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Ehline Law Firm is a severe injury lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. Physical injuries can happen in a car crash, slip or fall, and even aboard a dream cruise vacation. Sexual harassment is a totally different animal, as will be discussed.

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Sexual Harassment is Emotional, But it Can Manifest Itself Physically?

Absolutely! But unlike a car crash that breaks your leg, other injuries happen that are emotion based.

  • Sometimes these injuries can cause nervous ticks, and even lead to cardiovascular and other diseases.
  • In other sex harassment cases, some advances can cross the line and end up in a rape or sexual attack.

Our venerable attorneys fight against all evildoers, whether the injury is physical or emotional.

What is Sexual Harassment Under U.S. Federal Law?

U.S. law defines many of the sexual harassment regulations we lawyers use in court. These rules are outlined in the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

  • The bill includes prohibitions harassment based on a person’s gender or desire for sex.
  • FEHA also includes pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions as things employers cannot harass or fire yours for.
  • The regulations under the FEHA state sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances.
  • And this can be verbal or physical conduct by the harasser.

This page discusses your rights, duties, and obligations under California law. It tells an employee and employer what to do when faced with sexual harassment issues.

What about the California FEHC Regulations? Do they Apply?

There are also regulations under the Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC), are in step with the FEHA laws above. They are designed for protecting employee rights. Sexual harassment under the FEHC includes unwanted sexual advances.

So these can be visual, verbal, or physical. And it can take many forms including harassment of a person of the same sex as the harasser.

What Are California’s Anti Harassment Laws?

There are two types of sexual harassment against the rights of the employee. So this person is harassed by sexual advances, visual, verbal, or physical. And it was by someone else or superior.

This includes:

  • Hostile Work Environment: This occurs when an employer permits the workplace to become hostile. So they do so by allowing an intimidating, oppressive, or offensive work environment. And it could be the verbal or physical sexual innuendo. So this is behavior adversely affecting the employee’s ability to work in workplace comfort. Women are the focus of sexual harassment. But men can also be victims of this type of behavior in some instances. (Read More about the hostile work environment here.)
  • Quid Pro Quo Harassment: This occurs when managers or supervisors engage in sexual advances. It is a violation to use this as a condition of employment. Same goes for remaining employed, getting benefits or promotions. (Learn more about Quid Pro Quo here.)

Sexual and gender harassment is illegal under California law, which includes, among other things:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Conduct that provides for physical touching blocking movements or impeding circulation and assault.
  • Harassment of verbal or graphic sexual abuse. Usually, it involves an individual’s body. But it could use offensive words to describe an individual.
  • Verbal use of derogatory comments, jokes, slurs, or propositions of a sexual nature.
  • Sexually obscene invitations, notes, or letters.
  • Visual sexual abuse may include sexual gestures, leering, or display of sexually suggestive objects. So that can add pictures, posters, vibrators, or cartoons.
  • Employee benefits on the condition of or in exchange for sexual favors.
  • Retribution such as reprisals or threats for a negative response to their harasser’s advances.
  • Sexual harassment based on gender. And this may include targeting, hostile, or offensive behavior.

How do You Deal With Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Under California and federal law, sexual harassment is illegal. But when it happens, sexual harassment can destroy the lives of the victims. It can ultimately ruin the business where the incident occurred as well.

  • Cases of sexual harassment at work can result in retaliation, discrimination, or wrongful termination.
  • The victim often is unsure of their legal rights.
  • You may not know whether you should pursue legal action form of a lawsuit or if they have no standing.

When an employee believes they are a victim, consulting an attorney is the next move.

What is the Unwanted Sexual Harassment Process?

When you are sexually harassed, the first thing you should do is to:

  • Keep a journal of the incidents.
  • The diary should include when they occur by time and date.
  • Should also reflect the names of any witnesses along with a description of the event.

Next, follow the workplace process for reporting sexual advances.

  • Go to your superior or the human resources department of the company.
  • If your boss fails to take action, or the behavior continues, you can start the process to sue.

But you workers should seek the advice of an experienced sexual harassment attorney. The attorneys at Ehline Law Firm are knowledgeable about the laws.

Plus, they are experts at protecting the employee. So after discussing your claim, they can determine the best legal options for the victim.

Want to Know More About Sexual Harassment Claims?

When employers permit sexual harassment in the workplace, employees can dread working. Also, it is typical a female victim will be of the weaker sex physically.

So this may make her extra fearful of contact with the larger, stronger male harasser. Also, she may be afraid of losing benefits, promotions, or even her job.

  • Harassment can be in the form of comments, gestures, or jokes.
  • But these were sexual advances.
  • The employee has the right to report this to a supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

Of particular concern, if it continues, laws are on the employee side. Hence, the victim can take action against the sexual harasser and even the employer. Amazingly, sometimes, an employer allows this behavior to continue. Most of all, the victim may deserve compensation for lost wages, benefits, and emotional suffering.

Accomplished attorneys at Ehline Law Firm handle sexual harassment cases. So these lawyers are compassionate to the emotional stress the employee has endured.

As local attorneys in the Los Angeles, California area, we have reputable standing. So we are beloved in the community. Also, the legal system, including peers, and judges know the firm has an outstanding reputation.

Simply put, we are famous for protecting the rights of harmed individuals. Our seasoned lawyers are experts. Hence, we excel in negotiations and litigation.

  • This is true if the harassing behavior involved inappropriate touching, comments, or sexting.
  • So photos, unwanted sexual advances or retaliation is prohibited — our staff advocates for victimized and sexually harassed employees.
  • And this includes gender discrimination, wrongful termination, and other violations of law.

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