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In the past, mostly females had been involved in gender discrimination cases. But our progressive California State Legislature and the feds decided to create a whole new class of victims who can now sue. This is even though some jurors and employers believe that only biological males and females should be considered for discrimination protections.

Gender Identity Issues
Openly homosexual Asian man.

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In any event, the floodgates are open. So now we are dealing with issues like men dressed as women sharing restrooms with girls and a whole new issue of rights of parents versus the rights of cross-dressers, etc.

This relatively new protected class includes people who "identify" themselves as: 

  • Transvestites
  • Homosexuals
  • Transgenders and others are now included as a protected class.

As discussed above, gender partiality is a significant new area of legal concern. This is because of the increasing number of openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender self-identifying people. Many of these people are now visibly and vocally entering the workforce.

So now discrimination claims by them have skyrocketed in recent years. To protect employees, there are state and federal laws: these mandate equal access and protections in the workplace.

What's the Deal With Sex and Gender Self Identification and Discrimination?

But even with these new laws in place to protect them, discrimination, the victims say, occurs too often. Primarily, it is happening due to these individuals' sex or gender identification.

Many older employers and nonmillennials were taught in science and biology class that there are two sexes. This has been the accepted science for thousands of years.

But powerful lobbyists commissioned their own "scientific studies" and used the courts and lobbying to change the definitions of male and female to be expanded into "emotional belief."

So now, if you think you are a girl, for example, you are. And it matters not whether you were born with a penis or a vagina. All that matters is what you believe you are to give you rights to sue someone who disagrees with you.

  • Out With the Old In With the New?

Younger employees who attended government-run school especially believe in this new personal belief system.

  • Employers are turning to automation to avoid hiring these and others who use ballot initiatives to get un-earned wage increases in general.

This is being done to avoid any problems with their profits and investors. But for now, some employers still need to hire people to run their storefronts.

How Can Ehline Law Firm Help Your Gender Self Identification Claims?

In order to safeguard the law, Ehline Law Firm works to protect employees who get insulted per the terms of the statute. Many of these people could be your mom, brother, sister, or a close friend.

Often you could feel emotionally robbed due to your choice of who you sleep with or whether you choose to shave your legs and wear makeup.

So Ehline Law Firm has made itself available to help you safeguard the rights of people like you who believe you are actually another gender. Even if your chromosomes and science say otherwise, we can help.

WHO CAN SUE? Many hostile employers commonly know people who can sue now as transvestites, trannies, or “gender confused.” And many companies look at them as outcasts, and bad for business.

  • Now employers have no choice but to hire people from this new class or get sued.

Are California Employers Forced to Accept LGBT and Women as a "Special Class?"

Yes, they are! Businesses know they must adhere to the impartiality laws for their employees. And this now includes gender identification and sex. Gender discrimination generally affects women.

But now it can affect these other groups too. Discrimination has the effect of limiting their opportunities in the workplace. But this includes such things as pay raises, work schedules, promotions, etc.

So What Exactly is Sex and Gender Discrimination?

Sex and gender inequality have two different meanings. However, each can suffer intolerance in the workplace.

  • Sex refers to whether the employee is male or female. But frequently, as discussed, this type of discrimination focuses on women in the workplace.
  • Gender can also refer to sex, but NOW it can also include gender identity.

So you may suffer bias in the workplace due to this identity. But it is because while you are genetically male, and you identify with and try and act like a female.

Both of these groups are employees protected by law against prejudice in the workplace.

So you could have a case if you got passed over for:

  • Raises
  • Benefits
  • Were not promoted
  • Got terminated

Employers—Sex and Gender Discrimination.

Legal professionals handling cases of discrimination have found many types of injustice. So even though companies claim to treat employees equally, their actions may be different.

  • Companies hire a specific amount of women or LGBT as a way of showing they are fair. But the fairness ends when:

1. You can Show Discriminatory Patterns and Practices in Proving a Case.

Patterns of behavior can appear over time after the employee got hired. These include the failure of pay raises and promotions. But as discussed, this behavior generally affects women in the workplace. Also, gender discrimination can take various forms.

So it can include things such as a female employee hitting the proverbial glass ceiling. Usually, this is claiming there is no room for the woman to move up within the company. And on the outside, this may seem true. But actually, men are still getting promoted rather than the female or transgender genders, for example.

The female or queer employee working for this type of company may also be unable to move to similar positions. So she holds her current job, even though there could be room to move up within the enterprise.

2. Male Discrimination Cases Are Rare.

Rarer, but it can happen is when men who identify as men can be victims of gender discrimination too. These are violations of federal and California law. But often it gets hidden in companies, and challenging with the complexities of the legislation to pursue.

Forget about chances of winning without the assistance of an experienced California discrimination attorney.

  • Key Phrases. One key phrase employers or superiors use when complaints of sex or gender discrimination get filed: “We didn't do that, because it would be a violation of the law.”
  • But this statement just tells the employee there is a complete understanding of discrimination laws.
  • In fact, the employer is admitting they must adhere to them.

But it does not mean they are not discriminating against an employee. It only means they know what they are doing is illegal. So it is just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo saying there is no way we would do that since it is illegal.

What About Getting Justice for Sex or Gender Discrimination?

The law is on the employee’s side when they are a victim of a company in violation. Ehline Law Firm can assist in explaining what is necessary to bring a claim against the employer.

Also, they can decide what the best course of legal action is to take. After all, the goal is compensation for the violation of the employee’s rights.

Let a Gender Discrimination Attorney Help Now!

Our law firm will investigate the claim to gather relevant evidence. Also, we can assist in filing a complaint with the federal EEOC. Next, we can do the same with the California Department of Fair Housing. And when our seasoned lawyers prepare the case, it may be easier to win.

We take steps to make it possible to negotiate a fairer settlement for compensation. If an appropriate agreement cannot get negotiated, our attorneys are experts in litigation. So we will take your lawsuit to court to obtain the compensation you deserve.