fully dedicated to serving you as we have done for our other Los Angeles truck accident clients in the past. The personal touch we offer comes from our actions that reinforce our image of real people dedicated to helping underdogs. You could be a commuter or a bystander. We will represent you.

We intend to do our part to make the road as safe as possible from any auto accident in Southern California, including truck and car accident occurrences. As a group of consumer attorneys, our community comes before just about anything else, and we always strive to improve them.

What Are the Primary Reasons for Accidents Caused By Trucks?

A traffic accident caused by a truck often happens because of one of the following:

  • Aggressive operators in the trucking industry
  • Fatigue – While this is often straightforward and from a lack of sleep, sometimes it’s because the driver took drugs
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to use Jackknifing cameras properly
  • Jackknifing.

You often find that tractor-trailers are equipped with high bumpers. Unfortunately, these can end up decapitating unfortunate parties such as passenger vehicle occupants, which then brings a wrongful death claim into question.

Call Ehline Law Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Attorney!

A Los Angeles truck accident case is a very tricky thing to navigate without the assistance of an experienced personal injury firm. Whether lost wages, medical expenses, or even wrongful death is at play, the Ehline Law team can support you with a wealth of experience.

Hopefully, our free material was enjoyable, and you’ll consider calling Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Why delay when we have competent Los Angeles truck accident attorneys who understand California truck accident litigation? Don’t put off the call. Schedule a free consultation with us today about all types of catastrophic truck accident cases.

You can call us at (213) 596-9642 or by filling out our risk-free website contact form to tell us your story about commercial truck crashes and the serious injuries you face. After forming an attorney-client relationship, we will develop aggressive legal strategies to win big!

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