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A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who assists victims involved in mishaps caused by another person’s fault or entity. Such a lawyer’s job is to get the victim (“plaintiff”) money for their bodily injuries and damaged or destroyed property.

By far the most commonly asked question of victims is: “How much is my injury accident claim worth?” Of course, no lawyer in his or her right mind can give you a definitive answer.

But one thing is sure, the better the lawyer, the more money you will get. Below we explain the formula for calculating case value and the law we lawyers must use to arrive at dollar amounts. In any event, there are many types of personal injuries in West Hollywood, CA. By far, the most reported in Los Angeles County are those accidents involving motorists and pedestrians.

Ehline Law Firm has assisted a multitude of satisfied people in getting big money for their cases. We have done so for Hollywood consumers since 2005. Although the city only has a population of around 35,458 people, it is jam-packed with visitors every day of the year.

Part of this is because of the progressive nature of the town. Convention halls, bars, and gay pride parades make West Hollywood a very different kind of city indeed. For example, the world-famous Roxy is located right in the heart of the town.

Also, West Hollywood is covered with gay-friendly businesses everywhere. The worldwide LGBTQ community tends to favor the sunny outdoor nature of this area. But the site planning in this city is old and dated. But this town was designed for a much smaller amount of traffic.

For example, sidewalks are old with cracks and ridges to trip on, bicycle lanes are insufficient, trees, hedges, and substantially changed conditions have created vision barriers. So that alone has made the area dangerous compared to less crowded places like Carlsbad, or Redondo Beach, for example. No matter how attentive you are as a driver, you are always at risk of crashing in a more dense traffic area.

Traffic Accidents And West Hollywood.

Types of West Hollywood Collisions Draft. TYPE OF COLLISION VICTIMS KILLED & INJURED OTS RANKING Total Fatal and Injury 204 47/89 Alcohol Involved 24 33/89 Had Been Drinking Driver < 21 0 81/89 Had Been Drinking Driver 21 – 34 14 20/89 Motorcycles 18 17/89 Pedestrians 33 3/89 Pedestrians < 15 1 48/89 Pedestrians 65+ 5 2/89 Bicyclists 20 21/89 Bicyclists < 15 0 83/89 Composite 95 42/89

Alcohol-Related Accidents In West Hollywood.

The fact is, people like to commute to WH and party. But beware of drinking and driving. In 2014 there were 204 DUI arrests here. Even with the advent of Uber and Lyft, foolish people persist in drinking and getting behind the wheel while visiting Greater Los Angeles. As recently as 2014, alcohol-related injuries and deaths amounted to 24, giving West Hollywood and OTC rank of 33/89. (Source.)

Did You Know that West Hollywood Ranks 87/89 for Speed Related Collisions?

A speed-related car accident occurs when a driver goes too fast for the conditions present. Often, pedestrians and bicyclists are most at risk. Yes, it’s true, even though it is a small city with prolonged streets, drivers persist in going too fast for the posted, or safest conditions. Because of this, people get mowed down in crosswalks, maimed, or killed.

Does Hollywood Rank 30/89 for Hit and Runs?

Yes, it does. A hit and run occur when a vehicle driver hits or runs over a person or property and fails to remain at the scene to render aid and await law enforcement. In addition to being a crime, it can leave the victims penniless, as there is no wrongdoer to sue. How can you sue if you can’t find the defendant who caused the death or injury?

A lot of people drink and cruise the area. This could be a motive for escaping the accident scene. Drunk driving is a serious offense. Many will flee the location of the accident rather than face the Los Angeles Police Department’s music. Again, Ehline assists victims of hits and runs in Hollywood by helping them find alternative legal theories of liability and seeking out other sources of insurance money.

For example, there could be a case against the city under the Government Code for negligent maintenance. Maybe there was a pothole that caused your motorcycle to flip and throw you? Only a top-notch injury lawyer will know how to find the deep pockets and get you paid.

Tips for traversing the area are:

  • Use a designated walker. This is a person who walks with you and who is not inebriated. They can act as a “road guard.” In other words, they can judge time and distance better. So perhaps you can get a “the coast is clear” signal before entering the street as a person on foot.
  • Do not ride your bicycle in the crosswalk. Cars are not expecting a bike to fly into the crossing area. At a four-way stop, riders are highly exposed to injury and death for starters. It is called a cross “walk” for a reason. It’s not a cross-ride.
  • Wear Brightly colored clothing when walking, jogging, motorcycling, or bicycling. And this goes for people on skateboards and roller skates too.

In any event, these wrecks still happen. When they do, call Ehline Law for an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your potential case.

DANGER – Did You Know that West Hollywood Ranks 18 out of 39 For Motorcycle Accidents?

Would you believe that West Hollywood has an OTC number of 17/89? In 2014, at least 18 victims suffered injury or fatalities in motorcycle accidents. This makes sense too. There is so much unique foot traffic, which many passenger cars, truck, and bus drivers become distracted.

After all, there are rainbow flags everywhere. Also, there are people dressed in bright-colored outfits. Sometimes it can have a mardi gras like atmosphere even when there are no celebrations.

What Are Some Special Problems for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists in West Hollywood?

Distractions coupled with:

  • Low surface street lighting,
  • Traffic signal phasing problems, and;
  • Major congestion,
  • Left-hand turn accidents,
  • Head-on collisions.

What Are Some Common Injuries in West Hollywood Motor Vehicle Collisions?

By far, the most common injuries in car accidents are soft tissue injuries. Often these include cervical lordosis. This is commonly called “whiplash.” But other injuries remain far more devastating and life-long.

Other Common Injuries in Car Wrecks Include:

  • Brain injuries. Pedestrians, vehicle occupants, and bystanders are at grave risk for traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries. In 2014, California had a reported total of motor vehicle related 2,103 non-fatal brain injuries. (Source.)
  • Slipped and Bulging Discs.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures.
  • Lacerations. (Especially facial lacerations due to broken glass shards during a collision.

What are Some Tips for Dealing With a Traffic Collision?

It would be best if you got to a hospital ER immediately. But our tier-one law firm has created a list of steps to take after a vehicle accident here. We recommend you save this to your smartphone, “bookmarks.”

Who Are Some Potential Defendants in a West Hollywood Traffic Accident?

Any vehicle operator is a potential defendant.

Typical defendants include:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Ridesharing and taxi cab companies
  • Livery drivers and companies
  • Bus companies. Private and public buses have different legal issues present. (For example, you only have six months in most cases, to sue a public entity.)
  • Passenger vehicle operators.
  • Delivery and significant rig transport drivers and companies.
  • Garbage and refuse truck wrecks.
  • Police cruise high-speed chase collisions.

A top 1% lawyer like Michael Ehline of Ehline Law will track down all the defendants. This attorney will also isolate the various liability issues, get the police reports, and other documentary evidence. While a victim is convalescing, an excellent lawyer becomes indispensable to the survivors and claimants. What makes us different is our enthusiasm and compassion during your hour of need.

What is Negligence and Why It Matters to a Motor Vehicle Plaintiff?

Negligence is the law that car accident attorneys use to prove a motor vehicle claim. Its elements are composed of two primary components:

  • Liability.
  • Damages.

Liability determines who is at fault and how much of a percentage of the blame was the defendants. For example, if multiple defendants, a supervening or intervening cause could have made may parties partially at fault. Moreover, joint and several liabilities of the defendants and even plaintiffs can come into play. That means many parties are paying a portion of the damages.

Damages include things like money. How much money you get is based upon your past, present, and future damages. And this will be discussed more below.

How Do I Prove Who Is At Fault for My West Hollywood Accident?

Proving legal liability is not always as easy as it seems at first glance. Things like witnesses, videos, photos, and even the parties’ credibility can make or break a case. But in a nutshell, legal liability is the first step in proving a personal injury case. The definitions come from the law of negligence.

To prove negligence, the plaintiff must show:

  • The essential duty of the defendant to act reasonably for the situation as it stood.
  • A breach of the implied duty to act reasonably occurred when the defendant did or failed to do something he or she should have. (ergo, followed too closely, drove too fast, was unable to look left and right, etc.)
  • The breach of that duty to act reasonably caused the injuries to the plaintiff(s).

When all of these elements are present, one or more defendants’ fault can be proven to a jury or court. But as a plaintiff, you are not out of the woods yet.

Proving Damages in a West Hollywood Vehicle Crash.

Like most things in the law, documentary evidence is vital to maximizing the cash value. Failing to take an ambulance to the hospital and document the injuries can ruin a case’s value. Insurance companies love to blame car accident injuries that went undiagnosed on something the plaintiff did after the wreck.

They even go so far as to surveil a plaintiff. This is called a Subrosa. It is a method insurer use to cut down on insurance fraud. So many adjusters treat undiagnosed plaintiffs as if they are trying to pull a fast one.

In any event, there are special damages and general damages. Special damages include medical charges, pain meds, wages. General damages are those intangibles. For example, a wrongful death survivor gets money for loss of love, sex, affection, companionship, etc. A great lawyer will make best efforts to place a dollar value on this. After all, all a victim gets is money. There is no pound of flesh available.

In any case, a survivor remains entitled to the past, present, and future damages in a negligence claim. Sometimes recklessness or intentional hurting bring about a claim for punitive damages as well. So in rare cases, defendants are punished for this reprehensible, deliberate, or reckless conduct. As you can see, proving special damages means showing paycheck stubs, receipts, and more. Sometimes, your lawyer must hire expensive experts to place dollar values on things like mundane household tasks the plaintiff can no longer perform. Sometimes, the attorney must pay a doctor to come to court and testify the reasonableness of medical costs and treatments.

This is all very complicated in a terrible car accident case. So this remains a crucial reason to employ a West Hollywood car crash lawyer right away.

What are Some Other Common Accidents and Personal Injuries in West Hollywood?

Our West Hollywood personal injury attorneys deal with many odd and exciting cases.

The most common cases we help with after vehicle wrecks are as follows:

  • Slips, trips, and falls. These include wet floors and greasy food left on food aisles and pick up window floors.
  • Dog attacks. These include attacks on postal workers, joggers, and bicycle riders. (Read more.)
  • Assault and Battery.
  • Elder and Nursing Abuse.
  • Construction Site Accidents. (1, 2).
  • Other Premises accidents. These include faulty elevators and escalators to drowning in a swimming pool.

What Are Some Common Non-Vehicle Related Injuries Our Local Attorneys Handle?

In most slip and fall cases, we see some prevalent injuries like broken ankles and knee caps. But combining these common problems above, we help with:

  • Lacerations and bites.
  • Torn ACL, CMP, PFPS, fractured knees.
  • Broken Ankles.
  • Broken facial bones and eye sockets.
  • Nerve damage and burn injuries from electrocution.
  • Amputations, deglove, and missing digits from the escalator and work-related accidents.
  • Drowning and oxygen deprivation.
  • Broken and missing teeth.

As you can see, our firm is compassionate, kind, and caring. We also know the law, statistics, and research. Our client and peer reviews, as well as awards, have made us stand head and shoulders above our competition. We are legal pros at proving how much your case is worth. But this means you acted quickly to retain a lawyer who knows the ropes. If you want to speak to a talented, expert West Hollywood personal injury lawyer, call Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC now.

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