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Date Modified: November 23, 2023

Did you lose a close loved one due to a vertical flight injury incident? Helicopter crashes and accidents can be among the most dangerous that a person can go through. The need for proper legal representation arises when faced with such a tragedy. Also, the need to hold those responsible liable for their errors and negligence shoots way up too.

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Helicopter departs airport

A civil helicopter takes off from the airport to bring tourists to the city.

Helicopters are commonly known as:

  • Auto-giros
  • Whirlybirds
  • Choppers.

And these, indeed, are amazing machines requiring advanced engineering and many safety features.

  • Even to perform relatively simple maneuvers, the work needed to get a helicopter off the ground is tremendous.
  • Pilots require extra exceptional training, and having no fixed wings increases the risk.
  • Thus, auto-rotation and other safety training are a must.

Pilots must also understand the following:

  • How to use the foot-pedals
  • Limitations of rotor blades on the aerodynamic flight.

Any mess-ups are curtains for your pilot, co-pilot, and fellow passengers like you.

So we know that chopper crashes can be life-ending and risky.

So what else must we know?

  • Their construction requires advanced engineering and redundant safety features.
  • To keep them flying, they require skilled mechanics to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, these agile birds can’t just glide back to earth if there is an engine failure or malfunction.

In any event, as discussed, copter crashes can easily be life-ending events.

What About Deaths and Vertical Flight?

Unfortunately, the fatality rate in helicopter crashes is high. Those who survive accidents are often severely injured with burns, cuts, and badly smashed spines.

These injuries could also include:

What Are Some Causes of Helicopter Crashes?

  • Pilot error (Helicopter crashes into a building and catches fire, etc.)
  • Defective parts (poorly made or designed rotors, etc.)
  • Improper maintenance
  • Weather events
  • Poor designs.

Many different hands are responsible for the flight of these machines and could be liable for a crash, including:

  • Air traffic controller error
  • Flight service negligence
  • Helicopter pad operator negligence
  • Bird strikes.

Due to the severity of injuries sustained, death and negligence factors can complicate litigation around chopper accidents.

This type of lawsuit could require a complete investigation into the incident’s circumstances.

  • There will be a need for expert witness testimony to become presented and compiled.
  • Only attorneys specializing in such aircraft crash cases will understand the court and real-life issues following such a disaster.
  • There could be enormous costs of hospital bills and funeral costs, among others.

Our attorneys try to lessen this burden on you. We do so by making the responsible party pay you compensation.

Why Experience Matters in Your Choice of Catastrophic Injury Lawyers?

This type of legal claim needs a particular kind of skilled lawyer with foreknowledge of the case law, precedent, and court system. Only then can you take on a party or parties liable? The Ehline Law Firm’s attorneys experience is second to none in cases like this.

  • Our track record of fighting for victims is coupled with vast legal knowledge of aircraft. It could be vital, especially if there is a crash of a military aircraft or civilian machine.

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