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Greater Los Angeles workers, and in the federal United States rely upon a hodgepodge of local, city, county, and state employment regulations. Knowing how to navigate employment law cases in the age of Obamacare and COVID-19 shutdowns require an attorney or attorneys and other experts with advanced knowledge of the various rules and protections offered to employees. It seems there is a different regulation depending on your race, gender, religion, and preferences.

And this is the terrible prospect faced by many employers and employees. First of all, a low-level worker may be from the inner city, such as Compton or Hawthorne. Demographically, this type of laborer will be less educated, so they may feel oppressed or obligated to be patsies. But no one deserves to mentally or physically violated so that they can keep their job.

But a big reason a worker may not know what is going on could be because of the worker's status as ESL, or English as a Second Language speaking person. And due to the legal complexities, even an employee with a college degree will be hard-pressed to know everything. Heck, many lawyers don't even know all the procedures without an excellent workplace rights attorney subbing in to help out.

Who Do Employers Hire to Defend Against Employment Discrimination Cases?

Employers sometimes make innocent mistakes. And other times they tried to use plausible deniability, or some other pretext to treat workers badly. Whether it was on purpose or intentional discrimination, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Because of this, employers are required to educate themselves about what they can and can't do when it comes to their employees and labor laws. The cost of doing business means complying with the laws regarding fair employment of workers. But, yes, it is a hard job and quite costly to maintain compliance with the ADA, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, and local L.A. City affirmative action laws, and so on. Because of this, private and public employers hire defense attorneys to teach them risk mitigation and to help them when they get sued.

But Who Helps Injured or Mistreated Workers? An Employee Plaintiff's Attorney Helps With Employment Law Claims Against Employers.

Sometimes you may not even know you have a potential employment law action. But injured or discriminated against employees tend to hire private attorneys for workplace-related problems with their bosses. But sometimes the state or federal government may take the case in conjunction with OSHA, CAL OSHA, or under FEHA, etc. In unique cases, the city or district attorney may elect to bring a private attorney general's action. And that's what we do at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.

What Makes Ehline The Best Choice for Your Plaintiff's Employment Law Matters?

Our employment attorneys have won numerous awards for assisted injured employees who were taken advantage of or mistreated at work. Our efficient and lawyerly staff help workers all over the United States understand their rights as employees. We also employ a foreign language speaker to assist people who are ESL or unable to speak English at all. Only then can we thoroughly educate you as to your essential rights. Most of all, we want you to understand how to maintain yourself while at work, what to say and not say, etc. Making a record is vital in holding a bad employer's feet to the fire in these adverse, complicated workplace exchanges.

What Are Some Common Legal Workplace Issues We Handle?

There are several pay-related issues and types of insidious employer practices that can arise on the job. Sometimes employers are dumb, and in others, they are systemically racist or bigoted.

These Generally Fall Into Four Categories:

  1. Failure to Pay Overtime, Halftime, Etc. Not getting overtime, being forced to work off the clock, or not taking mandatory meal and rest breaks are illegal and compensable. The cat and mouse game of making workers do stuff for free, off the books almost always will require legal help. Untrustworthy employers are subject to a myriad of penalties and charges for failing to pay overtime.
  2. Wage and Hour Disputes. If you believe that your employer is not following minimum wage laws, or you feel you are not receiving the money you earned for your work, consult the advice of an employment attorney.
  3. Place of Work Harassment: Whether it is your fellow employees or your employer who engages in sexual or other harassment, you have rights. Hostile workplace cases like these are known to cause constructive termination cases in the local L.A. Courts.
  4. Unlawful Termination:

You can be unlawfully terminated based upon:

Above are among some of the many silent reasons untrustworthy bosses will fire or demote you for under the pretext of something you did in violation of their employment policies or procedures manual, for example. But for many of these civil rights types of cases, you must be in a protected class of person or condition to be able to bring a case against your employer for unlawful termination. Our veteran lawyers can even help with certain discrimination cases arising from your military service based upon the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA). Also, sexual harassment and retaliation by an employer against a worker on light duty, for example, is very common. You have reporting duties as an employee also. And failure to follow the employment laws for filing a lawsuit will often leave you high and dry, and possibly without a job. And that is just one of many reasons you need to speak to a seasoned, effective employment law attorney now!

What About Worker's Compensation Laws?

Yes, worker's compensation laws can easily become entangled in a worker's rights case. So naturally, we help people with these disability types of cases. Work Comp claims happen when a person gets injured at work, and need to be on light duty, or have special accommodations in order to keep working and get healed. At Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, our labor dispute and injury attorneys understand that any myriad of fact patterns could exist.

For example, you may have been run over by a city bus while delivering a package for Amazon. Now you have a broken back, and your job is at risk. No amount of unemployment and disability insurance will make you whole. And there is a disability rating ceiling limiting how much you can get from California Workman's Comp Insurance. So now you will need to make a third-party claim against a municipal DASH bus driver, for example.

But you also need to understand Government Tort Claims and the shortened time to sue under the statute of limitations. Our talented staff acknowledges the stress of work-related issues you are facing. But our seasoned, trustworthy, bright lawyers will leave no stone unturned in carefully examine all aspects of your case and help you decide the strategically, and tactically best course of action.

If you are scared, disgruntled, and seeking representation in employment discrimination or labor-related matter, contact the masterful and responsive employment law attorneys at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC today. Our attorneys have the capability of helping customers anywhere in the U.S. to help them fight for justice, as Pro Hac Vice, as the case's law determines.

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